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  1. IH 1456

    Well I'm impressed once again! You do have a knack of setting up tractors the way I like them ! Good job!
  2. IH 1456

    Looks great! Are you going to keep it?
  3. So.....back to Dan's original question. What size drives of ratchets are normally found in foreign countries using the metric system? I am really curious to hear the answer!
  4. Recent pics around the farm

    Looking great as always. I really like your lineup.
  5. Old time photo of a 1206 super stocker

    He was from Morganfield Ky. He pulled in the first National Farm Machinery Show Tractor Pull. I'm pretty sure he pulled through the 1970's.
  6. Old time photo of a 1206 super stocker

    That is Bud Baird on The Cannonball
  7. Rantoul Half Century Meet and Greet

    I would love to be there. Only 4 hours away but harvest has started. You guys that get to go have some fun for us that don't!
  8. 7140

    I like!!
  9. Right or wrong it's nice!
  10. Both tractors looking sharp! How did the 14 do in the pull?
  11. How dry is it in your area?

    Sorry Dan, that's not good at all! I hope your crop does well somehow. Bad crops and these prices take all the fun out of farming.
  12. Vintage picture of new 1466's

    They are really nice! Love the way they are set up.
  13. Pictures from the pulls

    You are livin the good life, bill! Have fun and post lots of pics!
  14. Local show/drive today

    Nice! Sorry it was so hot! I wish we had something like that here in our community.
  15. 86 series with no A/C ?

    I couldn't imagine buying a tractor with a cab that didn't have a/c. Talk about miserable! Maybe I'm too far south but when the a/c stops you just about have to quit till it is fixed. Maybe I'm just too soft?