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  1. L170 nh skid steer

    I have a service manual on pdf for an LS170, but have no idea how to get it to you. Glad to help out if I could.
  2. Anyone need an International silage wagon

    The one in the cl add is a 110. Made by Kasten. The 335 gear should be a 12 ton 8 bolt wheel, we had two just like it back in the day.
  3. Vintage Ads

    Stumbled across this in a 1928 Progressive Farmer.
  4. DeWALT 18v Drill Chuck Stripped

    That's how I got the bit out of mine, vice and channel locks. The chuck is no good anyway. You can find replacements on the internet. IIRC I got a Jacobs and they are pretty much universal. I also used the opportunity to upgrade from a 3/8 to 1/2 inch chuck.
  5. DeWALT 18v Drill Chuck Stripped

    I've had that happen too. You can get a replacement chuck for under 20 bucks. Pretty easy to change, just a left hand thread screw holding the chuck in.
  6. Battery rebuilders

    Dewalt sells an adapter that will run an 18 volt tool on 20v lithium ion batteries.
  7. Fencing trip to kansas

    yup, nice of a guy as you'll ever meet.
  8. Fencing trip to kansas

    I took interest in this thread because my BIL is also in KS building fence. I'll be darned if he didn't show up in your pictures. Keep up the good work and God bless you all!
  9. Best and Worst Rock Band Singers?

    There is a song that stars off "Do you have the time to listen to me whine?". I don't know what comes after that because I've already hit another preset button!
  10. Flat landers I think have it made

    I expect one of the biggest challenges for those guys farming flat, black 160 acre tracts that have good drainage would be affording the rent. 2016 Iowa state rental rate survey shows the top 1/3 quality land rented for an average of $270 per acre. overall state average of $230. Here in Augusta county, VA the average rent is about $70/acre.
  11. Advice on farm lease

    $51/ton delivered, about a 120 mile haul coming from Richmond, VA. I think it would have been about $40/ton if I would have taken a full trailer load.
  12. Advice on farm lease

    Well, I met with the farm owners, presented what I thought was a fair proposal, and after some discussion they accepted my conditions. I would like to express my appreciation for this forum and the people here. Been lurking for years and have really enjoyed the discussions amongst people with whom I can relate. The only other forum I follow with regularity is sports related, and although we are all fans of the same team, I don't feel the kinship with them that I do with the folks here. I think I can count on one finger the number of people here that I perceive I wouldn't like. But I even enjoyed watching him make an a$$ of himself.
  13. Advice on farm lease

    This is part of the problem where I feel some guilt. Last summer, we had come to an agreement on price and had verbally committed to buy. However, we were forced to back out at the last minute before signing a contract because of family issues on our side. Now I feel like if I don't cooperate, I will have screwed up the sale of the farm twice. Thanks for all the responses so far, I really appreciate it.
  14. Advice on farm lease

    If I chose to take a hard line, they have said they will honor the lease
  15. Advice on farm lease

    I rent a neighboring 160 acre farm that has been for sale for a couple years. Signed a contract and paid 1st half rent in January. Now the owners (four siblings, one of whom I consider to be a friend) have come to me and said they have a pending contract to sell the farm, but it is contingent upon me voiding the rental agreement so the buyer can farm it this year. I want to be cooperative and not stand in the way of the sale, but the farm does consist of more than half of my crop land. The owners have agreed to reimburse me for inputs that I have already applied such as poultry litter, liquid dairy manure, gypsum, alfalfa seeding, etc. What would be a fair buyout of our rental contract? Am I being greedy to ask for more than inputs and the rent already paid? There was nothing in the contract that addressed a buyout. Any advice would be much appreciated.