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  1. IH500 Pins and bushes.

    Call Industrial Tractor Parts. Give them your part numbers, they'll at least be able to tell you what machine those numbers fit, if not for sure tell you that they WILL fit your machine per your S/N. It'd be a real good idea to roughly measure your pin length and diameter and compare it to the ones in your kit. If there was an "IN" stamped in front of the part numbers you have, I could tell you that they were designed for an IH machine. Industrial Tractor Parts.com
  2. 450 Diesel project

    Nice looking tractors! I spent last winter going through my 450G last winter. Resealed everything on the engine except for the head gasket, resealed the entire hydraulic system front to rear, new TA, completely rewired it to 12 volt, Isolated the power steering to its own system, checked ALL of the bearings in the rear end, transmission, and TA housing, and replaced any that were bad. Then I resealed the entire rear end, transmission, TA housing, and PTO assy. I put a ton of work into making it a useable chore tractor, but have come to the realization that I love my 460D much more, and it will be much more useful, so I decided recently that I'm gonna sell my 450 come spring time. No reason to hang on to it to take up room in the already crowded barns, especially if it's not gonna get used. Besides, my first love is diesels anyway . Ross
  3. Why is this so mezmerizing to watch?

    Oh no, we have obstacles. I plow 80 miles of blacktop/gravel roads, so a pass up and down that road will make 160 miles a day. Stumps, catch basin, culverts. That's why it pays for each of us to know out areas. I can recall any part of my area if asked, by the house or landmark. It becomes very important when pushing drifted roads back when the ditches are blown over with snow and everything is covered. We use our trucks and one side of our Vee plows for that so it'll throw it up and over the drifts better than just a regular one way side plow. That and we use delineators wherever required to mark obstructions. Do what we can though, and on a heavy snow winter, we'll usually end up with one on its side pushing stuff back or in poor visibility.
  4. Why is this so mezmerizing to watch?

    Like this? No sideplow needed yet here, haven't had to put them on yet this winter. I need to roll 40-45 mph to get through my territory in a day though, which is required to be fully covered with 2 passes on each road each day it snows. I really try not to hit mailboxes though, makes me feel bad, but sometimes you misjudge distance or have someone that won't get over enough to let you get over or lift it in time, other times you just can't see them. I have seen mail fly when a box goes down, and I can't help but think if it was mine, or if there was something important in there. When I see that, if I have time, I try to gather it up and give it to the homeowner. What doesn't help is all the mailboxes held together with duct tape or baking twine on a 2"×2" or a rotted off 4"×4", if you cough on it, it'll fall over, but they know it will as soon as I go by. Policy is that if they bring it in, we will give them a standard steel replacement mailbox, and a 4"×4" post with a crossbar on it. I guess the government pays for everything else for a lot of the "barely standing" mailbox owners in my territory, so why shouldn't the government give them a mailbox to get their checks in?
  5. Why is this so mezmerizing to watch?

    He did get fired for that, probably wouldn't have if he hadn't posted the video. But, what was he supposed to do, wait while every one of the brain dead idiots that parked in the street shoveled off their car, then their driveway? Most cities have laws about parking on the street between certain dates or hours. People are just too stupid to realize their sh!t is in the way.
  6. chain saw compression release mod

    Of all the assigned saws at work, we had 2 guys that ended up with those EZ start pieces of junk after the boss thought it'd be a good idea to try them. They get used 8 hours a day once the roads are frozen, if it isn't snowing. We cut roadsides and dangerous trees all winter when we're not plowing snow. Those things were always broke, something always wrong with that specialized recoil. Then those guys were always borrowing everyone else's saw, hampering our crew's ability to get as much cut. One day on a 2 man crew, my saw was down, so we had to use his saw with the EZ start. We pulled it 3 times and the 3rd time it fired but didn't start. The 4th time I pulled it and as the rope came all the way out and felt something let go in there. It actually started that time, but the rope wouldn't wind in, so we wrapped it around the handle and tied it in a knot. Then we just let the saw run all day, let it idle over lunch, just made sure to not go too long between filling it with gas, while running of course. We got rid of both of those useless things soon after that, but I felt bad for the guys that had to use them as their everyday saw for the years they had them.
  7. Let's push snow in the dark, shall we?

    Been getting some snow in MI lately as well
  8. Set the parking brake on the MD for the last time

    Congrats on the retirement! But, holy b@lls, that's a sh!tload of buttons in there! And I get worried I can't figure out some old piece of crap with a few levers and knobs!
  9. Ih 674 hydraulic pribem

    When you changed the filters and fluid, was it full of parking brake lining, from someone forgetting to disengage the parking brake before driving it? Seems like there was a screen before the filters it would plug first. Can't remember for sure though.
  10. Let's just say that one of those did exist (not that stupid) but wasn't that wide front end the "old style" with the tie rods out front? Or were they available later on after the tie rods in rear came out? If that was an incorrect front end for the year of tractor, that will totally ruin the value of that super rare tractor!
  11. Bottle bombs

