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  1. Scratch built 1/64 IH 914

    Even the silver ones look good, great work 1480!! Alan
  2. 856 Restoration

    Tractor looks great 826, I agree with Tony too, it helps having good looking tractors for landlords to see in their fields also. Alan
  3. Scratch built 1/64 IH 914

    Very nice looking, 1480. Have you made any other models, or is this your first? Alan
  4. Intro of new member

    Welcome Ross, as others have said, a wealth of information on here. I haven't been on here long myself and the guys here are great, full of knowledge. Alan
  5. farmerfixemup

    Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day!! Alan
  6. Stuck

    Snatch block on 973, anchor with 270 and pull with 14. Alan
  7. Did you ever notice......

    Looking good Bill. Alan
  8. Got my 77/7588's today

    My 7788 came yesterday also, mine was in one piece. The air cleaner was hard to get to stay in place also. I agree with you 1256, I am not impressed with the fact that it doesn't articulate and you can't roll it either. The lower three point arms are bent, and no holes in the drawbar to display an implement. Alan
  9. Who Loves the Smell of a Freshly Plowed Field

    Driving at night in the fall, windows down and smelling fresh shelled cornfield, then fresh cut alfalfa, and then fresh plowed ground Alan
  10. Another mini project

    Looks great Jerry!! Alan
  11. I had a sensor cause that, but that was 12 years ago so I don't remember were it was located. I think it was down by the hydraulic filter. It started shutting down in warm weather. Alan
  12. This Guy Gets It

    Who is this guy? He speaks with common sense!! What's his name so we can write it in on the ballot? Alan
  13. IH during WWII (video)

    Very interesting Orchard 6 thanks for posting. I think it's interesting to know what the different companies did during war time to help with the war. Alan
  14. Life is

    MTO still praying for you and your brother. Glad to hear he is comfortable. Praying he gets through this fine. Alan
  15. 800 cyclo row marker wiring

    PM me I have extra control switches. Alan
  16. 1206 proto 511 almost done, before and after

    Excellent story about this tractor, hopefully you have some luck with learning more history about # 511. I agree with jwal 10, don't paint it. Nice to see it saved, great job. Alan
  17. Artsway 425 grinder mixer

    Dad had a Brady hydraulic driven grinder. I don't see any of that brand advertised anywhere. It was an excellent grinder. Alan
  18. IH loaders

    I have a 2350 on a hydro 86, it cycles slow compared to construction equipment. When I bought the pair, the tractor needed hydro work done to it, so had the shop plumb in a joystick while they had it. I really like the joystick, much nicer than using the remotes. Alan
  19. Happy birthday Randy

    Hope you had a good day, like others said, I enjoy the stories too!! Happy Birthday and many more! Alan
  20. Happy birthday Mountain Heritage

    Happy Birthday Alan
  21. IH 1456 Gold Demo Wall Sign

    That looks very nice. An excellent addition to go with the 14 Goldie. Alan
  22. Pics from the shop and others

    Great pictures as usual, Bill. That's neat finding the paper in the 9! Alan
  23. IH 1026 Hydro played in the mud

    Still looking good with it's work clothes on. Good to see it earning it's keep. Alan
  24. IH Farmall Mailbox Project

    Welcome to the forum! Looks great. Alan
  25. Prayers for twosteppin

    Prayers sent for both. Alan