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  1. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    Anybody out there lived through the IH busses of the 90’s? We had a fleet of them, IH DT366s with a 6 speed manual behind them that aggravated even the most experienced truck drivers. Thomas bodies.
  2. Rim width

    16.9-38s would be a good replacement for 15.5s. Dad did that years ago on the 686 he had just bought. Just don’t get the long/short tread pattern that he did.
  3. Rim width

    Generally the tire manufacturers specify a 16” wide rim for 18.4” tires, sometimes 15” is allowed.
  4. Vp44 injection pump rebuild?

    VP44’s NEED a pressure gauge on the fuel supply at all times. When I first put one one, I discovered that my fuel pressure was erratic. It would be fine under light load, but if there was a heavy demand for fuel, the pressure would drop, then fluctuate, then drop to zero for a while. New lift pump ended that nonsense. $1100 for a rebuilt VP44 sounds right. Midwest Fuel Injection does them, I’m sure there are others. Google search your make, model, year and code and make sure it isn’t something other than the pump first.
  5. A little fun on a deere powerlesshift

    I have heard also that the stress on the engine block was likely the cause of some of JDs 4x4 tractor engines to have such a poor reputation. The 8850 was one. My JD tech friend said the same V-8 engine went in some of Deere’s construction equipment and lasted well.
  6. Busted Up Massey!

    ihrondiesel is right. Operator lost control of a Houle 4 axle manure tank. Guy I know also runs the same tractor and tank combo, says they can be pretty dangerous.
  7. A little fun on a deere powerlesshift

    Good laugh! Same could be said for the old Case 3 speed jerk-o-matics too. Had a friend who was a Deere tech say once that a 3010 gas power shift had 5hp left over with which to do work . . . he also said Deere quit making a real tractor with the advent of the New Generation tractors.
  8. 94-06 Dodge Ram 2wd to 4wd conversion

    Death wobble is a complex problem and there are many things in a front end that can cause it. Any steering system can have it happen although a solid axle 4x4 is most susceptible. I have a ’99 Ram 2500 with a Cummins, front end is completely original at 180K miles except for the brakes, never had death wobble. Used to have a ’06 Ram 1500 Mega which has an 8 hole solid axle under the front, and it did do the death wobble thing once.
  9. 94-06 Dodge Ram 2wd to 4wd conversion

    Get a 4x4 right from the start. I wouldn’t trust putting gas engine driveline parts behind a diesel. Back on the 2nd-gen trucks the transmissions were different. If you are interested in the 5.9 diesel, be aware that they 5.9 was sold in the early ’07 models. The ’06 and the early ’07 are still the 5.9, but with different programing than the earlier 5.9s.
  10. Mx135

    The PTO housing is a pain to R & R on the MX100-135. I figure a day to remove, half a day to fix, day to reinstall. I’m not speedy though. Last time I was in my MX135 PTO I spent $2000 in parts to get everything back to spec. The 540/1000 shifter is the source of most problems. PTO clutch isn’t horrible spendy.
  11. 5250 maxxum

    Duals or MFD and I would expect a 5250 to do just fine with aforementioned implements. They are the same hp as an early stock 1066. We replaced a 1066 with 5140 some years ago, was surprising how well the 5140 would pull, on some applications the 5140 would do better.
  12. Mx135

    Yea, pretty sure you are confusing the MX with the MXM. I had a New Holland version of the MXM, can verify that the electrical system was troublesome. MX’s can give trouble too, but are way better. An MX135 is a nice tractor. Nicer cab than the MXM that succeed it in my opinion.
  13. Where were the MX Maxxums built?

    I thought they were all built in Doncaster England, but I read recently that only the non North American models were built there. Supposedly the NAO models were built in Racine? What about the 5000 series Maxxums? All Doncaster tractors?
  14. What is an R-1W tire?

