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  1. 1066 aftermarket fenders quality?

    Hi guys - I went to check out the Steiner site via the link and ended up at an architects site also called steiner. Oh dear lol - gotta try getting to the right site a different way
  2. Brutus

    It will look a million dollars with a good cut and polish !!!😅
  3. Hope my flags annoyed my deere neighbours

    Cool - esp the flags
  4. World's problem solved by a 5 year old.

    As the saying goes Out of the mouthes of babes ...
  5. What's Your Heritage?

    100% 5th generation Kiwi ( New Zealand) Base make up Welsh/ English 50 %and Scottish 50% With a name like Jones I can't avoid the Welsh/English connection but acknowledge the stubbornness of my Scottish heritage Family Bible starts in 1798
  6. Why/where are the other countries?

    X 2 from NZ. I don't have much to add but check in regularly
  7. Spell cheque

  8. IH Canada book - finally

    Well it arrived on Thursday 6th April 2 days past 3 months from the date of purchase The Canadian Post website said 2 - 3 months so boy have they taken the full use of the time frame Anyway, the main thing is the book arrived with minimal damage (one corner slightly scuffed) Given it's come such a long way I am grateful for its safe arrival
  9. Neat sign Ha Ha

    My order is in too And I added a Dodge one seeing the garage is full of the older ones So Dodge on the road IH in the paddock
  10. IH Canada book - finally

    Still no sign of the book so I have gone back to the seller's to see if they can chase the Canadian Post for more shipping information Time will tell!
  11. IH Canada book - finally

    True however I can get my car parts out of the good ol USA faster Oh Well patience is a virtue they say
  12. IH Canada book - finally

    Well its now 9th February and no sign of the bòok. Canadian post say it's in transit So I'll stay optimistic that it's not far from my letter box
  13. New owner of an 806

    In my opinion there is no miss in that engines beat
  14. Would like to purchase dad's 856

    So get over there and start talking - LOL even if it is just to introduce yourself and "sow the seed" if they ever sell. You would kick yourself if you didn't and it got sold and.......................
  15. Dang old cat

    Oh how many times have I heard that "We'll keep it till we find it a new home" or "DAD, can we just look after it till its better" Next thing you now it's smooching your legs first off in the morning and you're feeding it and the children have left home Ask me how I know x 15 or so times one way or another.