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  1. **** here all you need to is blue skies and they send out severe storm warnings. heard the drought has been pretty bad out there tho. it's just starting to kick in here and hitting corn fairly hard but most beans still look ok as for the bracket my best guess would be a camera but it looks a bit too big for that and also not really in the right position or at least not where i'd want to have a camera mounted
  2. don't think so, all other paint brands are the same price as the have been for years. only new environmental laws passed lately is the carbon tax which isn't anywhere near high enough to double the price on anything
  3. yeah i really don't understand why they jacked up prices so much. we always pay more for everything up here but not THAT much more. i thought $15 per can was already kinda pricey but reasonable and they go and do this. i'm really not all that surprised tho, i compare prices quite a bit and CIH seems to love gouging Canadians.
  4. I believe it was a Canadian only increase. Checked several dealers in the area and all are now $30 a can. Supposedly it's also $500 for a gallon now. It's also all CIH paint not just specific colors. Couple of dealers outright stopped carrying it due to the increase I see JD makes some CIH colors so might check them out. Most of my equipment is pretty faded so it doesn't really matter if it matches perfectly but it'd be nice to get close
  5. anyone know of anything aftermarket for CIH colors? i like to keep a few spray cans around for touch ups and such but this year they doubled the price and it's now $30 a can which is unacceptable. i'll paint everything green before i pay that ridiculous price
  6. better off fixing it. even if it does seal up in warm weather it's on borrowed time and you'll just be pissing away money on oil, money that could have been used to fix the issue
  7. Yep, those are the same as the ones on my 7240. Also yes it holds 18
  8. my 7240 does that occasionally then will suddenly start working again. no idea what causes it but i've noticed it happens far less if i set the limiter dial about 90% of all the way up
  9. really depends how hard you're working it. most will just run full throttle all the time but if you don't actually need the power you're just pissing away fuel. most of what i pull is undersized so i tend to run around 80%-90% throttle
  10. guess that means up here case wants at least $200 for that(likely closer to $300) they really are getting insane with their prices.
  11. my 7240 is generally 3-4 bars. i have no idea what the range on that gauge is though
  12. mine takes everything i have to lift. been told by several people that the new struts are junk and don't generally last more then a few years so i haven't bothered to get them.
  13. there's 2 different ones. believe the change was made with the 72 series but might have been late 71s
  14. the dual pto was an option on the smaller tractors up to i believe the 30s. not sure if there's any kits but you can buy the pieces from CIH but likely very expensive. i called a salvage yard last year about it and they were able to find one in the US but it was something like $6500. lots of local mechanics i know around here are on waiting lists for any that comes in for salvage. my current mechanic said he gets one maybe every 2-3 years so they seem to be pretty hard to come by. only other option i found was a company that will take your assembly and covert it. if i remember right their cost was $4500 not including all the shipping
  15. they are pretty solid tractors and yes the prices are all over the place. i bought a 7240 with 8000 hours 2 years ago and so far it's been trouble free aside from a few minor things. as for 2wd vs mfwd the 2wd will turn might better but it sure is nice having power to the front when you need it. they also seem to be priced about the same so it's not like you'd save a bunch by looking for a 2wd but again prices are all over the place so never know what kind of deals you'll come across. if you're looking at a mfwd check the front hubs for leaks, can be pretty expensive to fix. also shift, throttle and clutch cables are common issues and not horrible to fix but the ones i've done have been about $200 per cable. another thing would be the accumulators, again not a huge issue to fix but i believe i spent about $300 for the one i replaced. of course be aware of any leaks it may have. oil pan is fairly common and i've been told requires the tractor to be split. front drive shaft can also leak where it exits the transmission, there's some O rings in there that require the tractor to be split