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  1. Some things don't change. Circle C has sold their rakes with goose neck pickup hitches for years.
  2. 48s are $287 for a complete wheel assembly as of last spring, $100 higher than 40s. The 16 wheel I sold this spring had 40s, the 20 I replaced it with has 48s. I haven't used the 20 enough to have a well formed opinion of them, but so far so good. One of the reason changing rakes was to go to 48s. I would have preferred to go to an Ultimate with the 48 rubber tine wheels but I can't justify the cost yet. It looks to me like on the long run the cost per bale for rake tines is cheaper with the rubber mounted tines, at least when dealing with corn stalks.
  3. I like. I just bought a Rowse 20 wheel earlier this year which replaced a 16 that I had for 3 years. In the summer I don't do a lot of raking, but for some of what I do I use the customer's 706 gas. It has its hands full in HI 2. For fall stalk raking I use my MX170. I would want much less tractor than that for stalks, need the power, speed and 4 power shift gears.
  4. Dutch.
  5. Speaking of diodes, what is the story behind the so called "Mechanical Diode" by Avatar? When we still had our 1066, it got the TA replaced by the local CIH dealer, unfortunately after many years of running with a weak TA.
  6. We used to run a similar combo. FP240 and a 2wd 7140. Quite reliable, used up all the power the 71 made. The FP240 had no processor and was solely for haylage. We also had a 900 with a processor which only did corn silage. That was a better match for a 7140. Both pull machines were replaced with an older Claas 880.
  7. 14.9-46 is very near in height to 18.4-42. 20.8-42 will put the axle about 3 inches higher on the same model tractor that has 18.4-42.
  8. Just about 20,000 bales on the oldest , a BR780A, and the sledge gears are pretty worn. I bale about 90% cornstalks with my balers though so I'm sure I see a higher rate of wear compared to most balers. All three gears are worn. I want to say the set was $900.
  9. Weld it. Standard operating procedure per New Holland, says to right in the ops manual. I've welded the sledge frame grooves so many times on my BR series balers I've lost track.
  10. Just when I think I've seen it all -- a zip line for hay. Makes stacking small squares on a wagon behind the baler look like slothfulness.
  11. Just curious why you prefer to scrape with a tractor? This area you will usually find a skid steer on that job. We have no choice but skid steer because of the barn layout.
  12. I had a TM120 with the full poweshift. In the course of learning how to fix it, I found out that there was a run of them that had defective components in the partial power shift tractors.
  13. Is that a drag hose feeding a dribble or broadcast bar?
  14. Both my brothers 7140s start like a 30 series Deere. Cough smoke and stumble to about 1700 rpm then settle down to idle. Totally unnecessary. I realize this might help cold starting but we will plug them in if its very cold anyway. Where is the offending magnet that does this? In the governor housing?
  15. What does it take to eliminate that annoying "nuclear start" option that these this tractors have? MX Maxxums don't have it, same pump. Had to move the neighbors TMR tractor recently, a 7110, and it popped right off without all the fuss.