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  1. Actually, about the time that tractor was built on those 30.5's, those tires were very hard to get. Both big combine plants in the Quad-Cities, and plants elsewhere were using them faster than they could be made. I get a phone call one afternoon from IH's manager on-site at Steiger in Fargo and he needs 24 30.5 tires ASAP. I call Good Year in Akron and ask how soon they could ship, got the right answer, maybe today, tomorrow for sure, and tell them to ship them. I call our guy in Fargo back and leave a message to expect them. Following day I get a phone message from our guy saying the tires came in, but before I actually get the message the Purchasing Manager at Stieger calls and raises all kinds of grief about me getting two dozen tires he is on allocation with GY, Firestone, and BFG. I tell him because I spend about Six Million Dollars a month with those suppliers I can get stuff. I knew he traded inventory back and forth with our IH guy, and if he wanted me to order 24 or 36 or more every month just say the word. His demeanor softened after that, we had a nice chat after that. STIEGER had their own rim rolling line so they could make their own wheels. That seemed like a good thing from my perspective, since rim & wheel delivery issues were about 90% of my problems.
  2. Ummmm, YES. I read the original post multiple times as H186! But yes, 15.5x38 6 ply or 8 ply and 7.50x16 frts. A few got the Motor Wheel 5-spoke steel disk wheels and 18.4x34 tires. Both the 15.5 and 18.4x34 in R-1 and R-2 and 6 or 8 ply were ordered as tubeless tires. Royal pain in the butt, even with brand new tires and brand new rims tubeless tires suffered slow leaks at about five-six times the typical rate of tube type tires, which meant every morning there would be a 686 or H86 or two out of the 14-15 built sitting on a flat rear tire out in the west yard that needed a new tire&rim before it could ship. I tried a couple times to change the engineering specs on the tires to add the inner tubes to reduce rework but got shot down every time. All front tires were tubeless, they were quick and easy to replace thankfully. Guess the engineers never rolled a front tire off the wheel in the middle of a turn on a headland. Sorry about the mix-up with all the Hydro 186 stuff.
  3. Three brands most used was Firestone 38%, Good Year 37%, B.F.Goodrich 25%, and Armstrong had 5% of 18.4x34 6ply, 18.4x38 6ply, and 18.4x38 8ply. Front tires had same percentages and Armstrong got 5% of 10.00 & 11.00x16's. Most likely sizes for a H186 were 18.4x34 6ply and 9.5Lx15 fronts, but anything up to 18.4x38 8ply and 11.00x16 8ply could have been ordered, even 20.8x38 8ply and 14Lx16.1 could have been ordered. To the other extreme, 15.5x38 and 16.9x38 both 6 & 8 ply could have been ordered but unlikely smaller frt tires would have been ordered. Plus we could have put really big tires like 23.1x30, or 23.1x34, or 24.5x32 or even 30.5x32 on a H186. And any of all those tires could have been made R-2 also. The big Hydro was very similar to the 986 as far as standard equipment and options.
  4. I forgot to mention that, Yes, the 6-speed with 3.73 or 4.10 gears would be the right combination for towing heavy with a PSD. That said, heaviest I have towed with my 3.55 geared 5-speed stock 210 hp 7.3 L was right around 20,000# gross, and the first half mile after I scaled my axles out was all up hill with three semi's chasing me at 60-65 mph and I was using uncharted territory in the load, boost, & rpm scales in the engine programming but I ran right up to 65 mph in 4th going uphill east bound from Exit 19 on Illinois I-80. Shifted into 5th and still accelerated a bit more. I could easily idle away from a stop at a toll booth or whatever at 700-800 rpm in 2nd. If I was regularly towing another 5000# or more I'd want 3.73's or that 6th gear or both. There was a trucking company in Davenport, Quirring or something like that, down on West River Drive, all TranStar IH tilt cabs, V6-92 Detroit and Allison automatics back in the early 1980's. Two man teams, long hauls, drivers made O-K money but never home. For some things autos work best. The 5-speed Allison in the '74 Diamond Reo mixer I drove shifted up about 2000-2100 rpm but the engine was governed to 2600. So I shifted manually. They actually proved to be pretty reliable once you did that. Son's '14 Ram 2500 has 3.42 gears and about 33 inch tires. 70 mph is about 1500 rpm. Even in 4th gear he still only runs about 2100. But to put the little Cummins in perspective, it's 370 hp and 850 #/ ft of torque. My '96 PSD is 210/425. The VT-903 Cummins I drove was 320 and about 850 back in '79. I wonder if you could get that B6.7 to burn 15-16 gallons of fuel per hour like that 903 did?
  5. I can understand why the truck companies want to stop building manual transmission trucks. But I Really like my 5-speed. I test drove the first Super Duty I could find on the lot with a 6-speed and liked my 5-speed much better. The six speed in my little car has the same problem, I skip gears because the gears are too close. SON has a '14 Ram2500 CTD, with the 68RE? Auto, and I have to admit, it seems to always be in the right gear. I looked at 4200/4300 International trucks about 14-15 years ago. I maybe better go price out a new DuraStar on their website. But, Congratulations on a great looking truck/trailer. It'll bring a smile to your face at least every day.
