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  1. I'd change fuel filters and have a spare filter or two and roll on after checking all the belts and fluids
  2. That there appears to be a Cadillac how nice and easy that must pull
  3. Be safe in your work and travels you are a role model to what we all should be trying to do may god please you and your family for your charitable work I commend you for it
  4. This is what I really ment to say small and clear is one thing open and tire and blade problems equals another ! As the old saying goes who's gonna pay my bills (repair bills that is ) like I said last night honest elderly they paid there dues my old saying is try to be fair for everyone cover costs at a min if it looks ruff maybe get a (repair clause ) with people doing it for in the event of tire failure or hitting a steel pipe laying out in the field
  5. Don't know about the company but I know dodge cummins don't increase pressure just duration of injection you can use more torque which is what gets you going and gear up throttle back to save on fuel If you use it the same as what you do now it will burn less if rpm s are cut back a little to make up for more power if you push it might burn the same be Leary of ones that alter time ing to much you can gald a piston from running to lean
  6. Not my business but cummins 6 bt is also a option to consider it can be done for 3000 ish plus a motor but well worth it I've done 2 and helped with another one if you are mechanically inclined it's not bad and if you figure machine shop bill and parts and labor for a gasoline engine rebuild you might not be as far apart money wise as a person would think
  7. Keep in mind if you thinking you are robbing someone charging to much what if you bust a rear tire ?almost a hundred just for the tube plus the service call plus the pumping fluid charge that's 250 ish bigger equipment gets the job done hopefully quicker for you but more in repair expenses if things go wrong or something breaks just because of wear and tear I'll be the first to admit doing an elderly persons garden while I'm right there beside them doing field work I won't charge my way of looking after the ones that's paid there dues but going out of your way and driving time is different. Usually the ones that appreciate what you are doing and usually know the cost are grateful and will thank you numerous times
  8. Amen
  9. It can make you pull your hair out seems like I read you are planning on taking a road trip with it that is when I seem to get frustrated the most checking and fixing ( little things ) before a long road trip
  10. Simple enough fix glad you found it
  11. Also look in the tank to make sure you don't Have anything floating around that can get over the hole for fuel line
  12. Nice to say the least
  13. Wise choice baling with cab and mowing on open station nothing better before it gets hot and humid
  14. Can you explain the exhaust through the side hood ?
  15. Check your air filter just in case it's dirty that can cause them to use oil and they will burn a valve I had that happen to