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  1. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    There was a discussion about awhile back in here that the next generation of high horsepower 4wd’s may go electromotive too. Maybe even CNH is tinkering with them already?
  2. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    I get your point about a big hood with nothing in it being dumb, but there are other “aero” models with minimal hood sizes that still look good.
  3. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    It’s funny how they have to make these class 8 trucks look so futuristic and goofy. Kenworth, who make beautiful trucks, make a hybrid that looks downright fugly. I get they are concept vehicles, but the hybrid cars being produced just look like normal cars.
  4. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    I think Kenworth and Toyota teamed up and did a fuel cell truck - it’s been a few years even I think. Battery packs, electric wheel drives with regeneration, etc - it’s all available technology. It’s the cost of producing the electricity and making a vast network of recharging stations economically. These recharging stations are going to have to be massive, wont they? Picture your average big truck stop. Let’s say there are 15 trucks getting re-charged at one time. These packs are supposed to charge in 30mins, isn’t that a huge amount of power required? Forklifts been electric for years, but how many payloaders are? Maybe that’s a dumb comparison, but there is a point I am trying to make somewhere in there!
  5. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    It’s bold Tesla decided to make a truck ground-up. You would think the proof of concept could have been done with a traditional class 8 semi. Sure you would have the rear-ends, but those losses aren’t massive (especially since they could run super low ratios). I guess it wouldn’t have the futuristic vibe this truck has. It would be an easier sell to the Truckers if they retro-fitted a 359 Pete! With all this electric stuff the question is always where all this electricity comes from? Maybe some wind (how much really), some solar (how much really), nuclear is bad, coal is bad... Seems to me it will be natural gas power generation? As someone earlier commented, we can’t even seem to make LNG and/or CNG semis to be economically viable. If we are generating power with natural gas to transmit sometimes great distances (losses), to charge a heavy metallic-rich battery pack, to put in a truck... why doesn’t a natural gas truck already work? Or a hybrid LNG truck? The flow and conversion of energy just seems to be a zero-sum game here? Maybe I am missing something here? Also, reefer unit’s would be huge battery-gobblers.
  6. 1456 with detroit

    I will be very, very careful when I say this, but they seemed to do a lot of 318 Detroit conversions on 5020’s, and I can help but love them. I will come right out and say it - they look sweet. If you google 5020 Detroit there are some cool pics and videos. The conversions look almost factory quality, some shop must have made kits back in the day. Not sure why this was more popular on the JD’s - my guess is there was much more room for improvement!!!
  7. 1456 with detroit

    I am surprised how they got the bellhousings to match up (in light of a pretty crude looking job overall). Its the one part of the job that has to be done right/perfect I would think.
  8. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    I didn’t know they were affiliated. Here in Regina they are both stand-alone stores.
  9. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    “Traction” sells Donaldson filters here in the prairies. They are a truck parts chain.
  10. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    I have noticed that the prices at CIH are high up here for filters. The topic of filters have come up on this board a few times. It’s a typical debate items - some say CIH filters only, some say not. I would try a local truck and trailer parts store. I use Donaldson products, they are about 1/2 the cost of CIH filters. I think if you stick with a decent jobber filter you will be fine.
  11. DT466 c manuals

    I am in the same boat as you (mines an '86). I think the 466c had a few changes from the 466b, but then again the 466c had some changes through the 466c build years too. At some point in the late 1980's they went to a roller cam I think. There might be some posts on the topic if you try a search.
  12. Awesome looking truck. That drop visor suits the truck well. I dig the Daytons, they are getting rare to see. I might have missed it - are you painting them white or red? It's cool to see an old IH long conventional being restored - to see a 4300 is a rare site. You can tell that interior work is really well thought out. It has been enhanced but still keeps all the original points. Does your truck have air powered wipers? It looks like it from the pics. Our 9370 had them.
  13. Wheatland 6788 2+2

    It's funny how rare older 3pt hitch tractors are up in the Canadian prairies. To find a 86, 88 series tractors with a 3pt is almost impossible.
  14. One other thing - I think the 9270 and 9280 4wd's must have used big cam III's? I am going off memory, but I recall the intercooler resembling the III from the pictures above. If so that's a bit strange, as I think the 9200 series were made to '96ish?
  15. Agreed on the lack of stopping power in the Cat 3406b jakes. We had a '86 9370 with a 400cat and we had a neighbor with a '88 T800 350cummins. The cummins would stop way, way better. There must have been something about the valve setup on the cummins that allowed the jake to be way more effective - I wonder if the cummins jake used the fuel pump lobes on the cam? I have no idea just a theory. The 3406 will pull down way lower that the Cummins though, its handy for pulling though corners, etc. Feels like the cummins needs 200rpm extra to hang with the Cat.