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  1. Barrett-Jackson Auction

    Thanks for the info! Got it programmed to DVR the last 4 updates. I always check MAV tv, NBC Sports and Velocity but never checked NBC around 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM. I admire the motorcycle and ATV riders but the heavy trucks I would love to ride along a couple days with them!
  2. The Holy Grail: Farmall Works Office Sign

    Red/Blue - Yep, That's it. I'll have to bookmark it. Thanks for posting that. That big ole Farmall emblem looks good for it's age and how much it's been hauled around.
  3. The Holy Grail: Farmall Works Office Sign

    I never like to reactivate old topics but, this morning I was looking for this topic on Facebook. One of the things Google brought up was Case/IH is selling replicas of this FARMALL sign, they measure 11 inches tall by 42 inches wide. Only $65 and only 7, SEVEN left. If you do a search on replica Farmall sign it comes up. I never did find the Facebook group that had the picture of the big sign in the shed.
  4. case 1460

    Well, my REAL point I wanted to make is that there is Case equipment, International Harvester equipment, and Case/IH equipment. Calling something Case sends most of us here thinking of Orange equipment made back in the 1950's, '60's, and '70's and early '80's. International Harvester of that time was Red., blood red. Case/IH made after 1985 was also red. MANY here have complained about people saying things like, "My Case model M tractor" The M's made by IH had NOTHING AT ALL to do with Case!
  5. Barrett-Jackson Auction

    I haven't watched any B-J auction yet this year. It will be on Direct TV 3-4 times by the end of 2018. I REALLY wish somebody ANYBODY would broadcast highlites of the Paris-Dakar Rally going on from 1-6-2018 to 1-20-2018. Think it was Velocity channel had excellent coverage last year. Daily updates and weekend recaps, 4-5 hours worth. This year....NOTHING.
  6. Possibility of a 51st state

    I'll toss Milwaukee and Madison, plus a pound of fresh cheese curds into the deal.
  7. IH 68 front mount cultivator

    I cultivated some with a #455 on the SM-TA in 1964. Following 4 years I did ALL the cultivating with the 450 & #461 cultivator. In '69 used the 4010D with Deere frt mount cultivator. Took a day or so to resign myself that danged thing would not turn tight enough to take the next four 38 inch rows back, so skipped four, then skipped four more, then took first four I skipped, yes, was a waste of a lot of time on the headlands. Was about 1971, was laying by, corn just inches shorter than the front axle, got tired running about 1600-1800 in 5th. Shifted into 7TH. Found if I looked far enough forward I could stay on the row just fine at 2100 rpm and about 10 mph. Dad tried fenders, tried rolling shields, hated them all, found little moldboards at Tractor Supply when they still handled tractor and implement parts and supplies. They were left and rights. First pass you mounted them to throw dirt away from rows, second & third pass swap them to throw dirt into the row. O-K, about 5-6 months later we're picking that 20 acres and Dad makes the comment to me, "That's the SMOOTHEST corn field I've ever picked, makes no difference which direction I go, with or against the rows or diagonal." Kinda like he was looking for an explaination why since I was the last one in that field. Next door neighbor was cultivating in short rows behind his buildings. I was making about four rounds to his one. I was done with my 20 acres and on to another field in less than 2 hours. That 20 was the flattest field on the farm. I can NOT imagine trying to cultivate in 4th gear with an SM-TA or 450. The slow 5 mph 4th in a straight M maybe. Lots of guys our area tried different brands and designs of cultivators like a Leyle Roto-Terra, (sp). There was another one that was popular too that the brand name escapes me. It was funny, Dad was probably the only guy that planted with a 4 row 38 inch planter with duals on the planter tractor. The last year he planted with the M with single rear tires a week after planting about the time the corn was sprouting to could see the tractor rear wheel tracks because of all the grass/weeds. Following year with duals no weeds. We never drove on plowed ground with a tractor without duals after that.
  8. case 1460

    I've heard of a Case 1470 but never a 1460. There was an INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER 1460 combine produced at IH's East Moline, Illinois plant from 1978 to 1985. After the merger of IH and Case it was rebadged as a 1660.
  9. Possibility of a 51st state

    I thought there was a rumor last week Trump was selling the whole state of California to Mexico at a WAY Over inflated price and was fencing them out. His way of having Mexico pay for the fence.
  10. Bad idea IH

    There was no wheel & tire assembly on the axle when the cab was set down on the tractor. All that part of the cab was made/assembled at East Moline.
  11. snow shovel

