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  1. Tony, I hope that you are feeling better and get well soon. You did a fantastic job on your 806 LP. You should be very proud. Ryan
  2. I sent you a PM KK560.
  3. I am currently rebuilding a 460 with a 221. I bought a Tisco kit for it and I see no issues with the parts so far. I just put the new sleeves in today. I'm sure there are better or worse kits but I have used them before on various engine parts and I haven't had issues yet. From what I read, sleeve protrusion is important to think about when reassembling these 6 cylinder engines. A good flat head and block will give you little to worry about on headgasket sealing. I'm no expert but i'd think if you had those two issues under control the rest is pretty straight forward, like good valves, proper head torque, etc.
  4. Funny this subject was brought up...I was just in this situation a few days ago on my M that needed tires. I had 13.6's, they were pretty well worn out. I wanted 14.9's so I went with a BKT radial. A little different than I thought they would be but boy does it ride nice. And yes, I'm sure its overkill for an M but heck...you are going to spend a lot of money anyway, might as well buy something you like.
  5. Wow Tony, looking great! I look forward to your posts every week. Always make a note to check in the middle of the week to see how you are getting along. Keep up the good work! Ryan
  6. It is a gas and I would it is frozen up.

  7. Tony, I've really enjoyed reading about your progress. Keep up the good work! This tractor will look outstanding when it's finished. I can't wait to see the finished product.
  8. Wow, you bought that pretty close to my location...within miles of my place. If you keep an eye out you can find fenders reasonable. I bought both sets for my 460/560 for half of what you were quoted or less. Might not be perfect, but mine are not restored either. Looks like a nice 560 project. Keep us posted on your progress.
  9. Thank you Dave for taking the time to find that info for me.
  10. Hi there folks, I have a new project, a '47 H that my great grandfather bought many years ago with a stuck engine that he tried to free but gave up on. I pulled it out of the weeds and got the engine free with some patience and time. I am getting ready to reassemble the engine with a good used set of IH Firecrater 3 7/16 inch domed pistons and sleeves. I have the original boxes that state the part number is 374312R93. I would like to find a new set of rings before I assemble the engine. I'm having trouble finding just a ring set for this type of piston. Can I buy rings separately for these pistons? Just looking for a little help. Thanks all!
  11. Do you have fluid coming out the check plug on the left side of the tractor, next to the clutch pedal? If so, your fluid level should be fine. My next best guess would be to check the suction tube seal on the hydraulic pump to make sure it isn't sucking air. Make sure all remotes are fully turned to "dual" or single mode, this will cause buzzing and whining from the valve areas. I'm just a beginner...I'm sure more experienced people will chime in. Just trying to help. Ryan
  12. Youre lucky with yours...i changed fluid/filter on mine 6 months ago and its milky again... Mine is slow to respond on the fast hitch on startup, but the remotes and power steering seem okay. I believe there is a screen in the relief valve body which is located under the remote valves, bolted to the side of the dash pedestal. Maybe that screen has some junk in it that needs cleaned out.?
  13. Does it have water or moisture in the system? I know mine has some water/moisture in it and when I first start it the fast hitch and hydraulics are sluggish till things warm up to operating temperature.
  14. You'll find soon enough that the fill point by the shifter really isn't the handiest spot to fill with a funnel and jug, in my opinion.
  15. Yes, it's the plate next to the shifter and it takes at least 10 gallons to fill. The rear end is filled with hy-tran , which the hydraulics use as well.