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  1. Diamond Cab on 806?

    Sent you a PM 806JR
  2. Diamond Cab on 806?

    660 Driver, before I even put the cab on I was going to park one of our other 66 series next to it and bolt the compressor on that is with the diamond cab and make sure the AC works.
  3. Diamond Cab on 806?

    806 JR if you could do that, that would be great, especially if you could get close ups of how it's mounted and how the heater hoses are connected if it has heat.
  4. Diamond Cab on 806?

    Cwinn, do you have any pictures of the mounts?
  5. Diamond Cab on 806?

    That's what I'm thinking, but having a hard time finding pictures of the mounts
  6. Diamond Cab on 806?

    I talked to the guy again, and he has several other cabs that I could swipe pieces off if I need to. And he only wants $100 for the diamond cab
  7. Diamond Cab on 806?

    I came across a white diamond shaped cab that has heat, A/C, radio, etc. Current owner thinks it came off a 1466. Would it be possible to install this cab on my Farmall 806? Tractor is currently an open station that gets used mainly as a loader and snow moving tractor, so thats why I am looking at installing a cab. Also if anyone has any pictures of the mounting brackets for these cabs and how to plumb at least the heat into the 806, that would be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
  8. Best Farmall 806 Clutch

    FT- the reason I ask about the 17 GPM pump is because my current pump is bad.(about 4 GPM at full throttle with new filter and no pressure) and Ive found I can get the 17 for cheaper than the 12, so I figure why not. 5488-are you a dealer for Ag-Parts? If so I'd like you to price out some clutches for me -Andrew
  9. Best Farmall 806 Clutch

    On a side note, are the 17gpm Hydraulic pumps a direct replacement for the 12gpm? Or is more modifications necessary?
  10. Best Farmall 806 Clutch

    FarmallTom I am located in SW North Dakota. if you know of any AgParts dealers around me that would be great
  11. Best Farmall 806 Clutch

    Tom, where do I get the clutch you mentioned? Sounds like something I'd be interested in.
  12. Best Farmall 806 Clutch

    My 1967 806 needs a new clutch. My question is what is the best bang for the buck as far as clutches go? A&I, Hy-Cap, Ag-Parts, OEM, Etc.. I have looked at A&I and Hy-Cap clutches and I see there is several options, 4 button, 6 button, solid ring, Etc. Tractor is used mostly as a loader tractor with some baling and light tillage duty as well and I want opinions on which one is best for my application and what others had have good and bad experiences with. FYI I also plan on changing the rear main seal, IPTO gear and housing, pilot and throwout bearings, etc. while I have it split
  13. Farmall 806 Serial Number Question

    Also they are located in SW North Dakota and are all diesel models
  14. Farmall 806 Serial Number Question

    I have 3 806 tractors laying around. 1 IH with serial number 2483 S/Y that has a bad engine. 1 Farmall parted out with serial number 25578 S/Y and a running Farmall with serial number 37009 S/Y. Also have an engine laying around that still has the RD pump on it.