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  1. Ya, we tried mattresses in a short row of stall for maybe 10 years or so. Almost impossible to keep them cow friendly. I think at least half of the free stall barns around here are sand bedded, for sure of the smaller dairies.
  2. I think the 420 (56hp, 1750 rated lift, roughly 6000#) is closer in size to a 40XT? Just dreaming but I would like to own a 90XT. Would fit nice between my 1835B and MX170. But I would be smarter to get a compact wheel loader instead of a large skid steer. Embedded tires have come and gone in these parts as far as I know.
  3. Dairy stalls . . . never ending source of work. The 150/170 share an mfd axle and it is heavier than the 135. The 100/110/120 also share an axle. What model Case skid steer is that? We have a 420. Its kind of in limbo now, as brother bought a CAT 226D to replace it, mainly to get 2 speed and a cab. The 420 was a good machine for the most part, just kind of back heavy and had some head gasket issues early on.
  4. The green tractor is a double tractor? Side view would be interesting.
  5. Glad you found out your little girl's problem! Familiar scene with your 170 front. Just got my 170 back together last night after replacing the left front swivel and planetary assembly, and putting new bearings/seals/bushing in the right side. Had the same problem you have with the lower kingpin bearings spun in the axle housing. Installed new ones with Loctite 620 (680 would be better) and hoped for the best. IMO those axles aren't heavy enough for heavy loader use. They are rated for 15,000 lbs rolling. My loader has enough breakout force to get the back end dangerously light with out extra weight. That would put way over 15,000 on the front axle.
  6. Troy Farmer, your dad reminds me of my dad. About the same age too. If you want some pics of a stall plow, we have one. Made from a regular IH plow share. We began using a stall groomer that uses 3 field cultivator shanks and sweeps. It looks like the plow will get minimal use from now on as the cultivator is aggressive enough to pretty much eliminate the need to plow.
  7. Hope the young one is on the mend. Had a nephew sick once when he was 3 or so, intestinal problem. Turned out he had amoebic dysentery, presumably contracted by drinking water from a puddle on the yard.
  8. Looks like a 6-71 in that pumpkin. I rather like their sound myself. FWIW, the base 6-71 was good for 238hp. Marine versions run as high as 485hp.
  9. Worked on a bad stuck cylinder years ago. I would caution about getting carried away rocking the tractor in gear. Not so good for the connecting rod(s). If non heroic measures fail to free the piston, this is what I do. Find a reasonably sized chunk of hardwood firewood. Turn it in a lathe so it just fits in the cylinder and cut to length. Then cut a thick plywood disc that covers most of the end of the hardwood cylinder and screw it securely on the end. Pull the head on the engine and let the piston soak with penetrant. Then insert the hardwood plug, plywood end up. Use a big sledge hammer to hit the wood slug.
  10. home mortgage
  11. watch key
  12. U-C, interesting system in the video you posted. In 2010, when my bride and I where returning from our honeymoon, we saw stacks of loose hay, out in the field in Nebraska. Would have been NE Nebraska, not so far SW of Yankton.
  13. That is correct ihrondiesel. First number is cylinder count, V means V configuration, no V means inline configuration, number behind dash is cubic inches per cylinder. To the best of my knowledge these are the DD 2 stroke cylinder sizes: 53, 71, 92, 110 and 149. 110s are very uncommon. Interesting to do the math on the 12V-71 and the 8V-92. The 8V-92 was not a lot fewer cubic inches.
  14. I will second that the Magnum 2wd axle is a good axle. Both durable and is an easy axle to change the track width. The MX Maxxums use the same axle, and apparently the MXMs did as well. It is curious that the MXMs got that axle as the NH equivalent the TM did not get it.
  15. Yea, I saw the buzzin dozen on the hood. The 12V-71 was used some but I've never seen a 12V-92 in a truck before.