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  1. Today's Birthday Boys

    Happy birthday guys, hope that you had a good day Alan
  2. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday guys!!! Alan
  3. They arrived Saturday

    Like button, where are you!!!!😃 Alan
  4. Forum rules

    Nice picture Steve, I need to try and find one of dads 1466. It left the farm when I was 1 or 2 years old, so I don't have any memories of it. Alan
  5. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday!! Alan
  6. Forum rules

    Sowing wheat Friday with the 3688 and guy I help in his 5120. Alan
  7. Looking for grille screen 88 series

    Here's some pictures for you Bill Alan
  8. Art from Deleon, Happy birthday

    Happy birthday guys, Hope you have a great day! Alan
  9. Happy birthday 766Redpower

    Happy birthday guys Alan
  10. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday guys Alan
  11. For you old gleaner fans

    Silver Seeders here in southern Illinois!! Alan
  12. 30 years ago today it snowed

    Happy anniversary!!! Here's to 30 more. Alan
  13. Someone should have this...

    From the pictures, it came from the south, it has cotton pickers in the list . Alan
  14. Ih 986 value

    South western Illinois, that's a 7-8k tractor Alan
  15. Birthday wishes

    Happy birthday to the twelve members today!!!! Hope you all have a great day Alan
  16. Well... I did it again.

    Good looking tractor, Mule Alan
  17. Latest project.

    Excellent work on the cart, that is going to look great under the engine Alan
  18. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    It's been a long enough haul for this project for you Tony, everything is going to fall into place this time Alan
  19. Great to hear that it is finished Tony!! I'm sure that the pictures don't do it justice Alan
  20. 1456

    It was a good sale, I bought five pieces of equipment and a few smalls , and didn't have to spend a lot Alan
  21. 1456

    At an auction yesterday with a 1456, 806lp , 706 gas, super M lp, H lp, 2606 diesel backhoe. The 1456 brought 7200 , on its way to Iowa, I didn't see the 806 sell , 706 brought 1900, I didn't see M or H sell and the 2606 brought 2200
  22. 3688 vs. 5088 on JD Machine Finder

    I have a 36, great for haying tractor and other light jobs. I would like a 5088 for the no-till drill. Some of the hills here are almost too much for the 36. Alan
  23. Long time forum member passes away.

    Prayers for the family and friends from southern Illinois Alan
  24. Birthday wishes

    Hope all of you had a happy day today Alan
  25. 856 restoration project

    Good looking 856, how did the wiring harness turn out? Alan