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  1. Question for overseas folks on your metric sockets

    In the 1960's we pretty much ignorred it, they taught us about it, millimeters, meters, kilometers, etc, but it wasn't until the 1970's when the panic hit that only the US of A and two small third world countries still officially used the inch, foot, yard, mile measuring system. 40-45 years later and we still have trouble switching from metric to imperial system.
  2. Sept/Oct 1975

    BIBS! Dad always wore bibs. Guess he liked all the pockets. I wore them till I started school. Nobody wore bibs to school. Wish we had taken more farm action shots back then.
  3. '88 2275

    I remember Mr. Goodwrench complaining in 1982 that the radiators in 2-3 year old trucks were falling apart. Real good chance that truck has had at least one or two radiators already.
  4. Red Tractors vs Green tractors

    No, I don't think so. My guess is the WD-9 was pulling the R sliding the tires. A Good Super M would outpull the R Dad had. No matter what you were pulling you were half a gear or more slower than a comparable IH. I don't think they put tires that big on an R anyhow, I'd guess it's an 80. I still cringe when I hear those 2-cylinder tractors running, especially diesels. And why do some guys think putting a straight pipe on them is cool. They must be totally deaf. Idiots! Yes, both my Farmalls have 2-1/2 inch by 2 ft long stainless steel straight pipes, and for idling around at Zero load they are fine but I still couldn't hear them over a 2 cylinder Deere unless the Deere was shut off. If either of my Farmalls went to a plow day it would have one of Bermuda Ken's stainless steel oem mufflers on it. And if something came up quick I have Stanley mufflers for both of them now that I hate.
  5. IH 544 special/2544

    I had a brochure of the F460 vintage too. Mine had the F340 in it too. Those mowing tractors would have been great with the hydro transmission. Just put Cub Cadet decals on it!
  6. Anyone else working on theirs?

    Ouch! on the No insurance. My brother-in-law had 40 acres of beans he got 100% loss on 3-4 years ago. He has two old 6620 combines, one for beans, other for corn. He'd make several rounds when he had time, get most of a tank of beans. Couple days and he had them all combined. The beans he got plus the check he made out O-K. Cousin did the same thing 20-25 years ago, got 90% loss and the beans still went 15 BPA.
  7. Mileage mystery

    Diesel tanks used to be Terne plated, a 10 to 20% tin, balance lead coating. But in 2012 they made tanks with 50-50 tin-Zinc, which is O-K for gasoline, Very bad for diesel. But the gov't wanted the lead out. Now today, Terne coated sheet is Stainless steel with tin electro-plate. Which would be great for fuel tanks. I haven't shopped for a fuel tank since about 2005 or 2006, not sure what they're making them from now. Far as telling IF and What plating is inside a fuel tank, With the tank as empty as you can get it light up the inside with a flashlight, lead has more of a solid gray color, zinc more of a bright silver color, and depending on how thick it was plated and how it was plated can have a mottled appearance. When I bought the replacement fuel tank for my truck I asked the guy behind the parts counter 3-4 times Was He sure it was a diesel tank. He said it was.
  8. Mileage mystery

    TOMH - You did exactly what I did. Those PSD's are so consistent on mpg all things being equal. My truck is 3.55 gears so I get 18-1/2 to 19 mpg. Depends how much I draft semi's. When I replaced my back fuel tank years ago because it rusted out where it sat on the skid plate I figured the new thank would hold less fuel. My Ford store made me a good deal on the new tank, and it was the exact same 20-1/4 gallons as the old tank. I keep expecting the new tank to start leaking, it's twice as old as the original tank was when it started leaking. Supposedly the Bronco tank adds lots of extra gallons, but diesel tanks have a different plating inside the tank than gas tanks, and Bronco tanks are all gas tanks. The zinc in gas tanks are death to diesel injectors. I think we will find something totally unrelated to the engine causing the mpg change on this truck. A dragging brake, or something similar.
  9. Professional restoration

