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  1. Local IH dealer had 3 new Case skid loaders stolen about 15 years ago. According to the police, the thieves drove them next door to a seed dealer and used the loading dock and loaded them into a van trailer. I have never heard anymore about them.


  2. One of my friends sons re purposed one as a bird house for guineas. Before that it was a wood shed, and before that it was actually used as a grain bin. So it goes to show, things can be reused multiple times. Good job Mader!!!!!


  3. My dad bought a Steiger Cougar that was used at the '76 Farm Progress Show. The IH dealer in Sparta talked dad into driving that tractor at a field day after he wanted to trade the 1466 on two 1486s .

    It had about 100 hours on it when he got it. In 2001 at dads retirement sale it had about 4000 hours on it. He was farming about 1400 acres when he bought it, then in 90's the ground he was renting started getting sold off. The last three years before he retired we were covering 200 acres.