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  1. mine takes everything i have to lift. been told by several people that the new struts are junk and don't generally last more then a few years so i haven't bothered to get them.
  2. there's 2 different ones. believe the change was made with the 72 series but might have been late 71s
  3. the dual pto was an option on the smaller tractors up to i believe the 30s. not sure if there's any kits but you can buy the pieces from CIH but likely very expensive. i called a salvage yard last year about it and they were able to find one in the US but it was something like $6500. lots of local mechanics i know around here are on waiting lists for any that comes in for salvage. my current mechanic said he gets one maybe every 2-3 years so they seem to be pretty hard to come by. only other option i found was a company that will take your assembly and covert it. if i remember right their cost was $4500 not including all the shipping
  4. they are pretty solid tractors and yes the prices are all over the place. i bought a 7240 with 8000 hours 2 years ago and so far it's been trouble free aside from a few minor things. as for 2wd vs mfwd the 2wd will turn might better but it sure is nice having power to the front when you need it. they also seem to be priced about the same so it's not like you'd save a bunch by looking for a 2wd but again prices are all over the place so never know what kind of deals you'll come across. if you're looking at a mfwd check the front hubs for leaks, can be pretty expensive to fix. also shift, throttle and clutch cables are common issues and not horrible to fix but the ones i've done have been about $200 per cable. another thing would be the accumulators, again not a huge issue to fix but i believe i spent about $300 for the one i replaced. of course be aware of any leaks it may have. oil pan is fairly common and i've been told requires the tractor to be split. front drive shaft can also leak where it exits the transmission, there's some O rings in there that require the tractor to be split
  5. my problem with them and really all the boxcar magnums is that you can buy the bigger ones for the same price as the smaller ones. **** there's been more then a few 20s and 30s i've seen go for far more then the 40s and 50s
  6. my 574 didn't. for winter starts you shouldn't need ether much or at all if you have a block heater. during summer you shouldn't need it at all. mine only really had issues once it go down to around freezing temperatures
  7. some people don't use a full rack then the extras might end up being "borrowed" or maybe just sold
  8. CIH has been discontinuing some of them. i had to get the fitting for the tank end of the return line a couple years ago and it was still available then but was very expensive. now it says it's discontinued so might have to look for something aftermarket.
  9. varied by area but yeah the early ones we're very overpriced with some dealers charging over $100k. there was also limited stock and some dealers got into a lot of trouble for taking orders with huge deposits when they knew they couldn't even get them anyway. not really sure what those dealers were expecting to do, they knew they couldn't actually get the car so were they just gonna string along the poor guy for a year or 2 till they became more available?
  10. i see quite a few large collections go to auction once the owner passes and they are typically far cheaper then buying them new so unless it's something rare i don't think the value will ever really increase or at least not enough for it to be a concern. when i walk into the dealer they have a pretty large amount of everything and anything they don't have on the shelf they can order for you so they still make pretty much everything. personally wouldn't be scared to open em up unless they are already very old but the newer ones will likely never be worth more then their purchase price and more likely will be worth less
  11. it may have been closer to $1800. believe the rad shop charged something like $800 for their work then 12 hours labour for my mechanic. keep in mind Canadians pay quite a bit more for parts(25-35% or sometimes more) and everything has 13% sales tax. either way it's ridiculous but really not much choice when something happens right in the middle of harvest and with the weather this year any downtime was a real nightmare
  12. bought a 2366 2 years ago with 3400 engine and 2600 sep hours and have had to dump quite a bit into it. first somewhat major issue i had was the oil pan leaking which requires pulling the engine so that cost me about $1800. a lot of small stuff that was either wore out or badly maintained like chains, belts, sprockets, bearing ect. small stuff like i said but that can really add up. i believe i also replaced some sheet mental but that wasn't too bad. first stop in the shop(independent mechanic) for all that stuff ended up right around the $15,000 mark. it also went in after fall to get the cone and rotor cage done along with a few other smaller issues which i believe ended up being $12,000. also had to get the rad rebuilt in the middle of harvest(bad leak) which was another $2000. all in i paid $75,000 for the combine(includes 20ft 1020 & 1063 heads) then all the repairs so there's about $102,000 total into the thing. hopefully it'll be good for a few years with just minor things but really just shows you have to be careful with combines especially if the last owner was someone retiring and may have slacked off on maintenance for last few years. should probably also mention the dealer also claimed to have all service records, claimed they serviced it every single year since it was new(01) and that it was field ready. everything was 100% bull crap. i'd suggest talking to the service tech and seeing what he has to say about it, learned a lot about the history of mine from the tech including a bunch of other lies the salesman told me
  13. always have a **** of a time getting 1st or 3rd reverse in mine. had a new cable put in and it didn't make a bit of difference
  14. not sure how common they were/are but i've seen a couple in my area so likely not very rare
  15. yeah that sounds like CIH. rape you on parts and say if you don't like it buy a new machine. unbelievable the prices i've had to pay on simple parts lately.