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  1. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    always been told to stick with hytran for anything with a TA or powershift. that said some of those old tractors that don't get used often probably wouldn't be harmed running something cheaper. something seeing fairly regular use is probably better off with hytran.
  2. The 5th Magnum ever built is this 7130

    that's a real shame but maybe they did it before they realized just how big of a hit the magnums would be. still tho you'd think they'd want to keep the first tractor off the line especially when it's also the first tractor design from the merged company. knowing what those old magnums sell for now i can't even imagine what that one would have been worth today
  3. MXM and NH TM tractors

    yeah most of what i've heard is electrical issues. it's lasted this long so hopefully it'll keep going. ended up trading my 656, 966 and 1086 for it. gonna be hard to watch those tractors go but i very rarely use them and would rather trade them for something i'll actually use. it'll free up a lot of room in the shed too
  4. MXM and NH TM tractors

    anyone around here have any experience with them? i've been told the MXMs were clones of the TMs and are basically identical. looking at a 2005 TM190 a local dealer has. spent it's life on a mixer and looks very clean. contacted the original owner to confirm the salesman story and he also said he never had any major repairs, just small stuff. from what i've heard the early models had quite a few issues which gave them a bad reputation but supposedly most of it was worked out by 2005 drove good on the lot and i didn't see any codes pop up but i also didn't really know what all i was looking at as there's a lot more going on then i'm used to. only real issue i spotted was that the pto was turning while disengaged. guessing it's the brake but maybe something bigger. i've also read some of those pto brakes require the tractor to be split and some don't. for sure would like to see that fixed before i commit to it mostly want it for planting and probably spreading fertilizer. maybe some tillage if my 7240 goes down for any length of time
  5. Fill me in on the MX240 tractor

    all the boxcars are good but personally i'd want a 72 or newer. they had quite a few upgrades and the 89s had a better weight bracket allowing sharper turning. of course i wouldn't turn down a nice 71 for the right price but given the choice i'd take a 72 or 89
  6. Fill me in on the MX240 tractor

    no personal experience with them but 99% of the complaints i've heard revolve around the CAPS pump and other fuel related issues. i'm sure they have tons of electrical issues but that seems to be true for all the newer stuff. apparently you can convert them to a mechanical pump but the kit i saw someone post was $8000 so not exactly cheap. i think if i did own one and the CAPS went out that's the route i'd take tho, far less headaches long term that way
  7. Will I lose all of my hydraulic fluid

    i'm sure there's some out there but i've never ran into any that lose more then a few liters.
  8. 2388 top sieve

    i yanked mine out with the truck. out ended up being the easy part tho. getting the damn thing back in sucked. also be careful removing the bolts, if it drops down it can be quite painful. probably best to put in a block or something so i can't drop on you
  9. Battery life

    have to keep charging em from time to time or just leave them on a maintainer. hard to remember with tractors you rarely use tho
  10. Anyone else working on theirs?

    have some beans that are about 2 weeks away. not really anything urgent my 2366 needs that i know of. i need to change the concaves and i was going to change the top sieve(did bottom before wheat) but i burned my arm and have been out of action so i didn't bother ordering it. going to try and change the concaves myself next week but if i can't i guess i'll just get a tech to come out and do it. my 1020 head did need some gearbox seals changed but again i can't do it so it'll have to wait. it's not leaking very much anyway so it'll just be a winter job. everything is turning earlier this year and most crops don't look very good so i'm thinking it'll be a pretty quick harvest
  11. Need Help Figuring Out What to Do

    you could find a magnum for that budget. as for MFWD vs 2WD and how well they ride, the bigger front tires tend to absorb bumps better so it is more comfortable but they can also get bouncy at times. really i think a CVT would be ideal for you but you'd have to at least double your budget for that
  12. 2366

    didn't do any of it myself but had the rad rebuilt last year and was charged 10 hours labor.
  13. 7120 magnum

    i get mine charged every year. problem with the accumulators is that if they slowly lose pressure the shifting also slowly gets worse and just never notice because it's not a sudden change. really wish they would have added a sensor for those things. you can't really check them yourself as simply checking them will cause them to lose enough pressure that they need recharged. also the new ones don't even have a regular tire valve anymore and require a special tool
  14. 7120 magnum

    nah even with both empty it'd still move but shifts pretty rough
  15. 2388 What's this Brkt for?

    **** here all you need to is blue skies and they send out severe storm warnings. heard the drought has been pretty bad out there tho. it's just starting to kick in here and hitting corn fairly hard but most beans still look ok as for the bracket my best guess would be a camera but it looks a bit too big for that and also not really in the right position or at least not where i'd want to have a camera mounted