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  1. Loadstar carburetor general advice needed

    65806 has given a great example of how those power valves work and where to start as far as vacuum readings. A few years back I always found my Holley to be a bit doggy and had to put my foot into it to get power out if it, pulled vac #s and played with a valve a hair off that and now when I hit a hill, no more peddle needed as the power valve does the work for my, don't have to hit the secondaries to get that extra bit of power. Most rebuild kits come with a "middle of the road" valve. I agree with the others, if the main shafts are solid, rebuilding is easy, especially if you have some sort of sonic washer, or a home made one from a bucket and orbital sander😁. A bit hillbilly, but works great. Good luck
  2. 1986 s1954 dt466 heater issue

    Bottom if the radiator is as said the suction side, and be the coolest water source. I am with the others in thinking your door isn't closed and your mixing cool/warm air. As long as your other heater hose is connected to a pressure port from the head or before the thermostat and no air lock, you should have good heat. Another option could be that you have a partial blocked heater core. Has anyone ever had a leak,blown head gasket and used that "leak stop" product? Have worked on many vehicles that people thought that was a fix, only thing it is, is a guarantee you will be replacing your heater core. On today's cars/trucks where you have to pull dashes, and even seats, it's not a cheap alternative to fixing the problem
  3. IH 500 build

    Great job and work on the 500, having to have the cam bearings line bored really wasn't a great idea for those who try and do inframe rebuilds. As for the oil leak my guess would be an oil passage plug is missing at the back of the block, let's hope not, but then again, what ever it is, might still mean pulling the motor or atleast the clutch/flywheel to see and get to. Good luck
  4. A waste of Michigan Tax dollars

    In our neck of the woods, wasted money and govt go hand in hand, and is expected. Our little tourist town was studied and planned for a by pass starting in the 50's. It took them till 2010 to finally build, with all the businesses fighting it. Once completed, they realized it to be the best thing ever. How many long haul truckers stop to buy a dress, or log truck driver to stop for jewelry? Then they paid someone to repair the 2+mile bridge, what a joke, it's like driving on a roller coaster, in a truck you hit and feel ever seem in the road as well as get pulled from side to side by the uneven top they put on it. If it were a private industry, they would be asking for it fixed or money back. Not the state. Another thing, at the end of the year, if they have "extra" money in the budget, they spend it quickly, like send the plow trucks out, blades down scraping bare blacktop in November when we have no snow yet. Their theory is, if you don't spend or go over last year's budget, you can't ask for more. Crazy thinking if you ask me
  5. IH 1100 pickup

    I know we all like pics, so here's my contribution to this topic. My 60's 1200 series plow truck, runs like a top, and while chained at all 4 corners can push plenty of snow up and over the blade.
  6. All have given you alot of advice, and I can't stress enough as they have, be careful, I spent and entire summer doing just what you are, smaller cotton woods went pretty easy, larger ones, say 3 foot dia needed the root balls dig out. For those, my process was to dig the backside of the root balls from which I wanted the tree to fall. Before digging, I would use the bucket of my backhoe to get me as high as possible and wrap a chain around the trunk of the tree, have lots of cable much longer than the trees are high, hook to the td8, then dig the roots to free them, then pull it over worked very well and not much stress on the equipment. Takes a bit longer this way, but gets the job done, most of the big trees left a crater from the root ball big enough for me to park the cat in. One other piece of advice, once down, you need to use you bucket/blade to break as much of the root ball apart and free it of dirt, if not, that tree will be too heavy for you to even move, cple trees we had to use the td8 and backhoe to move
  7. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    With not much experience with diesel like most of these rest on here, I hate to say it, but sounds like time to pull the front off, pull the cover and see what's going on, had a similar instance with my td8. Wouldn't start, ran doggy, no power, timing "pump" marks were way off, retimed to specs, wouldn't run at all, after pulling front off, thinking it was gears, it ended up being a broken drift pin on the IP gear and it had spun numerous degrees. Possibly not your situation, but with gears moving, I think covers need to be removed to see the big picture here. And yes, idlers have bearings they spin on
  8. Bottle bombs

    Mmm, the louder the better. My son got bored one day and decided to take some scrap steel of mine and make a golf ball cannon. 4 foot pipe and alot of reinforcement. We live by a golf course and he loves touching that thing off when golfers are on the ninth hole, not to mention he drops a lot of "extra" balls out there for them to try and find theirs. The other neighbors know when he's bored as well
  9. White 1200. 4x4

    Wheels? Are we talking the bolt pattern or? I acquired a 1200 crew cab 4x4 awhile back, along with two sets of tires, winter and summer. Didn't think anything strange about the wheels. Nice looking truck. Odd thing is, my fuel tank is on the pass side, not the driver's as is seen on this one. Wonder if this one has dual tanks?
  10. Injector pump rebuild help

    After going back to square one, here's how the marks are supposed to look and runs great
  11. Injector pump rebuild help

    When I rebuilt my td9. I thought I had timing issues as it would not fire/start, pulled the front off, turned crank to align marks, seemed they wouldn't line up ever turn, or second turn, or third, but was definitely timed right, manual specifies the marks and teeth between for different models, let me know if you need pics or more info. Through me for a loop for quite awhile
  12. D239 tough engine

    Maybe that's how I can fix my worn/leaking cam bearings in my td7e. Ok, maybe not, but high pressure on the gauge is always a good sign if all is as it's supposed to be
  13. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Tree toppling is a good workout for your cat, depending on the size of them. I have just spent the last 3 days pushing 30 or so cottonwoods over. The biggest were 3 feet across at the butt. You might need to dig out Abit of the root ball to assist, your machine having the loader will be an advantage to reach higher for more leverage. Be careful of falling tops as you have no cage. Have fun
  14. SWD-9 sediment bowl bubbles

    Great idea, tried many times with reg cork, odds are not good, do you get the rubberized cork at nappa/Oreileys or where?
  15. Don't put batteries and loose change in your pocket

    That's almost as bad as welding, smell something burning, take the hood off and find your insulated cover all's on fire, not good😈