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  1. Pto generators

    This plus cooling compressor s for the milk tank can get messed up if they can not be run along with what I call Murphy s law when things start the day like this it’s usually gonna be a ruff morning last time it went off here in the night we started with flash lights and jumper cables And either
  2. Pto generators

    Like Dave Sheppard said the governor on some tractors don’t react as well with a generator my 806 gas at the time would not keep constant rpm on a pto generator we had hooked to dads house while the same size diesel tractor did fine you can look around and might can find a self contained ex military generator for less than the cost of a new pto one and remember if you don’t have a through box pull the meter out to prevent any chance of back feeding and killing a lineman they would rather see you cut the lock and pulled it versus risking their life with it in
  3. Pulling ripper with 1086

    I think those arms are the same as a 720 spring reset plow
  4. Best area to buy a used truck?

    Come on down to the middle to east North Carolina or South Carolina unless it’s an implant should be rust free
  5. 856D 3 point hitch

    Take the plate off that is attached to the top link we’re it bolts to tractor and look inside to make sure the lever that attaches to torque tube inside the rear end is behind the one coming from the top
  6. Chopping corn

    I hope to be done by lunch time myself then swap gears to start planting wheat and barley tomorrow
  7. Sick 1066

    It is possible the angle of the gear teeth on mcv pump I bought a 806 one time that had a 86 series gear on the pump howled to no end had to put a pump in it and old ih guy looked at the gear and said that was my noise problem put the correct gear on and ran great ever since.
  8. Chopping corn 2017

    That kempter 3000 sure does a good clean job got one myself last year
  9. Try pb blaster / kerosene/ atf mix pull injectors and fill full let soak then go by and bump the starter every couple days time and patience are of the essence that way you will know what you have before you have to rebuild in the future
  10. life in our corner

    Try upper 80s and 90 percent humidity
  11. 5240 vs Mx 110 vs 2096

    My larger skid loader is gonna need replacing soon and I'm leaning more towards a 4 wd loader tractor to replace/ lighten the load figure it would be more usable all around I was around a 5240 last week and I liked the left hand reverser on it plus I'm well rounded on the 6bt cummins just want something that can take a lot of hours I read on another forum on a 5240 that had 40000 hours trouble free want something that will operate with very little few problems figure if I replace the big skid steer which has 8000 hours on it before it gets to bad off I could still use it for those special skids steer only jobs and have a back up I've ran a few 4 wd loader tractors they were just kubota s and while I liked them I'm not sold on a pumpkin
  12. 5240 vs Mx 110 vs 2096

    Which would be the best mowing baleing and loader tractor ?
  13. 2344 ac

    Cut the water valves off its blowing 40 degrees out the vents now
  14. 2344 ac

    It was in middle position when we were charging it I know it was slow to take it in and I never got cold sweaty line at compressor
  15. 2344 ac

    I'll look at it after bit I was thinking middle was auto