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  1. 706 D310 frame rail length

    Yeah and it doesn't look as easy as taking an 1 1/2" off the front end. I think the frame rail is shorter towards the rear ( if that makes sense).
  2. 706 D310 frame rail length

    Thanks for looking, I Picked up a set of 706 c291 frame rails this weekend and they measure right at 50" I will have modify these for my engine swap
  3. 706 D310 frame rail length

    Great, thank you
  4. 706 D310 frame rail length

    Looks like the 806D and 856 use different frame rails at least they show a different part number for them than the 706 D310. The 826 looks to have the same frame rail part number Thanks
  5. 706 D310 frame rail length

    A 756 diesel should be the same too
  6. 706 D310 frame rail length

    Hi, Does any body know off the top of their head or could some one measure the length of the frame rails (not including the adaptor plate) on their 706 D310 equipped tractor? Thanks in advance, Wally
  7. plowing with the 666

    Thanks for the replies! This was the first time out with this plow and tractor I was happy with the way it plowed once adjusted but was hoping it pulled a little easier. Might be time for a bigger tractor! It does have the C 291 gas engine it might be a couple more hp than a 656 but not much. I will try it again in a couple of weeks, there is a plow day that I usually try to attend but it is known to be pretty tough ground too it was all my 450 would do to pull 3-14s through it. The ground I was on yesterday just had some pretty good sized equipment over it last week so it might be a little compacted.
  8. plowing with the 666

    That's what I was thinking too. 2nd gear TA forward is around 4.3 mph and the plow has new shares and land sides on it and the rest of the wear parts are like new. I will adjust on it a little more and see what happens. the tractor was overhauled last winter and has been running great all summer so I don't think it is a power issue, maybe just some tough ground or plow adjustment needed.
  9. plowing with the 666

    Got a chance to do some plowing yesterday, the old 666 ran great. the plow is a model 70 with 3-16, it took a little adjusting but I think I have it close it seemed to pull hard in spots running 2nd gear and around 7" to 8" deep.
  10. 606--Leaking Hand pump repair

    I just did mine on my 666 I purchased a kit from CIH. you will have to pull the snap ring out to get the metal spacer, a small plastic washer, and then the rubber seal is under that if I remember correctly. you then turn the steering shaft and the fluid pressure will push the seal and other parts out. the kit number is 86585473 it does come with instructions as it does not reuse some of the original parts.
  11. Mice

    Ive always had good luck with Victor traps and peanut butter. Caught 178 mice in one winter in my old shed.
  12. IH 544 special/2544

    I noticed that too. the serial # is 2320484U015767 I thought it was a 1970 model but I could be wrong.
  13. IH 544 special/2544

    I have the chance to do some trading for this 2544. Are these a rare/ desirable tractor? I have never seen a 2544 like this I was told it was a state tractor for mowing road sides. It comes with an 8' IH/Danhauser belly mounted finish mower.
  14. 666 pulling question

    I was kicking around the idea of taking my 666 gas wide front to a local tractor pull next weekend and was trying to figure out what weight bracket I will be in, all of the info online says the shipping weight of the gas engine tractor was 7000. I don't really have a scale close by to weigh it. I would really like to pull it in the 6500 lb class if possible. Any body else on here pull a 666 in a stock type class? what weight bracket are you running in? any tips on losing 500 lbs if possible? Thanks, Wally
  15. 666 rim clamp ?

    got it! thanks I did find it in my manual too. I checked my other side that wobbles pretty bad and they were put on wrong I thought I might have a bent rim but its probably just not adjusted correctly. Thanks for the help!