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  1. Looking for

    2 826 listed on a Wheeler Auction January 2 . They don't have the numbers listed, just 1970 and 1971. Alan
  2. Let's push snow in the dark, shall we?

    That looks like fun, but also cold!!! Alan
  3. Self loading round bale wagon

    IH had a model 30, 3 bale and a model 50 5 bale. They're pictured in the 78 buyers guide. Alan
  4. OK, lets see ya favorite tractor you own and use

    I would only get rid of this one for a 3488, otherwise this is my favorite. Mowing hay, baling hay, planting and notill drill. Alan
  5. A Line up of Red. The A team

    Nice looking lineup πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Alan
  6. Case IH 9190 - Ever Built?

    I think the 9190 was the tiger painted red . Alan
  7. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    A few cutting beans Alan
  8. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    Here's a few wheat sowing pictures! Alan
  9. The latest sexual harassment lawsuit

    That's a good one!!! Glad I'm not a dairy farmer!😎😎😎 Alan
  10. combines in your life

    Thanks Dale, I never heard that before, I do know that dad bought the combine from " the combine man ". I think he was out of Iowa or Nebraska, maybe some of you guys would remember him. I do know that the combine was brand new. Alan
  11. combines in your life

    The first combine of dads that I remember was the MF 750. I slept a lot on the shelf behind the seat. He bought that in 75, the year I was born, he traded it in the summer of 80 for the 1460. He had that until his retirement sale in 01. He always said that was the best combine that he ever owned. The first combine that he had was a 303, then a 503. He kept the 503 when he bought the 750, he said that he was glad that he had the 503 that fall because the Massey corn head wouldn't go through the vines, but the 503 went right through them! I remember the mechanic coming several times a year to fix the AC on the 750, dad never did say why he bought the 750 instead of an 815 . All he said was our dealer said that IH was coming out with a new machine, so maybe the Massey was a lot cheaper. Alan
  12. Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Praying for you to have the strength to be the rock for your family, and for your wife and daughter and grandson. Praying that they have speedy and complete recovery. Alan
  13. Happy Birthday Bermuda Ken

    Happy birthday Sir!!! Here's to many more!!! Alan
  14. 3 year old in the hospital

    Praying for you and your family Dale. I hope everything goes well. Alan
  15. My turn for prayers

    Prayers sent for you and your family and the hospital staff taking care of Elle. Alan
  16. 1486 first serial #

    It brought $31,500 . It was sold onsite, but I didn't get to go 😑The boss decided that work was more important, but that pays the bills... I thought it would have brought more than that. A Case? Stars and Stripes near Sledgehammer brought 34,500 on auction today Alan
  17. TD15

    Did you find out for sure that it runs? Alan
  18. Deer season opens today...

    Ha ha, hope you get extra pay back for the car!!! Good luck today Todd! Alan
  19. Happy birthday Tony in Ca.

    Hope you have a great day Tony!!!! Alan
  20. Over-sized Load or Under-sized road?

    He got caught!!! Alan
  21. Looking for a Workbench Light

    Warehouse dock lights, they are mounted on arms to shine into the van trailers Alan
  22. Gravity grain spreader

    I have seen guys cut out the center of a used disk blade and drill several holes on the edge and chain them to the roof on smaller bins. It seemed to work well and it was free. I think it was an 18' bin. I don't know about the brand Shoup sells, but we have had gravity fed and electric ones, the gravity fed work better with big augers. Alan
  23. Today's Birthdays

    Happy birthday guys, I hope you have a great day!! Alan
  24. Odd looking H

    It has Oliver cast centers on the rear. Looks like a Frankenstein!! Alan
  25. Happy birthday Farmallman77

    Hope you guys had a great day!! Alan