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  1. Marty's Used Equipment

    Does anyone have any experience purchasing used parts from Marty's used equipment in Bad Axe Michigan?
  2. Front Spindles Angled Differently 56 300U

    It might just be my bad eyes but to me the camber looks the same on both sides. Could you post a picture where you can see both tires and tube in one picture? What looks different is the distance that the tires are running from the tube. Have you checked if the hubs are the same on both sides? The right side might have the lug mounts closer to the inside of the hub.
  3. There is a hose or pipe going behind the exhaust manifold that drops down by the oil filters.
  4. 1066 value

    I found a 1066 with an allied loader no bucket just a hay spike that the owner said the tractor was fine when he parked it 10 to 15 years age. The problems I see are it has to have all 4 tires, fuel tank has hole in the bottom of the tank, the seat has rotted off, front axles has one repaired but does not look like it was done very good, 3 point arms have repair welds on them and I know I probably missed somethings. The asking price is $3500 as is I thanked the guy for his time and walked away did I do the right thing.
  5. 1955 Case 400 pictures

    I know this is the wrong forum to be posting this on but everyone likes pictures. The 1955 Case 400 was purchased by my great grandparents in 1958 and I purchased it in 1996. I currently use it weekly for hay or shredding up until 3 weeks ago when it started having hydraulic problems. The hydraulic pressure relief is stuck open. I have tried tapping it closed and pulling it out but have not been able to move it either direction any input on this hydraulic issue will be greatly appreciated. I enjoy reading all the knowledge that is posted on this site and would like to Thank everyone for sharing their knowledge.