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  1. Walking tandem

    Looks great. I admire your determination. A question Are you planning to have some type of stop to prevent the tires from contacting the box/frame?
  2. Fall Event Red Power

    As far as I know, RPM doesn't have any events. Dennis and Sally are great supporters of the IHCC. Also thanks to them we have this AWESOME site to hang out on and trade lies, info, and good times. A chapter of the IHCC will host the Winter Convention, Red Power Round Up, and National Auction. Your host for this year's auction is Ohio CH 6 in Wauseon. Not sure of the dates. Missouri has the convention and Alabama has RPRU.
  3. Drawbar reinforcement ??

    I forgot to say Cat 1 on a 504. 1480x3 sounds like you have a good handle on my concerns and a good fix for pto use.
  4. Drawbar reinforcement ??

    I have been thinking about building a device to help with heavy trailers. This would hook onto the lower three point arms and go down to support the drawbar. It would be a T-shaped device with hooks at the top ends and a ring at the bottom for the drawbar. It would slide over the drawbar and then hook onto the three point arms to be removed easily. Anyone ever do something like this? I would be using this with people movers, but was thinking it may be helpful with grain carts? I realize on a grain cart the PTO shaft would be an issue. Thanks for any input you guys might have.
  5. OH MY !!! (auction)

    It does indeed. Sharp eyes there, I missed the lift.
  6. Life in Alaska

    Awesome pics of your beautiful state! I would like to visit sometime... in late summer! Thanks for taking us along.

    I think the club representative is supposed to check out the tractors in his club's group. Yes everyone has to have a chain or strap. And yes one fire extinguisher per ten tractors. I don't think anyone was looking real close. I saw tires that I would never have tried a trip like that with on more than one tractor. I think there were 6-10 that needed a chain.

    Yes it is around 5 miles, shore to shore. I think the main span is about 8800 feet. 199 feet above the water to the roadway. The drive was around 10 mi total.

    If I go back I would do it for bridge fares and breakfast.

    Some pics

    You could probably drive to one of the end point trailer parking areas and con someone into giving you a lift southbound across the bridge to the starting point.

    A good friend of mine, an older gentleman, had the crossing on his bucket list. He asked me if I would go with him mainly because it was a 9 hour drive. So yesterday he and I along with 1542 other tractors crossed the Mighty Mac! Lots of fun. Lots of waiting. Awesome views. Great experience. He was grinning the whole time! If you go, make sure that the tractor is in good condition especially the throw out bearing. You will need it! He is ready to go again!
  13. '44 Farmall H

    The three P,'s. Penetrant, Patients, and Persistence. Heat may help also. Good luck
  14. Maybe dumb question, why no 1006 ?

    Something else on this subject: Were these models numbered by approx HP and number of cylinders? IE 706 = 70HP 6 cyl, 504 = 50HP 4cyl, 404 = 40HP 4cyl etc. ???
  15. Maybe dumb question, why no 1006 ?

    If I am not mistaken they were thinking about bigger tractors before the letter series. An F-40 was either on the drawing board or maybe even a prototype built. The engineering and production would not have been a problem, but was there a large enough market for it? Hindsight is always at least 20/20, and it is easy to see now that the trend was towards larger and larger equipment, but remember that when these tractors were new there were still a lot of farms using horses and mules. One only has to look at how long horse drawn equipment was offered for sale to realize that there was a market for small tractors and horse equipment I believe into the 50's ... ?? So I don't know how large the market for larger tractors would have been, apparently IH didn't think it was there or I am certain that they would have built something to meet the needs. Sorry Doc. Not trying to be disagreeable! My two cents worth.