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  1. What did you find out hard knocks ?
  2. Thanks for the mixer graveyard I'll call Monday if I strike out there I'll be back on the aux trainsmission idea Your right with prices on a simple gear box being that high it makes you really think. The guy is suppose to be finding out something on the right angle it would be from Italy also Of corse he was gonna have to call and check and I've not heard back yet
  3. Troy you were right they just now called me back with price of 7800 what is the name brand of the two speed box on yours ? I can't pay that much for just that I'm considering the brownie auxiliary box that 65806 mentioned and or trying to find just the box I have a local big rig driveshaft repair facility to do that part and also a retired welder that helps me seasonal that can do fab work
  4. Troy I was reving the engine to 1600 before engagement old auxiliary box and road ranger tranny sound good to I hope to hear back from supreme today hoping and praying better figure than what Troy has me expecting
  5. wow now that is warped. Crank is not walking back and forth is it ?
  6. I was thinking a 4 speed out of a 70 s ford one ton or a 4 speed out of late sixties c 60 ? I was eyeballing the area under the steps with the one outta the one ton ford but I've not researched the ratios yet still waiting on supreme to call back tom with prices but troys estimate is almost as much as we paid for the mixer that added to its price would take the bargain outta it
  7. Are you sure the disk was not damaged during install and that both places on flywheel were machined ?
  8. How crazy would it be to try and mount an old manual trainsmission in the driveline for gear reduction ?
  9. I hope it's not that much yikes
  10. Wow Troy that seems pretty high was that you doing the work or them ? I'm hopeing the new gear box will be the cheapest and easiest the current ratio is 1 to 1.7 on the new one
  11. My old supreme that we bought new was real good mixed a minimum of 3 batches a day everyday till I got the newer one very few issues tires were the biggest problem i hope either the 2 speed on low or the different gear box will fix the newer one I used a 399 this afternoon to the old one and same batch that tore up two tractors pto s yesterday afternoon was able to start at an idle with the old mixer tonight even put ingredients in the same order
  12. So I talked to supreme they told me my old one spins the screw at 32 rpm at 540 pto rpms and my new one spins it at 41 He said cheapest fix would be for me to swap the gears around in the right angle gear box but that would bring it from 41 down to 23 which I think would be to low then he said the two speed would put it back to the same ratio as my old one or a different right angle gear box which he is checking on prices for me that would bring it down to 34.9 rpm I am currently waiting on call back with prices Bitty and Troy what does yours turn ? I have got my old one out and put the conveyer bearing in and I'm going to use it till I get something done on the other one I'm not letting it sit overnight I mix fresh feed every milking it's only half to 2/3 full with everything in it look forward to knowing you guys ratio s
  13. I called supreme and they told me that the newer one would take a bigger tractor due to the ratio difference I'm just not liking doing the repairs so frequent I'm thinking of swapping the gear boxes for the ratio difference will they swap I'm going to call them again tom to see ?
  14. Bought a new one in 1994 and it has ran twice a day everyday with very few problems I ran it on a 399 Massey and it never had a problem with it then I bought a 08 model last fall and it seems to be geared higher and it will kill the engine to ground and choke it so I put it on the 1135 Massey and 806 farm all with a cummins and since then I've wrung two charge pump couplings on the 1135 which drives the pto (it's suppose to be the week link on that side of heavy pto use ) and I've burned up two sets of pto clutches on the 806 I've got the pressure set to the max on it they are both 540 rpm shaft mixers Has anyone else had issues ? Ps I'm only feeding 120 milk cows now I used to feed 200 outta the old one
  15. Yes thank you I'm not the best with web parts look up give me the book any day thank you cihtech