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  1. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    Got the decals on it and took some pictures with the kids. Also have a question the alternator used to put out 14.5 volts as soon as it spun now it takes a minute to get that high and the longer I run it the lower the voltage it puts out gets till it eventually falls below 12 volts. The belt has some slack in it and when I shut it down the alternator is to hot to touch for even half a second. Any idea whats going on? I spend my time plotting my next project, a 1953 Chevy 6400 that my grandpa has owned for all but 3 years of its life. It spent every night in a shed and hasn't moved in 30 years. Its name is Nellybell and I plan on using her to move the T6 around (I guess I should come up with a name for it...)
  2. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    Made a vidio of all the pictures, first time ever making a vidio so please be gentle.
  3. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    The Bolts them selves are a little bent but the rest of the hosing is good. (the bolts took a bite out of the first fan I tried to mount, hence the reason the new one is infront of the radiator.) Although there is a leak that is coming from the center of the pump, how do I correct that without buying a new one?
  4. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    The original water pump was worn out and the fan blades didn't look servicable to me. When I priced a mechanical fan V a electrical there was almost no difference. So I spent the extra couple bucks and got the more efficent electric. My goal for this is to have modern advantages that folks won't know about until they are right up on it. Got all my stuff back from the coaters and as usuall they blew me away with the quality of their work. My wife helped me get the hood mounted as well as runnig the wiring for the headlights. The hood needed some "gental" persuasion but we eventually got it on. I know the grill isn't stock but the ones I had were in pretty bad shap and this was the best my local metal shop could do. The muffler is ceramic coated, this will prevent the stainless from slowly detiorating and keep it looking nice. Lights work great, I need to make a slight change to the front headlights wiring but other than that they are complete. At this point I just need to do small anckle bitter things, find/order decals (anyone have a preferred place to go), mount the engin shroud pannels, battery box made, battery cover made,...... holy crap thats a lot of stuff........
  5. Going for it

    Your awesome, if your willing to part with the large black send me a pm and we can talk specifics!!
  6. Going for it

    You wouldn't happen to have a old generator in that lot would ya?
  7. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Can you drop links to what you found I would like to get some "close to factory" plugs but don't want to buy the wrong size.
  8. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    That would be great, I would happily take them off your hands. The rubber will work so long as you have a drill press. For the holes I deliberetly didn't make the counter sink deep as the bolt will naturaly compress into the rubber as you tighten it. I think I drilled 3/8 of a inch but im not certain. The fan and wiring harness arrived yesterday so I was able to get both bolted on and wired up. Ill post a vidio latter but all I can say for now is Holy Crap that fan moves some serious air I could feal the air flow while standing behind the tractor. I have some more permenant mounting brackets that I will use after I get to the bolt store.
  9. International T6 project

    I am probably not doing it right so take this with a grain of salt. For the starter system I ran it Battery-> starter cyenoid -> Starter. For the alternator I ran it to the Battery -> Starter Cyenoid terminal. This allows it to have a solid connection to the Battery and cut down on the wiring I had to run. For all accessories I have a switch pannel I bought off amazone that I will hide with a Battery cover later. It goes Battery -> Switch Pannel -> Fuze Box -> Item to be powered. So far I have wired my fuel pump and electric fan with no issue.
  10. I/H TD-6 Engine weight

    Not sure if this helps but should make you laugh, I know from personel expierence that a T6 engine is a 7 private and one officer lift.
  11. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    I got lights but they are generic ones from stiener if anyone knows where I can find them for a decent price let me know.
  12. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    Update time, IT RUNS IT FING RUNS!!!!!! The hood work is being done by the powder coaters, they said they could use the old hood as a template for the wholes. I am not convinced but they have done great work so far so I have no reason to doubt them. The look on the kids faces was priceless, as was the looks people gave me when I drove it to the gas station. So the track pads worked perfectly!!!
  13. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    So while all the tin is at the powder coaters I decided to keep my self busy by working on making track pads. So after shoping around the cheapest track pads I could find where $38. Times that by 64 and we are talking over $3,000. So deciding I would rather climb Everest in my shorts than convince the wife to let me spend that much I looked for some alternatives. Insert this website, http://rumber.com/ I was able to buy a 2"X3"X 4FT log of rubber for $2.88 a foot. So I went from $3,000 to just over $300 dollars for the rubber. I still have to buy bolts but that will still put me well under the premanufactured price tag. So with the rubber purchased I started cutting, this stuff acts like wood in a lot of ways so my normal circular saw was able to cut through it with no problems. I poped a grouser off and went to the Fort Bliss auto skills center. They had a decent drill press to use. So after a solid hour of trial and error I got the method down and was able to crank out a decent amount of pads in a few hours. Hoping that now I know how to drill efficently I can get the rest cut up and drilled out next weekend. I ended up drilling 6 holes. Two go all the way through and are how I will secure the pad to the track. The other 4 are a 1/4ish inch deep and allow the pad to fit over the bolts holding the grousers on. I then drilled a counter sink hole on the other side so the bolts could be inside the pad and not get smashed into the ground.
  14. TD5 Crawler w/blade

    I have family in Kansas that are looking for a small dozer with blade, sent you a PM asking about pricing.
  15. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Lincon industrial has a website and sells a varity of lubers and plugs. I have not been confident enough in my knowledge to purchase the correct ones but you may be braver than I am.