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  1. Vp44 injection pump rebuild?

    X 2 on the lift pump
  2. A little fun on a deere powerlesshift

    If I’m not mistaken the quad range and 15 sod poweshift are the same ratios did away with one gear since they were almost the same
  3. 886 Water in Oil

    Try pulling the oil pan and get a radiator tester from advance pump up the pressure and see if it’s a o ring cavitated liner or oil cooler
  4. Gas vs Diesel Fuel Consumption

    A cummins swap including a 1200 dollar engine is still about a thousand cheaper than rebuilding a d 360 and doing the tear down and rebuild labor yourself If you need precise figures and costs and part numbers and pics to make it a smooth transfer send me a pm with your phone number
  5. Gas vs Diesel Fuel Consumption

    Rebuilding a engine even when doing the work yourself the little things and machine work add up quick the cummins will not burn as much fuel as the 856 I can mow roughly 12 hours pulling a 630 moco with flails with my 806 cummins swap and still have some left to spare you don’t have to rev the engine as much with the cummins it has enough power at half to two thirds throttle to get the job done
  6. How....

    Maybe it locked itself in 4x 4 on asphalt while under a full throttle acceleration?
  7. 710 plow

    The back bottom was tripping all the time even in soft ground
  8. 710 plow

    I took the tab out on the back bottom worked great then just couldn’t understand why it tripped so easy while the others worked normal and it being a rocky field I was afraid of breaking the bottom off
  9. 710 plow

    Moving to coffe shop for viewing my 710 molboard plow trips to easy on the back bottom when the rest don’t trip I’ve even swapped the springs and I’m still lost any ideas ? I’m
  10. 710 spring reset plow

    The 6 th bottom on my 710 spring reset keeps tripping super easy I even swapped springs it’s set the same as the others on the tab piece is there something I’m missing ?
  11. Firewood

    A number 6 New Holland forage wagon works the best they have rear unload and mine came from the factory with metal sides and prop arms to hold the rear tailgate up while unloading
  12. Engine with 436 crank but no IH # number

    Green in color leads me to think it’s possible it’s a 466
  13. Pto generators

    This plus cooling compressor s for the milk tank can get messed up if they can not be run along with what I call Murphy s law when things start the day like this it’s usually gonna be a ruff morning last time it went off here in the night we started with flash lights and jumper cables And either
  14. Pto generators

    Like Dave Sheppard said the governor on some tractors don’t react as well with a generator my 806 gas at the time would not keep constant rpm on a pto generator we had hooked to dads house while the same size diesel tractor did fine you can look around and might can find a self contained ex military generator for less than the cost of a new pto one and remember if you don’t have a through box pull the meter out to prevent any chance of back feeding and killing a lineman they would rather see you cut the lock and pulled it versus risking their life with it in
  15. Pulling ripper with 1086

    I think those arms are the same as a 720 spring reset plow