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  1. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Rather than a trailer pulled, guided,steered by a self drive "pod", why not a self driving trailer? No tractor, just a couple of steer axles where the king pin belongs?
  2. Looking again, I'm confused about your reading to the housing on the 4 wires. You said 0, do you mean 0 ohms if so that is bad. Or do you mean no continuity, infinite ohms. That is what you want to see.
  3. The endbell should come off easily now. Just pull/pry on alternating sides to get it off of the bearing. Then post a pic of the inside to let us see the windings. Also a close up of the switch that is mounted on the endbell, in particular the contacts.
  4. Did you get the motor apart? Are the windings burnt? I was hoping it was just a switch. If the motor is burnt they have a distinctive, awful smell.
  5. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    I suppose it is possible that the tractor only has the regenerative braking, but it will still need air for the trailer, unless they plan on electricifying those too.??
  6. It's not just IR, but nearly all of the compressor companies overload the motor. It is a cheap way to get extra capacity. If you put an amp meter on the motor and watch it through a pump cycle it will be overloaded usually near the end of the run time. They count on the compressor being off at times for some cool down. The problem is if you are using a lot of air the compressor may be stuck running for long periods while overloaded. The smaller pulley will help get rid of the overload condition. You can also just make sure it cycles on and off by not pushing it so hard.
  7. The salt like leakage is an indication of a problem, however the reason you are getting 14 may be because there is an bleed-off resistor between the two terminals. You can unsolder it and check again but I would plan on replacing it. The run cap is low, but not enough to create smoke. I think it's time to look at the motor.
  8. As Mule said the caps look OK, but it is hard to tell from your pics. What we really need to see is the ends. On the metal run or sometimes called the oil cap,the ends will bow out instead of being flat. On the plastic start or sometimes called electrolytic cap, an oil,grease,tar like substance may leak,ooze, or squirt out of a hole near the terminals. Catastrophic failures of the start cap usually involve the terminal endcap being blown out of the plastic housing. As others have said test the caps with an ohm meter. All you are really trying to determine is if it is shorted - no resistance or open - infinite resistance. Either way it is a bad cap. As others have said, ideally the resistance would start high go to zero and back to infinity. Reversing the test leads should cause this to happen again. The speed in which the reading will change depends on the meter and the size of the cap. One some digital meters it happens fast enough that the display can't keep up. I prefer the old analog meter for this test because you can see the needle swing from one side to the other and back. Of course a capacitor tester or a cap test function on a multi meter is the best way to check them. If the caps are OK then remove the through bolts and the endbell opposite of the shaft. Once it is off you can check the switch and govener and a look at the windings. Before you pull it apart check for shorts to the motor housing on the wires. You should be reading infinity to the housing.
  9. As long as it was a capacitor smoking and not the windings, it will hopefully be repairable. How long did it smoke before it tripped? My educated guess is that the switch is pitted and not allowing the start cap to do its job. If the caps have smoked, the damage may be very obvious. I will be glad to try to help you. Can you remove the box on the top or side that holds the caps? Do they look OK? Can you look inside the end of the motor through the ventilation holes? Do the windings appear to be OK, or are they burnt?
  10. Theft of new Farmall Parts out of my Truck

    Probably a meth head with no job to support their habits. After all the driver has a job.

    IIRC a driverless truck delivered a load of Budweiser about a year ago. Pretty sure that it had a driver on board and a police escort, but neither was needed. I believe that the days of seeing adds for OTR drivers wanted are numbered. The number one challenge a trucking company faces is the human behind the wheel of their truck. It is coming, like it or not, fast.
  12. Pressure ,well water tank ,making noise ?

    You are correct about it short-cycling when completely waterlogged. I'm thinking that the bladder may have just recently broke and he still has some air in the tank. Only other thing could have if he is getting air introduced to the piping elsewhere as others have said.
  13. Pressure ,well water tank ,making noise ?

    Lorenzo is correct. How heavy is the tank? This should be checked when the pump is off and the pressure is out of the system, 0 psi on guage or no water flowing out of a faucet - many times the guage is not functional. This is the best time to check the air charge in the tank. It should be 2-5 psi less than the switch cut in "on" pressure. You should never get water out of the Schrader valve "tire stem". Sounds like your tank may be failing.
  14. Plow identification

    I can't help you with the plow's identity. I am wondering where it is located? It appears to be very dry. The moldboards look unprotected yet not rusty. Around here, a dew in the morning and then rusty by noon.
  15. todays dairy economics?

