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  1. 656 wide front

    I have an early 656 with a wide front. The "ball" on the rear of the yoke going from the axle back to the mount under the engine is needing to be replaced. Because of the early style, I can't just replace the ball, I need to replace the entire yoke. Anyone done this in the past? What am I up against??
  2. 184 & 284

    its a challenge to say the least. Some are small enough they fit on my lap.
  3. 284 4x4 Diesel with Loader (pics)

    I own a 284 with the Mazda gas engine. I'm kind of afraid to use it too much because I think parts are hard to come by. Do you know of a good parts source that I'm not aware of? Don't need anything as everything is working fine, but would be a "piece of mind" to know where to get parts if needed.
  4. 184 & 284

    I bought a 284 gas couple years back because it was just to good/cool to pass up. I don't use it much because it appears parts are very rare. I use it mainly for dragging the yard and giving the grandkids a ride. The Mazda engine purrs like a kitten and everything works on it. Paint is pretty good on it, but it has places where it has peeled/chipped off and I may repaint it at some point. The 184 is owned by a friend of mine that I used to work for at a former IH dealership. I believe it is a 1981 model and was used to mow the grass at the dealership. He also has a tiller attachment for it as well. I am hoping when the time comes for him to sell it, I'll have first dibs. He built the cab himself. Very talented person and consider it a privilege to know him. Had a chance to get a side by side picture the other day and thought I would share.
  5. Tractor canopy

    I've been thinking I would like to add a canopy to the 656 I'm working on. Does adding a canopy make it that much noisier in the seat??? If that's the case, I may rethink my idea of adding the canopy. Is it louder than a some of the older style cabs???
  6. 656 wide front

    I have an early model 656 that originally had a narrow front. Some years later the narrow front was swapped out for an IH wide front. The pivot ball on the rear of the stay rod assembly is showing some wear. I ordered a replacement ball which came with a threaded end. The one on mine the ball appears to have been riveted/flanged on the end to keep it tight. I just looked at the price of a new stay rod assembly from CIH and I'm hoping someone on here has come up with a means of "fixing" rather than replacing. Any ideas out there??? thanks
  7. Year-A-Round Cab

    Allan in NE,,,,,, did you get my email??
  8. Year-A-Round Cab

    I'm in SW Minnesota. About an hour drive NE of Sioux Falls SD Shoot me your email and I'll get you some pictures. Edgerton MN is the town is where I live.
  9. Year-A-Round Cab

    I currently have a Year Round tractor cab that I removed from a 656 I am restoring. The cab was new when it was installed back in 1966. I'm wondering if there is any interest out the for a cab like this and if so, does anyone care to comment on what it would be worth? All the windows are there, but half of them are cracked. I think this cab is model specific because the tin work that wraps around the back behind the seat is made to fit the 656 it came off, not bolt in panels to allow the cab to fit other models. (Could fit 666 & 686 Hydro 70 row crop tractors) I have no use for it and don't want to scrap something if someone can use it. Thank you
  10. 656 wide front

    I have a 656 farmall with a wide front. The wide front is a farmall wide front, but was not purchased with the tractor and was purchased from a salvage yard many years ago. The "ball" at the rear of the yoke is wore and I would like to replace it. It seems the ball is "riveted" in or at least the end of the ball is flared to tightened it into place. The yoke is held in place with a nut on each end of the yoke. It appears the replacement ball all have threads and have a tapered nut to hold it in place. What is the best way to handle this.
  11. Which book

    I'm wondering which book you guys prefer, Farmall Dynasty or Red Tractors. Both are written by Lee Klancher and both look like an interesting read. Does Farmall Dynasty have many pictures? I was born in 1958 and grew up on red tractors, spending most time in the seat of 06-86 series so that is where most of my interest is. Any other books you would recommend?
  12. 656 Farmall serial number

    Need some help. Working on the restoration and have the tractor split twice for both clutch and TA. Decided now would be a good time to install new wire harness. In the past I had saved websites on my laptop for a couple of places that builds new wire harness since CaseIH no longer offers them. Problem is my laptop decided to crap out this weekend and can't look them up. Can you fine guys list some websites that you would recommend?? My plan was to wait with wiring until after paint, but the harnesses are in bad bad shape and with everthing apart it will certainly be easier to replace now. What do the most of you do when doing a restoration, wait till after paint or not worry about paint getting on new harnesses?? thank you
  13. 656 Fender clearance

    for those of you running 16.9 on the rear, what size tires on the wide front end will make the tractor set the most level? I have a choice of 16" rims or 16.5" rims. Which is best or is there a better option?
  14. 656 Farmall serial number

    Unfortunately there is no serial number on the bill of sale. Only reason we know all this information is correct is because the tractor has been in the family since it was new. Father in law and I had a very good relationship and he told me the story many times about how he went to a lot of farm sales at the time looking for a used 560. He said he didn't pay a lot more for the 656 with warranty than what 560's were bringing used at the time. He passed away two years ago, the only thing that would make this project sweeter was if he was here to see it finished. This tractor was his pride and joy. He was a dairy man and back in the day you hauled the gutter manure every day. He said it didn't matter how cold it was the ole 656 always started. If the power would go out from a winter storm, he never worried because he knew the 656 would start and get put on the generator. He told many stories about his 656. A few years after he bought the tractor, he installed a year-a-round cab on it with a heater. He thought that was a big improvement compared to the heat houser it came with. I took the cab off when I got it and is still setting out back for sale if anyone is interested.
  15. 656 Farmall serial number

    The wide front was on the H Farmall he bought at the same time. He was just getting started farming and he bought the 656, H, New Idea manure spreader and a 4 bottom plow all at the same time.