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  1. I vote for owls, a few years back we were losing chickens from the coop on a weekly basis, untill they were almost all gone, set traps outside, everywhere to no avail, untill one day I looked on top the coop, found all these carcasses have eaten, set traps up there, bingo, caught 2 owls that way, I didn't think they could haul them off like that, also had a few weasels kill a few, and coons, but each of those times I caught them with traps set on the ground. Chickens run scared in our neck of the woods. Years back had a coon eating our geese, all summer long, finally caught him too, biggest coon I ever saw, was the size of a dog and fat, have pics laying around somewhere if anyone interested in seeing Good luck with the chicken thief Mark
  2. Tpr, a cple of the l8000s have the 8.3ltr Cummins and allison auto 5 or 4 speeds, one has a hi/low rear axle, electric shift, and yes municple trucks. The 2554's have the DT 466's, and 9 speed manuals. Is the extra weight as a municple truck from all the blades and how they are equiped or? Heard some rumors of issues with TV cables on the Cummins engines, and was wondering to go earlier and get the Ford 7.8? Thanks for all and any info out here. We have quite a wealth of knowledge on this forum Mark
  3. Morning all, looking into a single axle dump for gravel/dirt hauling and pulling a backhoe or td8 as needed. Then in the winter possible plowing/sanding. Anyone out here have any information regarding these two sizes of trucks? The ones we are looking at are low mileage (100,000) autos or stick work for us. Trying to assist my son in getting some side jobs for extra cash as well as possibly end up working for himself. As is now, his job is ok, but a dead ender. Thanks for any and all info you may have Mark
  4. Thanks everyone for the reassuring information, trying to help my son get into some side work for extra money and would hate to get a truck that wasn't going to pass inspections right off the get go.
  5. Looking into getting a dump truck, most of which we are looking at are int 2554's or L8000's. 1994 to 97's, but most have Dayton rims all around, am hearing rumors that dot has them as illegal, is there any truth to this? Done some online searches and can't find anything more than "3 piece" rims as illegal. Thanks for any info you all might have. Mark
  6. As others have said, bypassing the ignition switch on the end of the intake is a sure way to get power to the coil/distributor, however, don't forget to disconnect it when your done. It will literally cook your coil, smoke and all. Don't ask me how I know😶
  7. I must agree, no champions for me if I can avoid it. Last year finally put my td9 91 together, new plugs(champions), as told by the parts store to be the only ones available, and out of the 4 new ones, 2 didn't work, pulled 2 of the old ones out of the junk pile, and they worked just fine. My advice, if you 4, buy 6. Just my opinion and experience Mark
  8. I will go out to the property and get the pump numbers tomorrow, thanks for all and any help Mark
  9. It's an early td8e with the 239 turbo. And yes cold start position.
  10. Its obvious the pump has been rebuilt at a prior time with all the bolt marking paint used for tamper evidence, just curious if when it was rebuilt it might have been put together improperly? Thanks for any in site Mark
  11. close up pic to show old bolt/timing wear marks on timing gear
  12. position it runs ok, not good start position though, side window timing way off on pump
  13. Last fall I performed an inframe on my td8e as it was hard to start, all complete, back together, still needed either to start, and to kick up rpms beyond start position of the throttle lever. tore back apart, made sure gears all lined up properly with the timing marks, but noticed the pump had at one time been timed differently by the bolt wear marks on the gear, timed the pump aligning the internal mark through the side window of bosch av pump, which put it back to the original worn marks on the gear. Wouldn't start at all !! put the pump back where it was, runs like before, is it possible the pump has been rebuilt and internally timed incorrectly? it is leaking into the crankcase, so need to pull it and get it rebuilt, hoping it might get put back together correctly. will resize picks and include. is it possible to put these pumps back together incorrectly internally? Thanks Mark
  14. Have to resize it, shows a bit of the missing pipe for yours