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  1. that is a beautiful tractor
  2. Nice I had a 715.
  3. Awesome!
  4. I had an 8070. It went to hunleys with a hole in the block. I liked it till that happened
  5. don't see any of these down here link won't post but it's a ih 4166 . Are they any good?
  6. heres a close up. I haven't put the digital tach in as I'm going to send it off for repair hopefully. This is a working tractor so its not a restoration. I pull a 12 ft box blade around the chicken houses with it
  7. ill try to get some more. the install was not a bad job. I carried the tube to a local machine shop to have the groove cut like the directions said and it all went back together perfect
  8. No but thanks!
  9. got it done! thanks ihc5488
  10. I want one!! I think it would work great on a litter spreader in soft ground
  11. I'm close to a kaolin mine. It's used in oil dry
  12. How's the cab? Wanna sell it?
  13. Nice pic! It would be cool if you could do a remake. Be a neat then and now