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  1. Awesome!
  2. I had an 8070. It went to hunleys with a hole in the block. I liked it till that happened
  3. don't see any of these down here link won't post but it's a ih 4166 . Are they any good?
  4. heres a close up. I haven't put the digital tach in as I'm going to send it off for repair hopefully. This is a working tractor so its not a restoration. I pull a 12 ft box blade around the chicken houses with it
  5. ill try to get some more. the install was not a bad job. I carried the tube to a local machine shop to have the groove cut like the directions said and it all went back together perfect
  6. No but thanks!
  7. got it done! thanks ihc5488
  8. I want one!! I think it would work great on a litter spreader in soft ground
  9. I'm close to a kaolin mine. It's used in oil dry
  10. How's the cab? Wanna sell it?
  11. Nice pic! It would be cool if you could do a remake. Be a neat then and now
  12. Dang I want one too haha
  13. I will thanks. Will the fact that it's fine for an hour indicate it's a hyd issue? The shaft coming out the bottom of the dump valve looked wet
  14. having an issue shifting the range shifter. it shifts fine for an hr or two and then you cant without shutting it down. Any ideas as to where to start?