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  1. I had a 120V yellow pump, replaced with a red pump when the motor in the yellow went toasty at a young age. Yellow was available in 12V or 120V. I kept the yellow pump thinking that someday I would replace the motor components with 12V parts. As I understand it, the GPIs are gear pumps and their flow gradually drops off as they wear. The Fill-rites are a vane pump which maintains the flow as they wear until the vanes fail.
  2. Thanks, that was one of the possibilities I considered. I also wonder how much extra strain gets put on the power shift trans with the higher gearing. I would like to switch the gearing on my MX135. It is a 2wd, but pretty much all it does is pull a round baler. I personally would be comfortable running it with 31 mph gearing, I would likely run throttled back some in top gear. Thing is, I have hired operators in it quite a bit of the time. My other 2 MXs are 25mph, makes 19 seem snail pace slow . . .
  3. I'm curious why this is not recommended?
  4. wood stove
  5. 2wd is 2wd, but even a 2wd Magnum is plenty capable. My brother has 2 7140s, one of each. The MFD is a klutz, no other way to describe it. The 2 wheeler has good 18.4-42 Firestone 23* radials with duals and it pulls pretty well. Years ago, before the MFD, he rented a JD disk ripper. It was ALL the 2wd wanted, but it did pull it. My nephew was talking to a neighbor about the JD disk ripper once, neighbor asked what were you pulling it with? A 2wd 7140. There was a long pause, then "and what were you pulling the 7140 with?"
  6. Its surprising in some ways how little original equipment is left from WWII, considering how much was built.
  7. 16-17 mph currently, that seems kinda slow. 19mph + - is what ours do. What size tires?
  8. bear market
  9. Close to 20 years ago that guy did scraper work for my dad. I think he was pretty conservative about revving the V800, but not bashful about lugging it. I remember he could make the clay pour off the sides of his pan when he was filling it.
  10. 2800 was high idle. Stupid fast for that engine.
  11. The D360 is a really long stroke engine for its size, I think its close to the same as the D436. We've had a 766 since the mid 80s. Pretty economical on fuel, good low end grunt, mediocre high end power. I never could figure out why IH thought it was a bright idea to turn that engine 2800 on the later models . . .
  12. Small world. I know the place of which you speak. When I found out about it I though yep! Most logical place in the U. S. to make cotton picker parts -- NWIA.
  13. A&I better be a lot better than they used to be before I would stuff their parts in a hard working engine. Put one of their kits in a 400 LP years ago. Gaskets and bearings were ok but the pistons were Chinese and the core shift on them was obvious.
  14. Seems like for some odd reason when the 5200 series Maxxum got the N position in the shuttle shift (1994?) that 2wd became a rarity. When I was looking for my first baler tractor I wanted a 5250 2wd but with the N in the shuttle. They were as scarce as hen's teeth. Plenty of F-R 2wds though. I bought a 2wd MX135 instead and glad I did.
  15. Minneapolis Moline D sheller . . . bought it for $75 when I was in high school, used for about 10 years, sold it for $325 on eBay . . . wish I would have kept it . . .