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  1. Deer season opens today...

    Nice Todd 😄😄 Alan
  2. Dad passed away

    My Condolences to you and your family. He is in a better place, and no longer suffering now. Alan
  3. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    Nice work pictures Carl. Equipment looks great, and the 815 looks good enough for another 39 seasons!!! Alan
  4. Grinding hay in hog feed

    Never heard of that done before, we did it for the steers in the feed lot, when we started them on the self feeder. Just to slow the flow of feed, so they wouldn't founder. Alan
  5. Happy birthday Farmerboy72

    Happy Birthday guys, hope you had a good day Alan
  6. Hey Santa.....

    3488 would be my choice!!! Alan
  7. Veteran's Day

    Thank you for the sacrifices that you made, so that we can live in the greatest country in the world!! Alan
  8. Happy birthday

    Happy birthday guys, I hope you have a great day Alan
  9. I want to know more about IH??????????????

    Why did you spend so much on construction equipment and just stay out of the construction line altogether Alan
  10. It's Not Too Late!!

    That's about how I feel after both time changes, for a week or so 😄😄 Alan
  11. Happy b/day rjpont,red tractor fever,red farmer

    Happy birthday guys!! Alan
  12. Again and again

    X2 We don't need anymore gun laws. Alan
  13. My haul from National IH auction

    Nice haul BJ!!! Alan
  14. How I spent my birthday

    The best brand of green tractor on the pump. Well second best, Steiger !! Good luck planting the "seed". Alan
  15. Happy Birthday Jesse in Wis

    Happy Birthday, to all celebrating today Alan