    Trucker lemonade?
  12. Unusual Phobias or fears

    I hate snakes, make me jump when I see them. Heights don't bother me at all, but I hate manlifts or ladders. I cut a 68" diameter walnut tree for a buddy that was about 110 feet tall. It had no limbs for about 55 feet. I had to use a 60' manlift to get to the limbs, so I could climb out! Climbing trees with no ropes doesn't bother me at any height, but I sure hated the manlift ride up there. I climbed a 50' pine tree and cut a weeping willow out of the crown of it, then topped 2 of the tri tops out of it. He asked if I wanted a ladder to get as high as I could so I wouldn't have to climb as much of it. Heck no! I hate ladders, they are all springy and wobbly! I also don't like being near the edge of a cliff, I feel as if I'm going to be pushed over the edge. Does anyone else feel like they are being watched when they walk through the woods at night in the dark without a light? Always feel that way Ross
  13. Building a Sentry Module

    ZachGrant and dansuper27, I am following your posts to this topic closely. I only wish I had the electrical skill some of you guys have. A big thank you for the time you are all spending trying to figure this out and all the time spent cleaning all that epoxy junk off those boards! You guys will get it! Ross
  14. One excited little dude!

    That ridiculously huge muffler is 3 times his size!
  15. This guy is a patriot

    I like his country stuff, but have liked Staind much better since I grew up with all of it. From any interview I've seen him do, he seems like a very polite, respectful person.
  16. What I've been doing today

    You load the gravel, I work it on the other end. The last 2 pictures are of our local pit. That's the 23A pile across the pond there. Ross
  17. Gas start motors

    Well, they really don't have a specific name. They are hard to find parts for though, especially cylinder heads that aren't cracked. A gas engine in a Farmall M would be called a C248, while the Diesel engine in a Farmall MD, essentially the same tractor but with a diesel engine, is labeled as a D248. Same displacement, but absolutely nothing interchangeable between the gas and gas/diesel engines, not even the magneto. Pretty much everyone calls them as you did, the "IH gas start diesels"
  18. Gittin` the "wood"

    You guys don't think little junior would actually do something wrong now days do you?
  19. They arrived Saturday

    So must be the companies that didn't want to make them, are supporters of the kneelers?? I like them!
  20. corn is late , really late

    Hoping to finish up beans here this week if it dries out. The 3" of rain we got this weekend sure didn't help us. Then hopefully corn will be ready to start within a couple weeks. Early start on the corn hopefully!!!! Ross
  21. behlen power steering

    Whew, I'm glad I found your post, I was just getting ready to make my own lol. I took mine on my 450 apart to reseal. It didn't work right either, felt like it had a little assist and then nothing. Mine has a stand alone pump. Once I got it apart, it's obvious someone else has been in there before. I've been in these before, but they were working units, and I just put them back together how they were with new seals. Only problem is that was so long ago, I don't remember exactly how things were in them. This one was assembled incorrectly though, that is for sure. Where the short roll pin is supposed to be was a long roll pin driven in, locking the 2 dollars. If I'm not mistaken, isn't the short roll pin only supposed to catch the inner collar in the V notched collars? And after that, which side of the V notches is the roll pin supposed to be in? You guys say it's self explanatory, but I guess I can't picture what the V notches do exactly? Hope this helps both of us lol THANKS Ross
  22. Glenco question(s)

    We have a 9 shank Glencoe, just like the model you speak of. It works very well on the cornstalks. We pull it with a 1486 in H1. We could pull it faster, but we have ALOT of rocks here. I pull it all the way down. We have to run it over our soil here in the fall on river flats, otherwise you'll never get onto the fields in a timely manner in the spring. The ridges it leaves help the wind and sun dry the soil down where it needs to be to work it. I've pulled it with the 1086 as well, she pulls it pretty good, but it is currently down with a bad countershaft bearing. When I'm not pulling it with the 1486, I pull it with the 5088, although she ain't got the guts the 14 has so I have to pull it in M3 or M4. They don't work very well in very dry, grassy conditions, I just cuts ribbons out of the soil only where the teeth are. I think it works better with a little moisture. I have tried to pull it with out 1066, but here in our heavy soil, it was gonna be way too hard on it, and she's semi retired, so I nixed that idea before I ended up screwing something up on it. Ross
  23. Toss the part in a pile of charcoal, cover it, light er up. Let it get good and hot after a couple hours, weld it, toss it back in the pile and cover it up with more charcoal. Let it burn out. Be the best looking thing you've ever welded.
  24. How bout some good ole Kentucky tobacco

    Here's a question for you guys: When handling the green tobacco, in massive amounts such as cutting it, can you get a nicotine buzz off from it absorbing through your skin?
  25. National anthem protests

    Why is this guy even there, for a selfie opportunity? He obviously doesn't care about the reason everyone else is there, to pay their respects. He certainly isn't respecting anyone with his "protest". Surprised he didn't get an a$$ kicking while doing that. Oh wait, everybody else was paying their respects, and that would have been disrespectful to hand out a whooping there.