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  1. Probably too far away to be of use but NTS Tire of Redwood Falls MN does revulcanizing.
  2. Crank it with the fuel shut off. If there is a compression issue you will hear a change in cranking speed every time the offending cylinder(s) hit the compression stroke. A steady cranking sound would point toward an injection problem.
  3. Hauling fluid milk from this area to Idaho?? That seems daft! Not like there is a lack of processing capacity around here or lack of milk in ID.
  4. My opinion, after looking at countless MX Maxxums for sale over the years, is that unless you really benefit from the diminutive size of an MXC, a bigger MX will be a better buy. I'm not saying the MXC is a bad tractor, just that an MX100, which is more tractor, can be had for the same or less money than an MX100C.
  5. service garage
  6. union hall
  7. station wagon
  8. I grew up with 66s, a 7 and a 10. A few years back I bought a battered and tired 856 and since then I have come to like the 56s more than the 66s.
  9. sine wave
  10. We had a 1066 with a white cab, it was an earlier model as it had the 2400 rpm rated engine. There was a farmer in my area many years ago that was making cabs for older tractors. I will have to ask my dad about him again.
  11. Getting a few $$ out of the cab would be nice, but just as much I would like to see it preserved as the piece of history it is. IH 06 cabs are pretty rare I think. This one is in decent shape.
  12. A new 66 with a Year A Round on it??
  13. Just curious if an original IH 1206 cab has any value? My dad has one that came off the neighbor's 1206 many moons ago. Cab came with the place when dad bought it. Not sure but I think the rest of the tractor was by then long since recycled into a much less impressive machinery.
  14. kitchen sink
  15. Make sure the air is dry and lubed, otherwise you will eventually have problems arising from corrosion of cylinder components.