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  1. IH 544 special/2544

    I noticed that too. the serial # is 2320484U015767 I thought it was a 1970 model but I could be wrong.
  2. IH 544 special/2544

    I have the chance to do some trading for this 2544. Are these a rare/ desirable tractor? I have never seen a 2544 like this I was told it was a state tractor for mowing road sides. It comes with an 8' IH/Danhauser belly mounted finish mower.
  3. 666 pulling question

    I was kicking around the idea of taking my 666 gas wide front to a local tractor pull next weekend and was trying to figure out what weight bracket I will be in, all of the info online says the shipping weight of the gas engine tractor was 7000. I don't really have a scale close by to weigh it. I would really like to pull it in the 6500 lb class if possible. Any body else on here pull a 666 in a stock type class? what weight bracket are you running in? any tips on losing 500 lbs if possible? Thanks, Wally
  4. 666 rim clamp ?

    got it! thanks I did find it in my manual too. I checked my other side that wobbles pretty bad and they were put on wrong I thought I might have a bent rim but its probably just not adjusted correctly. Thanks for the help!
  5. 666 rim clamp ?

    I was switching the rim centers around on my 666 today and noticed when I was cleaning things up for reassembly I have two different rim clamps they are part # 381726 and the rest are 381725R1. can these work together? It looks like the spacing might be a little different from the others.
  6. I bought a pretty decent one off of a 706 with rims and tires, no breaks or welds for 750.00 about a month ago. bought another off of a 544 for the same money last winter it was in good shape too. You can probably find them cheaper but I think 750 is a fair price if they are not all beat up and the bushings and tie rods are not worn out.
  7. IH 582 Cub Cadet

    I would not waste any money on the briggs engine (unless you want to keep it original). I too have a 582 and repowered mine with an 18hp kohler command V twin from a newer model cub cadet.
  8. Lawn Tractor Brand Decision Time

    Not sure how big your looking for but I Bought a new Kubota BX2660 4 years ago and it has been a great machine, sips fuel, has all kinds of power and has held up great. I have always been a big Cub cadet fan but I really don't think the quality is there any more.
  9. 666 hydraulic control valve leaking

    Thanks for the reply I did get the seals and piston and got every thing installed and no more leaks. Thanks again!
  10. Finished My Swisherr Ride King

    We had two of those when I was a kid and mowed close to an acre yard. If I remember correctly the muffler is on the right hand side kind of close to your leg? they are neat now but you couldn't get me back on one. We ended up buying a used 129 cub cadet, I thought that thing was a Cadillac compared to the old swisher but the Swisher did turn sharper!
  11. I noticed today my hydraulic control valve for the right side couplers is leaking out of the very back coming from the snap in plug. I looked at the parts break down for the valve and don't see much for seals in that area of the valve. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction of what parts I need to fix this and do I need to remove the valve to do so? Thanks in advance
  12. C 291 sleeve R&R

    Project update. I got every thing back together a couple of months ago. The engine started right up with not clicks, ticks, bangs, or knocks I did the engine break in procedure as outlined in the service manual with out an engine dyno and all seems fine I still need to pull the valve cover and re torque the head bolts, check valve adjustment, and change the oil. This rebuild went pretty good, I did have to end up honing all 6 new cylinder sleeves out a little due to some tapper at the very bottom of the new sleeves had I not found this the pistons would have most likely seized in a short period of time as the clearance was too tight. If anyone is looking to rebuild their 291 in the future I would recommend you have a good set of micrometers, dial bore gauge and good quality rigid cylinder hone.
  13. wide frontend wedges

    I bought some from McMaster-car last week for a front end swap. I haven't tried them yet but it looks like they will work, I had to buy a bag of 10 I think they were around 10.00 for the bag. https://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-washers/=16uq3w2 go to leveling washers for I beams.
  14. 560 repower with D 310

    Nice! thanks for posting that picture I sure would like to see that in person.
  15. 560 repower with D 310

    I agree 100% and I have been looking for one, but you don't see to many 706/756 d 310 tractors come up for sale with bad engines and as Matt said you would still have to do about the same mods to a 706 with a 263 gas or 282 diesel engine as you would the 560.