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  1. Oldtech and Farmerboy3

    Happy birthday guys I hope you have a great day!! Alan
  2. Nice pictures, looks warm in them, makes me almost forget that it's 0* here right now!!! Alan
  3. Happy birthday Nebraska1206,Steves46M

    Happy birthday, hope you're having a great day!!! Alan
  4. Stolen Tractors

    Local IH dealer had 3 new Case skid loaders stolen about 15 years ago. According to the police, the thieves drove them next door to a seed dealer and used the loading dock and loaded them into a van trailer. I have never heard anymore about them. Alan
  5. Pre Christmas road trip.

    Looks good Aaron!! Glad that you are able to finally get to use it. Alan
  6. Birthdays

    Happy birthday guys!! Alan
  7. Happy Birthday Gonzo

    Hope you have a great day!!! Alan
  8. 1/16 IH 1456 Gold Demo

    Looks great as usual Brian!! Did you bring a little gold paint back from Indiana with you, so it matches the real one? Alan
  9. Happy Birthday ,IH forever,Mr. Brookville.

    Happy belated birthday guys!! Hope that you had a great day. Alan
  10. What other vehicles do you remember from school?

    My grade school had a cub with a belly mower, it had a front blade on it in the winter for snow removal Alan
  11. Me 25 yrs ago

    Great pictures Mule!! Good memories.. Alan
  12. Grain bins are never permanent

    One of my friends sons re purposed one as a bird house for guineas. Before that it was a wood shed, and before that it was actually used as a grain bin. So it goes to show, things can be reused multiple times. Good job Mader!!!!! Alan
  13. Happy birthday TP from central Pa

    Happy Birthday to all celebrating today and Happy New Year 🎈 Alan
  14. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to everyone on here!!!! Alan
  15. Another IH Related Modelling Project!

    Very nice job!!!! Alan
  16. rebuld a r52 combine

    You are doing an amazing job!!!! That looks great. That is definitely a huge undertaking, but the end result will be worth it. Alan
  17. Tractor hours

    My dad bought a Steiger Cougar that was used at the '76 Farm Progress Show. The IH dealer in Sparta talked dad into driving that tractor at a field day after he wanted to trade the 1466 on two 1486s . It had about 100 hours on it when he got it. In 2001 at dads retirement sale it had about 4000 hours on it. He was farming about 1400 acres when he bought it, then in 90's the ground he was renting started getting sold off. The last three years before he retired we were covering 200 acres. Alan
  18. Pullers for Christmas

    Very nice work, those are sweet looking!! Alan
  19. farmallmaniac,& red211 are todays birthday boys

    Happy birthday guys!!
  20. It's forwhldrv's birthday today

    Hope you had a great day!! Happy Birthday!! Alan
  21. Happy Birthday Alan Dinan

    Thank you Aaron! I was hoping to see you at Todd's, it just didn't work out 🙁🙁 Thank you Fred, it was an honor to meet and visit with you at the roundup in Iowa. Alan
  22. Pre Christmas road trip.

    Thanks Aaron, I had a great day, we had our Christmas on the 24th so I stayed home Saturday to help get the house in order for the party. Alan
  23. IH Christmas What did you get?

    The red things that I got!!!! IH coffee mug, thermometer, hitch cover, and lunchbox. My wife got the IH scale. Alan
  24. Pre Christmas road trip.

    Glad to hear that you had a great trip Aaron, and sorry that I missed meeting with you guys. I was looking forward to visiting with you again. The weekend was too busy to get away to head over to Todd's. Alan
  25. That's a good one!! And the horse didn't have a clue.. Alan