    There are two large dairy "farms" getting much bigger here, SE Indiana. One is adding 1400 head, the other 4000head. Almost no other dairy guys left. Seems to be the same old story - get big or get the F*** out. Sad reality. Hogs headed that way too. One large guy is wanting to add 40-50 4000 head finishers. It takes a lot of land just for manure. About 20 years ago same guy did a bunch of 800 head buildings. Smaller farms could handle the manure and a few guys signed up. Don't know what will happen this time.
  16. Remembering the farm crisis

    I agree with you guys, best part of high school, respect for the jacket, dimensions,etc. I still have both of mine, chapter and district officer. I have a story about John M. This is second or third hand info, so take it for what it's worth. A few guys 3-4 were out riding Harley's near Bloomington. One of them thought he knew where John lived. They decided to go see if he was home. Rode up the non-discript drive to the mansion on the hill and knocked on the door. John himself answered and invited them in, apparently he acted pretty cool about the invasion, talked Harleys, music, etc. Told them to stop again. Like I said it didn't happen me so I have no clue if any of it is true.
  17. farmall axle planter sprocket

    I have been watching this thread. I have a few thoughts, as DD points out an idler would make the chain easy to remove. I was thinking that those split gears might be pretty tough to find. I believe that you could make a gear by bolting a plate with a hole for the axle to the wheel weight holes. Next weld a piece of 3-4" pipe as a spacer over the axle. Last weld a gear for roller chain to the pipe. You can buy sprockets and weld the appropriate hub for whatever shaft size you need. Take one of these and enlarge the hole to fit the pipe. This would allow you to run roller chain instead of flat. It may handle the speed better.
  18. Hi Ranger bucket lift - again

    I have been in a bucket that has the switches like yours, only difference was that the switch controlled an electric booster pump. The engine driven pump ran all the time and was somewhat slow. The electric pump would boost flow to give you more speed. It does make a squealing noise. I would check the oil level as well.
  19. Life in Alaska

    That's good news! Will be thinking of you folks. Hope for a speedy recovery. Safe travels.
  20. Small tire foaming

    I have several small tires around here. 3.50/4.00x4-8 up to wheelbarrow size. The problem is that it seems that they are always flat. I am considering filling them with foam. I think this could be done professionally, like skid steer tires, but I don't know anybody who can around here. Even if someone did, it would probably not be cost effective. I can buy new flat free tires for $10 each. I am thinking about cutting off the valve stem and trying to fill the tire with a can of spray foam. Anyone ever try something like this? Have another idea for a permanent fix? I have taken the tubes out and can never find any leaks. Fill it up and next time it is flat again. Thanks in advance.
  21. Small tire foaming

    So after reading all of your comments, I went ahead with this experiment. I am sad to report that it was a complete failure. I removed the tube and made a small hole on the sidewall opposite the stem hole. I applied foam on both sides of the rim and into the hole in the wheel. Everything seemed to be fine. Foam pushed out of both holes, the tire felt somewhat hard and even seemed to be seated on the rim. When I checked it tonight however, the tire was not as tight on the rim and the tire was not inflated at all. The squeeze out cured fine but the foam inside did not cure at all. Based on how it looked last night, l was hopeful for a good result. Tonight was disappointing. I'm $5 poorer and still have flat tires. I am assuming that the foam needs contact with air or the moisture in the air to cure. I may try to fill up the tire now that the rim is removed and then reinstall the rim. Nothing to loose at this point.
  22. DMC stirators

    The only other option is to drag a ladder up the outside and in the access door on the roof.I have done it that way before. Not fun.
  23. Farmall "B" Push Pull Run Stop Switch

    Although it was wired to the battery, it was to the positive/grounded side so no battery voltage, just the necessary ground connection. It should have worked fine although backwards this way. Using the proper switch removes any confusion.
  24. Bought some old slides on Ebay

    Nice photos. Thanks for sharing. I don't think that the last pic is of the same farm? Buildings look different, and we don't have any mountains in Indiana that I am aware of. One of the last pics of the show has a producers hybrids sign. I am wondering if the red image on the bags is an outline of Illinois?