    Brother’s 5140 has 18.4-38 Firestone 23* R-1Ws on and they are not the greatest choice for general purpose tires. The 23* as an R-1W makes some vibes at certain speeds.
  15. Where were the MX Maxxums built?

    The 2wd MX axle was pirated from the boxcar Magnums. Identical. The MFD axle was Carraro, Italian. The flange vs bar axle thing, not sure if they weren’t available in Europe, but they sure weren’t popular due to equipment width regulations. My MX135 is a 2wd with the longest bar axle option I think.
  16. Where were the MX Maxxums built?

    Thanks! The MX150 in my signature is a Euro, so I got to wondering. There are some differences in labeling under the hood that made me wonder if they didn’t come from a different factory. And yes, Euro MX Maxxums are 2 door. The biggest giveaway on a Euro though is the belt line mounted 4 way hazard flashers and marker lights.
  17. 7240 High EGT's

    Maybe just me but I would have a fit if someone pulled my freshly rebuilt engine down to 900 rpm like that. Got to be pretty careful running in an overhauled engine vs a new engine where there is a good chance the initial run in was done at the factory where the engine was built.
  18. anyone have a MXM?

    I had a TM120 for 3 years. Local CIH dealer said Hy-Tran would be fine in it so that’s what I did.
  19. Correct battery cable gauge

    I would stick with 2/0. Pretty sure that is what my 856 has on. No idea if they are original. Don’t ever give electricity an excuse not to do the job on a starting system.
  20. bolts vs studs

    I have seen that cleaning threads with a try tap and die is frowned upon, there are thread chasers that are sized to clean threads without damage or inadvertent resizing of the threads. Somewhat related to this topic, according to Machinery’s Handbook, a threaded union is generally able to transfer the full strength of the materials if there are 3 fully engaged threads, assuming the mating parts are the same material.
  21. How does the 56 series diamond cab compare to a 66 series cab? Not so concerned about climbing in and out, more about how tolerable they are to sit in all day. I have spent many hours in a 1066 white cab. Is the 56 worse/better/same? Got a scheme brewing in the back of my head . . .
  22. Electronic ignition - wow!

    Well, there is truth to this. I fried the Pertronix unit in the Case W10B one fall. Left the key on with the engine not running so I could watch the gas gage. Bad idea. Of course, that was the first day of corn silage harvest and we used the W10 to push and pack . . . A couple phone calls, 1 1/2 hours driving and perhaps a half hours work to replace the module and we were ready to go again.
  23. Electronic ignition - wow!

    For a number of years we had a Case W10B wheel loader that was powered by a 377 gas. The best thing we did for it was replace the points and condenser with a Pertronix Ignitor I ignition. Cold starting was much better, and the stumble that always occurred at initial acceleration disappeared. On the other hand, we put a Pertronix Ignitor II in an 1835B skid steer, and it ran worse instead of better. My guess is that the Ignitor II is geared toward automotive engines, not governed industrial.
  24. MXM and NH TM tractors

    I had a TM120 for 3 seasons. The MXM and TM are the same except for some options probably, the tin work, and the 2wd axle. What you are looking at is a large frame, along with the TM175. The large frames were known for more electrical problems than the smaller ones. I thought that the electrical system was rather cheap and poorly designed/specced on the 120 I had. The smaller frame tractors with the partial power shift had some bad parts in the trans from the factory if they were below a certain serial #. Run the power shift through all 18 gears when it is warmed up and see how smooth the shifts are. If they are not smooth, have the trans recalibrate. If there are trans problems, sometimes a tech can tell by how well the trans recalibrates. I'm not sorry I got rid of my TM120. It was replaced with a CIH MX150.
  25. Running at max rpms

    Seldom ran the Case 1835Bs I have around at full power. The "oldest" is the one my dad bought new. Gas engine that has never been apart, but why should it need to be with only 13,000 some hours on it. I did have the valve cover off once to check the valves and replace the valve cover gasket. Top of the head was clean, no sludge at all. No hydro pump or motor failures either.