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  1. Again and again

    X2 We don't need anymore gun laws. Alan
  2. My haul from National IH auction

    Nice haul BJ!!! Alan
  3. How I spent my birthday

    The best brand of green tractor on the pump. Well second best, Steiger !! Good luck planting the "seed". Alan
  4. Happy Birthday Jesse in Wis

    Happy Birthday, to all celebrating today Alan
  5. Dennis, I had the same thought, only south western Illinois!!! Congrats to the new owner Alan
  6. Happy Birthday Smoker and others

    Happy Birthday , hope you have a great day Alan
  7. Wow, that is one nice lineup of trucks and signs. Alan
  8. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Moving right along, looks good Tony. Steel buildings are the only way to go. Alan
  9. impliment hitches

    The guy I work for has a woods 15' with the same hitch. He has a small hammer strap that bolts to the drawbar . Small hole in front of hitch pin hole. 1/4" by 3-1/2" strap bent in two 90* with a hole on top flat for hitch pin and small hole on bottom flat to bolt to the drawbar. If I have you confused yet, I will try and get a picture with measurements in the next few days Alan
  10. impliment hitches

    You can get some kind of plastic washer. We used the 3pt pin for our M&W mower with the same style hitch Alan
  11. 1026 value

    My dad bought his 1026 in 1972, after he bought a new 400 8row . He planted with that tractor until 1995 when he bought a 900 planter and used the 1086. Alan
  12. 56 series armrest replacements

    I think Mike Links has them on his website Alan
  13. Looking for

  14. Blue jeans

    X2 yellowrosefarm, Walts Wholesale is cheap and last forever. I haven't had any problems with them yet, but I haven't ordered anything from them for 4-5 years. I bought enough uniforms from them to last 6-7 years. Alan
  15. The Other Green Invating From Down the street

    That is a beautiful Olly, thanks for sharing the pictures Tony!! My dads first tractor was a S 88 gas, and he said the same thing about filling it up twice a day when plowing. My grandpa had a S 77 diesel and could plow all day with a tank of fuel. Alan
  16. Forum rules

    Nice looking bulldog! 😎 Alan
  17. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday guys, I hope you have a great day!!! Alan
  18. Looking for

    Thanks Todd Alan
  19. Looking for

    There is a '70 826 #12188 on a Sullivan auction December 2 in Perryville,Mo. Alan Also on that auction is 1486 #8601 first one built
  20. Forum rules

    Yes it does Steve, the straight pipe really makes it sound good!!! On another note I want to thank Mike for the lights on my 3688, they make a world of difference!!!! I am very happy with them. Alan
  21. Forum rules

    Finished sowing wheat Saturday night Alan
  22. Birthday for....

    Happy birthday guys, I hope you have a good day!! Alan
  23. Amazon is considering Pittsburgh

    St. Louis is in the running also Alan
  24. hey Wilson! happy birthday!

    Hope you guys had a good day!! Alan
  25. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday guys, I hope you have a great day Alan