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  1. snow shovel

    Doc, I was quite certain you knew what chains and weights would do for a cadet. I guess I was somewhat surprised to hear your low opinion of their capabilities. You are correct that the front can be pushed sideways by the blade, but in my experience it is only a problem with heavy, wet snow in a deep windrow. I have wondered if tri-ribs would be much help? It sounds like you have much more experience with snow removal than I. We don’t get anything near 100” here.
  2. I dare you

    Bitty, I'm disappointed in you, dairyman and all. Ha. Ha. I have no doubt I could easily do the milk challenge, first off I really like milk and drink quite a lot daily. Second I have lots of colonoscopy experience. A gallon of milk has to be easier than a gallon of the prep solution.
  3. IH 68 front mount cultivator

    2 - 20" rows I can't imagine... At least we were on wide rows.
  4. Cordless Impact driver Milwaukee or Snap On??

    What no regulator set at 90 psi??? Gasp, the horrors...
  5. snow shovel

    You apparently have not heard of weights and chains. There are plenty of videos and photos of cadets pushing fairly deep snow. They are pretty helpless without the aid of chains.
  6. IH 68 front mount cultivator

    If you think 4 rows at a time was slow, try two at a time. A 20 acre field 2 rows at a time seemed huge to a 9 year old, especially when you consider that dad didn't take time to put the shields on, he just said run it slower. I think it was his way of teaching me patients. I suppose it was better than a 1 row behind the horses.
  7. snow shovel

    Sounds like great idea. Maybe with some removable sides to keep the blowing snow out, yet allow for a nice breeze in the summer.
  8. Square diamond plate steel?

    Can anyone post some contact info for a supplier. I have been looking online and all I have been able to find is pictures of IH bumpers.

    Contact Alderson Tractor, Rustic Red Acres, and others who specialize in the older IH. There is a Pre-39 IH Facebook page, very helpful, knowledgeable folks on there.
  10. Farmall O-2

    Some pics
  11. Farmall O-2

    I saw this tractor at the Macinaw bridge crossing, as I recall the torque tube was cut, shorted, and welded. The front axle is the A's cut down as well. All very nicely done.
  12. My headlamp....

    I have a Streamlite Microstream. It uses one AAA battery and is fairly bright. I think the battery is supposed to last 2-3 hours. It seems to last much longer than that using it intermittently like I normally do. It clips onto the bill of my hat and is no larger than my knife. I don't feel like I am completely dressed and ready for the day unless I have my knife, Microstream, wallet, and phone with me. I never leave home without it in my pocket.
  13. tankless hot water heater propane fired

    I think the tankless heaters may be the way to go for infloor heat. Constant flow, water quality, high efficiency, small space needed. If you are going to spend big bucks on a high tech, high efficiency unit, then use it where you can get the most bang for your dollars - building heating will require more btu's than water heating in most cases - the best place to spend $ on efficiency IMHO.
  14. tankless hot water heater propane fired

    I would have to agree with Kevin on these tankless heaters. There are several reasons why I may not recommend that you get one - water quality, you must have soft water with no sediment. Gas pipe - these things require up to 200K bth at max heating, that is approximately two times what the average gas furnace needs and five times what a normal tank type water heater uses, so existing gas piping in your home will most likely need an upgrade. Cost to install will be more than a tank type, especially if you have to rework your existing gas lines and install a new venting system. They also require 120 volt power and a drain for the condensate. Water temp fluctuations - if you have a larger family you may experience some variations in the water temp. They have to vary the flame size to provide the desired temperature, every time the flow changes, sinks, laundry, dishwasher, etc the fire rate must be adjusted again to get the temp correct. These adjustments may take a few seconds to accomplish and the person in the shower may feel it. I believe that some of the heaters have a small mixing tank inside them to mitigate the effects. They may have their place though weekend cabins and homes with only one or two residents seem to be a good place for them. They are very efficient but I don't know if they would ever pay for themselves. I like to keep things simple and that is a tank type with a gravity vent - the way God intended. My two cents after 27 years in the biz. YMMV.
  15. Cannot imagine anything worse

    MTO, it bothers you because you are a decent, caring human being. It bothers you because it was close to your home. It bothers you because it didn't have to happen and could probably have been prevented. The cause is yet to be determined, but my money is on electrical caused by the heaters. I can't tell you the many times I have been to customers houses to repair loose wiring that resulted in fire damage or almost did. If you must use these heaters, do so carefully. Watch for warning signs, there are almost always signs, warm/hot smelling plastic or rubber, warm plugs, flickering lights, etc.
  16. Got my Red Power Today

    Jerry at the opposite corner of the state we have -1 here this morning. I have not been out yet but will be soon. I agree with you, I hate winter! Tony hope you enjoy some nice weather.
  17. IH Christmas What did you get?

    I have a building package to erect. I was hoping to have it under roof by now but the wet fall delayed my foundation work. Wife said that was it. I'm OK with that. Looks like you guys did OK. I do like that table.
  18. Show us your Christmas decorations.

    That's pretty cool. The youngster seems to be enjoying it! Good job!
  19. service truck layout ideas

    I would think a small workbench, crossways behind the cab for example, with a vice, good lighting, and a stool would be very handy.
  20. Life in Alaska

    Interesting map, thanks for posting. It reminded me just how big your home state is, to go from almost 8 hours to 0 up North. Enjoy Flori-duh.
  21. How....

    Let's put a 100+ HP chip, trans upgrades, etc and see if the stock driveshaft can hold up?
  22. Propane torpedo heater

    Propane is cleaner, but probably more expensive. LP is 90,000 BTU per gallon. Diesel/Kero is around 140,000. If you are using the 90lb bottles or larger it may not be too bad. The small 20lb grill tanks hold less than 3 gallons so very pricy. I agree with others that yours may need to be serviced. The brand matters too, IMHO nothing burns cleaner than the old Knipcos. I have 3 of them and have been around others, they are all good. Other brands not so much. The last 2 Knipcos I bought cheap for parts, plug them in and they ran great, so now I have 3.
  23. I cant wait for christmas

    Be careful there Jerry, you got married since then. Smoker 2 may not approve of that sentiment.
  24. IHC top ten produced tractors?

    I think if you include the supers, the M and SM surpassed the H and SH??
  25. Songs about farming

    Not exactly strictly about farming, but I do like Jason Aldeen's current single They Don't Know. I also like Flyover States by him.