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  1. 1066 cab removal

    I like the deluxe cabs as well, have a 1066 that needs the cab replaced. How the heck did you find one that nice?!? Maybe different where you are, but, here in MI they are all pretty much junk now. Ross
  2. National anthem protests

    I was thinking the same thing. Too many people are so obsessed over sports and revolving their lives around sports, they don't give it a second thought. When they see coverage of these guys protesting, I'll bet they even think to themselves "look at those jerks protesting, that's ridiculous!", but I'll bet they keep watching. So you wanna protest something, ok, but at least be respectful and honor the people (living and deceased) that made it so you can protest. I'm guessing none of these guys protesting have a father in their lives that is/was a veteran.
  3. 436 in a tractor

    Danny, just a heads up if you ever need one, that electronic fuel shut off can be bought directly from the manufacturer that builds it for CaseIH for about $450, instead of the 800 or 850 they are now. Still crazy! The bad one I removed had the CaseIH part number on it, and on the other side the manufacturer's name and their part number. Punched that into Google, wala. Just some consideration for y'all.
  4. TD-6 felt rear main seal housings

    OK, sorry for the delay, been all over the place over the last week. I do have the rear seal retainer you need, but it is on an MD engine. I would think they are the same, but not sure??? Anyway, been a long time since I took it apart, and thought it was already loose, but it's still bolted to the back of the block that still has the crank in it (I wondered where I had put the crank), and the block is in the back corner of the shed where I can't really get to it easily. I'm trying not to hold you up as I'm sure you need to get this thing back together. I'm gonna be too busy to go get the stuff moved to get the block out until mid/late next week, if that will work for you? Like I said though, you can have it once I pop it off there. Just wanted to give you an update. Sorry for the delay, was in southern Tennesee last weekend, have to go to Alabama this weekend, I'm from Michigan...
  5. Anybody have guineas..?

    Well, I don't know if they are ok to eat or not, but if the having them as pets didn't work out, maybe you could have them as dinner? Probably taste like an old loafer shoe anyways
  6. dt358 question

    I have seen that brought up before, but maybe it's different with the German engines? I had a turbo 358 out of a 520 Dresser loader that was stamped DT358. The 358 in my 826 is only stamped D358
  7. TD-6 felt rear main seal housings

    Let me see if I can find the ones from my MD, they should be the same? I'll get back with you in a few days when I get over to the other farm. They're there somewhere, just have to find them. You can have them if I can find them. Ross
  8. Red combine on fire and a Green tractor on fire

    Deere headlights are still on. Safety first.
  9. Cotton gin damage by Harvey

    That southern cotton seed sent to the dairies up here is how they say Palmer Amaranth came to be up here. The pics of that gin are interesting though, never seen anything like that. Too bad it got damaged so badly, hope they get it straightened out
  10. Farmall A noisy transmission

    Are you sure it isn't the input shaft bearing on the front of the transmission? Those always seem to be noisy
  11. ford 5600 ?

    We run 16.9-38's on our 5600. It makes it a little more varied through the gears it seems. Good for spraying, drilling, and slow chores, but also good for getting down the road.
  12. He even looks crazy...
  13. I just love 1466's, especially the white cab ones. I will have one someday. Ross
  14. Makes me boil to see it!

    I bet we'd get along pretty good lol
  15. Farmall bearing failure rear ends cracking

    I believe the balls from the bull pinion bearings were quite a culprit as well. Seemed like alot of stress on that one bearing with the brakes mounted on the end of the shaft. Also mounted fairly high where it was at a bad spot to not get as much oil as the lower parts, and then could condense moisture on it when setting. This would be a 450 I'm speaking of.