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  1. Today's Quiz What is it??

    Cartridge in a bare tree?
  2. drain tile?

    3" laterals minimum of 40' spacing (closer is bettter) will change it into a new piece of ground.
  3. Trackhoe bucket repair

    Nice work and nice license plate!😉
  4. Stockings—-

    👍🏼👍🏼 I like!
  5. Ripper tips

    Winged tips will do a good job for you. I run them on heavy clay river bottom ground. Wings help shatter between the shanks.
  6. welp it was nice wile it lasted

    Snow is such a large part of so many of your lives! We have very little here and I can't imagine having months and months of it! I just finished bean harvest last week! I'd be in trouble for sure if I was farther north.
  7. Fall red iron pics!

    Nice pics and even nicer tractors!
  8. A Cyber-Monday Heads Up

    Thanks Art!
  9. Shop interior walls

    I have metal that is reverse rolled on the walls. Ridges are what is touching strips and screws are "in" the ridge so wall surface is smooth.
  10. Who needs this!

    Seems like they are all ser #1 tractors!
  11. Who needs this!

    What's the story behind this one?
  12. Bought some old slides on Ebay

    Awesome find!! So very neat to see pictures like that from the past. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Forum rules

    Sharp old bulldog!
  14. I'd like to see and hear that going down the track! I never knew of any V-8 diesels with multiple turbo setups. Neat.
  15. Thanks for the info Hydro. Do you know if it had a V-8?
  16. I'm not a Massey fan but I also don't know if I have ever seen one set up like in the photo. Interesting for sure. Anyone know more about it?
  17. life in our corner

    I'm assuming that's the same IH tractor in the three spreading pics but I noticed Hydro on the hood and It looks to be in Hi 2nd also??? Just curious.
  18. Any one dry their beans a little?

    Yes we will run up to 18% beans (after rain event) through continuous flow dryer. Allows us to run a day earlier most times after a rain. Doesn’t take much heat to bring them back to 13% and harvest loss is minimal.
  19. Fix and sell or just sell?

    Keep it as is. I dare say you’d miss it if it was sold, so keep it just to have a memory of the past. Keep it as is and enjoy it.
  20. 2017 corn and soybean yields

    So guys, has most everyone started harvest? If so how are yields? Any surprises? In my neck of the woods most everyone has been running for the last six weeks or so. Yields are actually better than expected for both corn and beans. Hope everyone stays safe this harvest.
  21. IH 1456

    Well I'm impressed once again! You do have a knack of setting up tractors the way I like them ! Good job!
  22. IH 1456

    Looks great! Are you going to keep it?
  23. So.....back to Dan's original question. What size drives of ratchets are normally found in foreign countries using the metric system? I am really curious to hear the answer!
  24. Recent pics around the farm

    Looking great as always. I really like your lineup.