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  1. Give and take word game

    battery box
  2. Case-IH 5130 kicking our butt- suggestions needed

    Just a thought about the engine being choked, if two PS packs of sequential gears (say 2 and 3) engage at the same time, the engine will lug but not stall. Edit to ask, would the engine choke completely randomly or following a PS gear change?
  3. Case-IH 5130 kicking our butt- suggestions needed

    I didn't get any details, but my brother was having random problems with his 5230 trying to engage two power shift gears at once. 8000+ hour machine. The problem was with the power shift clutch packs themselves, apparently there was wear on shafts that was allowing pack pressure oil to get places it wasn't supposed to. It was a problem that had all the symptoms of being electrical but was not.
  4. What, NO Mention Of The 5.8 Montana Earthquake?

    Well, whatever credibility the media had in my eyes mostly disappeared after November last year. This guy Art at least readily admitted he made a mistake. I have noticed with considerable cynicism that any occurrence in flyover country is ignored by the media. Massive areas can burn in the midwest and hardly a word about it, when any wildfire in CA is all over the news.
  5. MTX 140 McCormick

    All I know is the smaller MTX had a Perkins and the bigger MTX had a 6.7 something. Since the predecessor of the MTX (CIH MX) had the 5.9, I would think a 5.9 swap wouldn't be too tough. I would talk to somebody that knows the Perkins fuel system though. Both my MX150 and MX170 are devoid of power until they get wound up. I think the aneroid is the problem.
  6. need real life experience with midwest cover crops

    I think it depends quite a lot on your growing season. Here, covers work behind corn silage and that's about it. There is not enough time for covers to grow behind beans most years IMO.
  7. That would make sense as prior to the B and C series engines the smallest engines that Cummins offered were a 378 inch (I think) V-6, 504 V-8, and 555 V-8.
  8. Very true BUT. The B and C series Cummins engines were the result of a joint venture between CIH and Cummins. As I understand it, Cummins did not have engine of this size prior to this, so it seems possible that there are design elements from the 504 that made it into the 505. Also, I'm not way sure that Cummins even assembled the engines that went into the CIH tractors under the name of CDC, Consolidated Diesel Corporation, although I would think the parts all came from the same source.
  9. d188 injector pump

    Did you take out the drive gear back lash when you checked the timing?
  10. Some neat ole JD green pics

    Deleted double.
  11. Some neat ole JD green pics

    There wouldn't have been many Deere big squares to begin with. Aside from the current models which just came out a couple years ago, the only big square Deere sold was the rather troubled model 100.
  12. Some neat ole JD green pics

    The 435 is kinda rare too. 2-53 Detroit power.
  13. Detroit 8.2 fuel pincher help needed

    Continental L478 by chance? I worked on a basket case L478 back when I was high school age, just for fun. Interesting unit because at one point in its past it had chucked a rod out the side which also took out a chunk of the lower cylinder bore. The case hole was patched with sheet steel, and the cylinder had been bored about a 1/4" over and a dry liner pushed in.
  14. Magnum Cab Creaking noise

    Had a funny creak in my MX135 cab that turned out to be a mirror breakaway pivot. A little lube on the pivot ended the noise.
  15. John Deere splits in half

    True, that. There is a video on youtube of a 1206 doing the very same thing.