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  1. Dad passed away

    Jere, So sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. Understand the feeling that his long struggle is over. May he rest in peace. You, your Mom, and all the family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Bill and Barb

    Good point !
  3. New joke

    Took me even longer ! GOOD ONE !

    All this hi-tech talk and I am not even hi-tech enough to post this article on here so you can read it. Sorry, hard to teach an old dog new tricks !

    Today's Springfield News-Sun : Has headline "Tech may be threat to truckers' jobs" In other words driverless trucks need no drivers. Good thing about article , is the picture of a Lonestar leaving Springfield plant delivering trucks. If down the road this happens and no one on board, just driving itself, what keeps a computer hacker from gaining access to it and redirecting it and its load to another destination. I can see it now. A hacker and his friends are bored and decide to have a party. One of them says "I will bring the Beer". He then directs a semi of his favorite brew to the party site ! Or if short on funds, redirect a BRINKS Truck to his house. Of course even if driverless I am fairly sure they would still have an armed guard on board a BRINKS Truck ! The changes we have seen and even more to come !
  6. hey Wilson! happy birthday!

    Wilson, Happy Birthday, Sir ! Bill
  7. Long time forum member passes away.

    So sorry to hear this. Chub and his family will be in our thoughts and prayers.
  8. Early Cub with hand lift

    Thanks gentlemen for the info ! I will pass this info along to my friend.
  9. Early Cub with hand lift

    Have friend that is restoring his Father-in-law's early Cub. It has a hand lift lever instead of hydraulic lift. He asked if that lever should be red or blue ? I have researched on line and have found pictures of both. Some with a red lever and linkage and some with blue. How do you think they came when new ? Thanks in advance for information.
  10. Sad Report

    Al, Yes, that was Dale. Whatever it took to get the job done, he did. He took on towing and hauling jobs that were quite difficult at times. Good to hear from you, Al. Sorry it had to be because of bad news. Bill
  11. Sad Report

    Lost my Good Friend Dale Wilgus, "The Plow Man" this past week. He bought and sold used plows and Farm equipment all over the U.S. Some Forum members were his customers. He was 70 years old . He will be greatly missed ! Viewing 4 pm to 7pm on Tuesday, August 22. 2017 with Funeral Service following at 7pm. Fletcher United Methodist Church 205 S. Walnut St. Fletcher, OH 45326 Condolences may be sent to
  12. Lost my dad

    PRAYERS FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. So sorry for your loss !
  13. Nice work PSP!

    How many times have we seen this. The coward shot the wrong guy first !
  14. urgent prayers needed

    Prayer's on way from Ohio.
  15. Spelling

    This is sew fun ! I am going to dew more of this now that I am retarded frum wurk.