    I 've always been impressed with Pilot Knob Restorations in Galena, Il. They always had an ad in the magazine but I couldn't find it in the last two issues. They have been discussed here a couple times. I have had no personal dealings with them, just going by comments here. phone 815-777-0826. I would NOT recommend the guy who repainted Dad's M. Supposedly it was not his Show Tractor level of work, but still cost about what Dad paid for the tractor brand new in 1951. It's a "Five Foot Paint Job", closer than that the runs & sags and defects in the cheap decals are too apparent.
  10. Hydro 86

    There's a big oil to air cooler up in front of the radiator, but no place where the transmission & final drive oil could get contaminated with water. Must be condensation.
  11. Does IH 901 paint come in a spray can

    I had a Cub Cadet I was restoring that needed 901 white for the hood & wheels. My favorite automotive paint store didn't have a recipe for it so we had to pick out the white we wanted from about 10,000 shades in their white color book. It wasn't truely correct, but looks nice. It's the white the hood stripes were painted on 2005 Ford Mustang GT's. Your choice of color may vary. A quart of base coat/clear coat color paint cost almost as much as the Cub Cadet cost back in 1963! Then there was the clear coat and hardener. I painted the wheels 935. From a distance even in bright sunlight you can't tell the difference in the shade of white.
  12. Mileage mystery

    I think it's just the way your gas gage is registering. Your really more than half empty at 180 miles, could probably get 12 gallons in. An electrical engineer that worked for Ford designing gages used to post frequently on The Diesel Stop forum. He explained how sales wanted the gages to read. Basically made them warning lights. Oil presure and temp gages most inaccurate followed by fuel gage, then volts. My '96 F-250 has dual fuel tanks. Manual says 34 gallon capacity, 16 gal rear, 18 gallon front. I have put over 40 gallon in many times. 20-1/4 rear and 24-1/4 front. When I top up the tanks I can drive 100 miles Before the needle comes down to the full mark. Then depending on if it's frt or rear tank, another 300 to 350 miles I have to switch to other tank. SO, That's whats going on, your over-filling the tank.
  13. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    When we first moved into this house 20+ years ago every fall I'd get to fall to sleep to the sounds of a DT-466 screaming in a 3588 chisel plowing a couple nights in a row. Neighbor's tenant was ALL red, still is. Back then M, 300, 706, 966, 1486, and 3588. Had a New Holland combine back then, now has 1666, and still has the 1466 & MX-200 & MX-210, CIH995 utility. Nothing brought a smile to my face like that DT-466 SCREAMING in the distance. Keep us posted if you get it fixed and find something to do with it. Sounds like a great project!
  14. 414 on 3088

    Assemblers at Farmall did it on the Prototype 3088. Think the D-358 ended up in the 5288 protorype. Not one of Farmall's prouder days.
  15. Cams

    My Cousin hauled corn from Western Illinois to Hennipen, Ill to the river terminal one winter. Guy he drove for had a '64 Chevy C-60 with a tag axle rear. Had a 5-speed and 2 spd axle, geared to run 70-75. Engine was a BIG 4bbl carbed 327, would have been similar to the Fuelie 327 except had a carb. 350-360 hp. You didn't want to drive it flat footed, would melt it down, but it would run with anything on the road if you treated it right. Cousin quit to farm in the spring. Guy who took his place talked to him about the truck. New guy had no patience, tossed a rod in the first 2-3 weeks. Found out you can't run 5000 rpm for an hour. If it was me, I'd build and tune an engine similar to the LT-1 350 used in Cameros. 360-370 hp. Maybe put a 50 CFM smaller carb on it than Chevy did. Guy I drove for had a late '60's C-50, cute little truck, had a 10 ft 6 ft tall box with roll up door. Originally a 350 truck engine, 4-speed geared for about 60. Boss had to drive it to Des Moines and spun a rod bearing in it. He ended up putting about three 305's in it. Way it was geared you had to hold speed down to 50-55, or 60 for short intervals. Hey, I was getting paid by the hour! Bet I put 10,000 miles running that thing up & down both sides of the Mississippi River one year. Road driver had to take it to Des Moines one night and almost made it to Iowa City. Spun a bearing. Bet the thing was running 4000 rpm at 60 mph. 4350 @ 65.