  6. Ohhhh NO! Readymix company I drove for had a chain break on a chain driven mixer, a 1966 mixer, can't remember the brand. Maybe a MacIntyre? That was summer of 1976. Pulled the mixer in the back lot, big compressor and impact ready to go, firetruck ready to go, took about five minutes to know the concrete had set up too much. Maybe two shovels full of sand and rock came out. The poor driver worked half days for a week, plus other drivers spent a half day chiseling the drum out. I got an afternoon shift, was not only crazy noisey inside the drum with a baby jackhammer but was hot too, probably over 100 degrees. Chain was fixed, drum empty and clean and truck back on the road in 8-9 days. I checked my drum every week on the truck I drove all the time. Five minutes with a ball peen hammer is better than a couple hours chiseling. Only Mythbusters blows up cement trucks. Ready mix company's clean them out and put them back on the road. In two years driving for that company that was the only time we had a mixer break down. They had 14-15 mixers.
  7. Where did you find a truck with only two doors? That makes two of us here, my F-250 only has two doors. Nice Trailer! That goose part of the trailer looks like it should be part of a mile long bridge! What's it weigh?
  8. X2. When Stokely Van Camps used to move all their sweet corn and bean harvesters it was via convoy about Midnight to 2-3 am on week day nights. Lots and lots of flashing lights. Escorts front & back.
  9. Guy my buddy works for drove a newer green combine just over 200 miles a couple years ago. Was supposed to load and haul it the last 80 miles but some mixup caused the truck to be late so combine was in the new owners yard before the truck showed up. Yep, drive it. Have somebody run escorts for you.
  10. Make sure whoever you have do the work can straighten the shaft after welding.
  11. The problem is we have too many House and Senate members who want to play investigator. Guess thats the problem with electing so many lawyers to office. They can be one if they give up their house or senate seat. One job or the other, not both. Then the politicians can focus on passing responsible laws. All these liberals will be disappointed when they get done impeaching Trump when the find out Hillary still can't be President.
  12. Yep, we get in a hurry, lazy, and cut corners. The old '39 H we had was wore so bad in the bottom of the shift lever and shift rails you could move the shift lever back and to the LEFT out of reverse almost to the point you could move the lever to the right. Combination of too many years running pto implements with hydraulic lift caused lots and lots of wear over the almost 30 years of use. When mowing hay with a sickle mower it took something like 12 pushes of the clutch to clear a plug of the sickle. With the Stage I I Super H it was three.
  13. I wouldn't paint them. A high temp powder coat maybe, or something like Jet Hot or ceramic plasma spray coating maybe. If you keep the tractor shredded the insides of the disk brakes stay dry and rust free. On the larger size of disk brakes, like on SM, SM-TA it was common to see the red paint turn black, scorched, on the cover. Not so much on the smaller diameter brakes like SC & SH. But they do get hot.
  14. Troy, Sorry but I can't believe we sent almost 400,000 illegals a month back for seven years. Thats almost 34 MILLION people. Mexico only had 127 million people in 2015. So one in four was here in the US? I do believe an Immigration attorney would know the latest and greatest SWAG on detainees returned from DHS&ICE. I also believe your employees are telling you they know of no one who has been deported and snuck back in. But we hear of illegal immigrants every week getting caught doing something against the law that has been deported 12-15 times. How does that happen? Granted some come into the US, behave themselves and stay for years and years. I hear some of the stupid things liberal politicians want to give illegal immigrants, drivers license, free medical care, social security and I shake my head why on Earth would anybody ever vote for that idiot politician again. PELOSI comes immediately to mind. AND Elizabeth WARREN. AND Wisconsin's own Tammy Baldwin is as bad as any. What part of ILLEGAL can they not understand? But let some Deputy catch me doing 57 mph on a country road and he/she has to Protect and Serve by fining me almost $200 so the Sheriff depth. Can buy a new SWAG vehicle, or all terrain quad-Trac pickup to drive around the woods. 4-wheelers aren't good enough anymore. Each illegal family has what?, 4-5 kids average? and pays little if any tax, little sales tax, but the kids all go to school AND get free lunches. And I pay almost $5000 a year property tax and about $15,000 income tax. I think that gives me the right to speed thru a 35 mph zone at 37-38 mph if I want to! But NO! We have enough bleeding heart liberal mayors and governors making sanctuary cities and states to hold all the illegals. Keep the entertainers, news media, in those cities/states with the illegals and build walls around the cities/states. And those of us in Red states can keep our tax money. Let the illegals rebuild the bridges, roads, schools, etc. In the sanctuary cities/states. Us DEPLORIBLES will take care of our red counties and states. Right now I doubt the odds a wall gets built are not 50-50. As long as the 4-5 million people a year stay in Mexico I'M O-K with that. There have been enough US companies move south of the border to keep all the Mexicans working. Last I heard Canada was going to build a wall and sent The US the bill. Mexico is building a wall on their southern border right now. As long as we enforce our borders and laws we probably don't need a wall.
  15. I really question the accuracy of that number. Granted most of the ones deported back to Mexico were back in the States within 24 hours. So instead of 390,000 it was probably 32,500 people twelve times each. Just like all those part time minimum wage jobs Obummer created at Walmart having people shove shopping carts at old people coming in to spend their welfare or SS check. More FAKE NEWS about how great the last administration's economy was.