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  1. Wow to say the least brew crew
  2. Good simple reliable machine
  3. I know it's the wrong color but if your not on the larger scale why not a 5720 Deere or even the older series last year I knew of two 54 hundred series that were under 10000 around here with three row head and pickup head I know the 404 block was not the best in the but one guy had two of them and had been retired for twenty years ( low hours even when added the two together) it was just a two brother operation and the kids didn't want any part a 20 series can have a 5000 dollar process er added ?
  4. It used to take 7 or 8 wagons and tractors to do what 2 trucks. And a dump wagon can do now
  5. You say the wagons are farmhand the design looks like badgers I used to run ( if badger took over farmhand forgive me we quit using wagons for the most part 22 years ago I guess ) less flat tires and faster with trucks and a dump wagon
  6. Neighbors once told me if the Ac quit on the combine or tractor it was considered broke down till it was fixed A cab tractor without proper ac is a hot box green house aka miserable I ran one for 15 years broke now that it's fixed I like baleing again versus the open station dust when you back up
  7. Times 2 on the close addicts
  8. Now days it seems the thiefs have more rights and the law for a lack of better since don't care I had a almost new work style four wheeler stole over 10 years ago with distinct markings dad gave the law the guys phone number ( he used the barn phone long distance ) and he and my uncle went to said address of the number to investigate and personally seen the truck with matching tire tracts for tread pattern and the law said they would check into it nothing happened and have yet to get it back it was only a year old at the time
  9. Being that it is a gas I would consider a cummins swap I've done one and helped with two more they are a hoss and fuel efficient then a swap can be done for less than 5 grand
  10. It was out of time original guy working on it figured it out before I got there thanks for the replies
  11. Said it sputter d once when trying to pull it off has gas to carb What is getting me is they say it won't even run when either is sprayed into butter fly of carb and it has spark at plugs
  12. Also add pulled valve cover and everything is moving like it should
  13. My friend has a interanational 140 he wants me to look at it sputtered a little last fall on his way to put it up but was running since then he has had a guy that used to work in shop at ih look at it and he has put all new plugs wires points Condensor distributer cab rotor button and rebuilt the zenith carburetor it's got fire at the plugs and spins over like crazy but it won't start not even if you spray either in where the air filter hooks to the carb says it has suction there. No gas smell on plugs or anything. Any thoughts ?
  14. They fit 880 and 892 new hollands for sure I also have one in the weeds
  15. An 8875 John Deere would be a good one if you can find one