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  1. Walking tandem

    That is looking great bitty!! At the rate you're going you'll have it painted and back together by the end of the day 😀 Alan
  2. Happy Birthday

    Hope you guys had a good day today. Alan
  3. Gotta try it

    Never mind Todd, I too have figured it out 😁😁 Alan
  4. Summer Parade picture of Petey 😊

    Looking good Danny Alan
  5. Happy B/day Farmallfan,NY1468,Kevingweg

    Happy birthday guys, I hope you had a great day Alan
  6. Mr. Rick G

    Sorry to hear of your loss, prayers for you and your family Alan
  7. my run at glenwood city

    Good looking run Twood Alan
  8. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    Nice find TP, good luck with the project. Alan
  9. Happy B/day, Brady Boy & Augercreek

    Happy birthday guys,hope you had a great day Alan
  10. Suitcase Weights

    A local guy here took a load of scrap in and came home with a running, driving 4568. Scrap yard guy said the people drove it across the scale and parked it. He has replaced a couple of tires, but other than that he says it runs good Alan
  11. OZfarm is having a Birthay today

    Happy birthday ozfarm and others today, hope all have a great day Alan
  12. Chapter 5 State Show

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing!! Alan
  13. IHC Nordhorn 11-13 August 2017 Germany

    Very interesting thanks for sharing Alan
  14. The 5488 looks like a Krylon paint job! Alan
  15. Happy birthday

    Hope you all have a great day today!! Alan