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  1. Maybe let the sights say church event parking only all others towed away by xxxx a neutral towing company so it is not seen as a personal dispute between you and the businessman
  2. No I've got the old school juice with outlook monitor I believe on one and edge ez tow pros on the other two
  3. I read a little on it last night let me know how you end up liking it I'm always looking for more power lol
  4. I think my buddy may have already we are looking for a good deal been renting I'm not bias to any brand but I am thinking the cable might work better with our wet springs the wheel brake one I've been renting seems to want to slide around on me I'm just glad bill told me to look at wear caps I don't do enough bags a year to justify one very new milk prices being low seems to keep a lean checkbook
  5. Update the conveyor rails were about eat in two the caps were past wore out had been wearing into the fingers and it had patch straps holding the bottom part of the front of the tunnel
  6. No I've not heard of that one yet I used to be up to date on the Vp 24valve engines please in lighten me ?
  7. Thank you bill
  8. I also would recommend a pj I have two now traded a Kaufman to get the last one . I will say the pj s are heavier for the same length but they don't twist as much as the Kaufman either
  9. Caps on fingers ? What am I looking at there bill ?
  10. I've got it s mate great harrow think I put new 30 or 36 inch disc s on mine a few years back how many discs is yours ?
  11. What brand of the older ones seems to work the best ? Currently looking at a g 680 ag bag. But I've been running a rental one called porta packer which is the one with a screw packing device ? What is the wear items I need to Look out for ? I will be using it for barley wheat and sorghum silage My plan is to continue to put corn silage in the bunker silo
  12. That a model 770 international offset ?
  13. does the blackish oil smell like raw diesel ?
  14. Crack each injector line loose one at a time and see what cylinder makes no change in sound that will be your culprit to investigate ps even new injectors can go bad or get trash in them
  15. Well that explains it to a certain point