    I was actually impressed with the 36 inch CC blade's ability to scrape right down to bare concrete, but the little skid shoes and scraping edge wore at a fantastic rate. I made an angling belly blade for my Cub Cadet 72 back around 1983. I found a broken section of full size road grader cutting edge in Dad's scrap pile. Heat-treated hardened steel half inch thick and 6 inches tall with the right arc to roll material. It had one jagged end I needed to cut off, other end was factory edge. Took me a couple hours and FIVE good hacksaw blades to cut the thing! I made a turntable from two 1/4" steel plates, gussets, lengths of pipe, and a 3/4" hard bolt for the pivot. Blade runs straight and two different angles each way. It's a great way to smooth and level dirt, rock, sand, and the sharp edge really gets under up to inch thick ice or packed snow on those days where it warms up and melts and the water runs under the ice on concrete. I used to use that belly blade on the light snows, an inch or less. The CC 70 didn't have a grass screen under the clutch, snow would clog up under the tractor and get sucked up into the grass screen. It was funny watching steam blow out the grill as the snow hits the cooling fins on block & head, melted and turned to steam. Belly blade can really move dirt once you get the grass out of the way. Used it on the CC 70 a couple summers regrading around our house. I can stand on the blade while grading and control tilt or really cut some dirt. Chains were used on the 6-12 pizza cutter turf tires, had a low tire that buckled and folded in a hard pull cutting damp clay and ripped a hole in one tire. Quick pit stop and changed tire & wheel, put weights and chains back on. I was cutting a place for a recess for a stone retaining wall. I still use the same #14 aluminum scoop shovel I used 50+ years ago to shovel earcorn grinding feed for the cattle. Dad saved it for me when he quit farming knowing I'd need it again to shovel the sidewalks and driveways. It's been cracked/broke and repaired where the socket attaches to the scoop at least twice. Works good shoveling bark mulch too. I try not to shovel much, can't shovel for hours non-stop like I did 40+ years ago.
  12. snow shovel

    No, actually I take them for granted, had about 125# on each rear wheel and 2-link chains. But when you have the blade angled and you try to roll the windrow over a foot or two the front of the Cubby pushes sideways. Blade on the loader on the Super H doesn't angle. But I can push thru 2 maybe 3 foot deep snow depending on conditions. Even snow that I've pushed into a pile and froze I can break into smaller pieces and push them out of the way. Winter of 2007/2008 we had just over 100 inches of snow. The snow in our front yard was 2-3 feet deep. Our yard slopes up from the house towards the road. SON and I had a snow moving day one Saturday in early Febuary, Super H & blade on loader, M with Stan-Hoist loader and 80 inch snow bucket, chains and weights on both. We cleared the whole front yard and side yard down to mostly bare grass in less than an hour. Once I get off my concrete driveway the chains hook up really well on the frozen grass. Other places in the yard I had snow piled up 9-10 feet high, higher than the eves on my shop. Had a 3-4 foot tall drift right outside shop door that year was so deep took four attempts to BACK thru it, I pulled into the shop, did not back in, I don't make that mistake anymore,. I had snow on top of the pto shield. I lost my 500# of CaCl fluid in each of the rear tires of the Super H. I would like to find 500-600# of solid weight to add back. I've tried pushing snow without chains and it's a Total waste of time and effort. I've used the Super H to push snow 23 or 24 years now. Dad made the chains on the SH from two sets of semi-truck chains., cross chain every other link of the side chains. Chains themselves weight close to 250# EACH. If theres any snow or ice on the concrete drive at all, the tractors can not even drive up to the road without chains. I learned all about chains one winter when I got the Cub Cadet 70 out to play in the snow one Saturday when I was about 11-12 yrs old.
  13. snow shovel

    Wife and I go in/out thru the garage. Front door has an overhang 4-5 ft deep so seldom gets snow, but I rarely shovel the short sidewalk, it's WAY too narrow to clear with my loader mounted blade. First couple years I cleared my driveway with a Cub Cadet garden tractor and 36 inch snow blower. It was O-K on snows less than 6 inches but still slow. The Super H with chains & weights with the 80 inch wide by 16 inch high blade on the loader is MUCH faster. I bought a 36 inch wide front blade for my Cub Cadet, thought it would be fine for the little snows. Worked fine on the light snows, inch or so, but you push 20-30 ft of 1 inch deep snow into a windrow and it can't move it.
  14. 544 questions

    GOLD! IH didn't use any primer on sheetmetal. Castings got a red oxide Sealer or yellow oxide sealer after they were poured and cleaned and ready to ship. Foundry sent the castings to the painter for dipping, then the paint shop actually shipped the castings to the using plant. Anyhow, looks like that gold paint may have a good enough coating of oil or grease to have protected the original color of the gold paint. Is the 544 gear drive or a hydro? Farmall row crop or International utility?
  15. I'd have to have a radio mounted on one of those fenders, Then I'd like it too. I never raked hay with our 450, but that's about the only thing I never did with it.