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  1. DT466 c manuals

    I am in the same boat as you (mines an '86). I think the 466c had a few changes from the 466b, but then again the 466c had some changes through the 466c build years too. At some point in the late 1980's they went to a roller cam I think. There might be some posts on the topic if you try a search.
  2. Awesome looking truck. That drop visor suits the truck well. I dig the Daytons, they are getting rare to see. I might have missed it - are you painting them white or red? It's cool to see an old IH long conventional being restored - to see a 4300 is a rare site. You can tell that interior work is really well thought out. It has been enhanced but still keeps all the original points. Does your truck have air powered wipers? It looks like it from the pics. Our 9370 had them.
  3. Wheatland 6788 2+2

    It's funny how rare older 3pt hitch tractors are up in the Canadian prairies. To find a 86, 88 series tractors with a 3pt is almost impossible.
  4. One other thing - I think the 9270 and 9280 4wd's must have used big cam III's? I am going off memory, but I recall the intercooler resembling the III from the pictures above. If so that's a bit strange, as I think the 9200 series were made to '96ish?
  5. Agreed on the lack of stopping power in the Cat 3406b jakes. We had a '86 9370 with a 400cat and we had a neighbor with a '88 T800 350cummins. The cummins would stop way, way better. There must have been something about the valve setup on the cummins that allowed the jake to be way more effective - I wonder if the cummins jake used the fuel pump lobes on the cam? I have no idea just a theory. The 3406 will pull down way lower that the Cummins though, its handy for pulling though corners, etc. Feels like the cummins needs 200rpm extra to hang with the Cat.
  6. Canadian 7388 and 7788

    There must have been some folks at that sale that had no idea what those tractors were thinking "why are these old IH's going so high, I was only willing to bid to $7500!"
  7. Canadian 7388 and 7788

    Sale is tomorrow!!! Anyone going? Guess on prices?
  8. Steiger CVT trans

    The main difference is the CVT is likely cheaper to manufacture. That's the cynic in me saying that!
  9. Yeah, it's funny how you have a hard time finding old Ford medium duties from that era. Even the old school busses I have found are Mercurys. About the highway comment - it brings up an issue/item. The 2 speed rear is a 4.89/6.50 and the 5 speed direct combo is so not terribly slow, but not terribly fast either. It will be a happy truck at 60mph, but screaming at 70mph. It's spring ride, so I'm not sure how fast I will be blistering down our Sask roads anyway. I think that Spicer rear could be found with a 4.11 carrier, but I think they are pretty rare. Eventually, I may convert to air-ride and a faster single speed rear, but I am trying to build this in bite-size chunks. That would leave me with a 5 speed with strange gear splits too. Another option would be to find a newer 6speed syncro with overdrive or an old 6610 or 6613. I used to drive highway trucks so I like the idea of rowing through straight-cut gears for nostalgia. Final option would be to find an old 4 speed aux box with overdrive. Not sure where I will land. I am starting with a combination that works quite well. I could still drive the IH, so I know it's all in working order.
  10. Another picture with the fenders set on.
  11. I think I will finish it just as a cab and chassis and leaving for a year or two and then go from there. I picture it with a flatbed ultimately. Mostly a cruiser though. I think I will turn up the pump a little. It's a 180hp tag on the engine currently. I have put a S2E turbo on it. I don't want to go wild on the pump though - the truck runs like a top and I don't want to mess that up.
  12. Based on a different discussion on this forum, I was curious if anyone could give me some guesses on what this will end up weighing? I plan on leaving it bare frame for now, and putting steel fuel tanks under each door (the ones with steps built into them). I am guessing 8000lbs, but I wonder if it could be lower. The old Mercury tin is pretty light. For anyone that may wonder about the truck being a Mercury. It seems like most all medium duty trucks from the 1960's are Mercury's vs Fords up here in Canada. Even a large percentage of 1/2tons seemed this way too. Seemed like only a 60's thing in Canada.
  13. 1979 transtar and my 66 1206

    So a drop the clutch start in 6th, wheels spinning, then a shift into 7th? That must be a blast! Is that engine turned up at a bit? Its crazy how an old class 8 truck is only 12,000lbs when you compare it to modern 1-tons. I have a buddy with a new Dodge crew-cab Laramie 6.7 cummins 4x4. He told me it weighed a little over 8000lbs.
  14. 1978 PAYSTR 5000 Signa Problem

    Does it have one on those "signal stat" turn signal assemblies like most older highway trucks have? If so, if you google signal stat 900 series you may find some diagrams. I know I have in the past.
  15. 1979 transtar and my 66 1206

    Did you say 0-62 in 5.2!!!!!? How? What kind of power are running at?