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  1. 2188 unloading swing switch accident

    Swapped from a 7720 to a 9500 this year. If I ever find the guy who decided the unloading auger engage switch on the 9500 should be the same style knob as the header engage on the 7720.....
  2. 1456 with detroit

    30 years ago, that was not a was a farmer doing the more power route. I know a guy who put Detroits in 4630s, etc as a business back in the day, before Kinze got into it. He still has a Detroit powered JD sitting in the shed. (Still has the very first tractor that ever pulled a sled at the NFMS in Louisville, too!) The original builder probably hooked it to a 30' disk and smiled all the way to the back of the field. Not so sure about back to the then his ears were starting to bleed.... Sure its a bit cobbled up...but come on--that is a perfect example of farmer creativity!
  3. 18.4-38's vs 20.8-38's

    I would think this would mostly have to do with your soil type. Here in IL heavy way a 20.8 is any better. If you have sandy or powdery stuff like those guys on here with the big tires and 20+ rear weights on a 1256 apparently have -- then maybe the 20.8s would help.
  4. 806

    Yup. Sounds exactly like the plastic ring in the pump fell apart. Exactly like my 806 when it happened. Changed the filters, ran great for 10 minutes, then stalled. Next time it might run for 2 minute... Let it sit, starts and runs great for xx minutes.... and so on.
  5. 806

    Advance ring disintegrated. Get the pump rebuilt. Drives you nuts, because it acts like a fuel filter problem. It will idle fine, rev it up and after a little bit it will stumble, then die.
  6. In the past, lots of guys used the next size down as duals, some felt it put less stress on the axles. I can't tell you the exact size difference, but I can't see why a pair of 16.9's as a dual to a 18.4 would be a problem. Maybe not ideal, but better than no dual! What you don't want is a taller tire on the dual. The bigger question is radial vs bias. Are your existing tires 18.4 34 bias or radial? You gotta be careful about which size radial & bias you put together, since the radial "squat" makes the tires actually sit on the ground differently. At least that is what I think I remember...I haven't used duals on anything is so long....the duals on the 4x4 are left on! Would a 16.9 Bias sit close to a 18.4 radial...???
  7. Building a Sentry Module

    I have been staying well out of this topic. Reason...Liability. 20 years ago, I would have been all over a project like, all I can say is I hope you price this high enough so the first time a tranny smokes in the field with this unit on it and they blame the unit (its ALWAYS the aftermarket part's fault) you can afford to cover the cost of the repair. Unfortunately, in todays sue happy environment, nobody but the big guys can afford the insurance. I've seen many great ideas and products killed because what you could sell them for would not cover the cost of the insurance you had to carry. Sorry for being a wet blanket, and I agree this is a nice idea that should be pretty easy to do. aware.
  8. Silage packing tractor?

    MY 4386 was 24K with no weight. A 4586 would be significantly heavier. Fill the tires with fluid and you would have a pretty heavy machine. Making a rack to bolt on weights would be very easy on those machines...lots of space and holes in the rear end. The V8---run it a 2/3 throttle and let it eat. The downside would definitely be the shifting....clutch, full stop, shift (awkward on floor between legs), back up. Repeat. Give you some good leg muscles though!
  9. 3788 plowing

    I've seriously considered putting guage wheels under the front hitch on a plow before. Or just get an on-land hitch plow....
  10. Repair / Restoration strategy recommendations?

    x2 FIx it. Run it. Hard. Fix all the new leaks. Run again. Fix last leak. Run again. (Option A: Decide to just run/sell it as you no longer have the money to continue.) Option B: Then clean and paint.
  11. 4366 trans lube

    The only thing my 4386 had was a low oil level sensor in the front diff. IIRC, the oil pressure is part of the main hydraulics circuit, and you would notice loss of pressure there real fast. Sorry, sold the 43 and sent the service manual along with it, so I'm kinda out of the game!
  12. More tire or more weight?

    That is only true for "road" tires on a hard surface (pavement, gravel, etc) where traction is the vertical weight / contact patch size. Lug tires in soft dirt; more tire =more lug to ground contact=more traction. Way back when, there was a tractor manufacturer (Sampson) that used open frame steel wheels--think a rear tractor tire without the tire, just the treads--in very soft dirt conditions. The whole point was the wheel sank into the ground, not rode on top of it, and then the blade shaped "lugs" had great "bite". Kinda like a paddle wheel on an old river boat! Apparently, it worked well. It also supposedly reduced compaction. Very interesting idea...wonder how it would work on modern high HP stuff. Skinny tires are not gonna pull like a wider tire with more lugs. Weight of course is a factor, you have to have enough weight to get full contact to the ground on whatever tire you run.
  13. Amen. After fighting brakes and exhaust manifolds and carbs and 2-3 mpg on Ford 2 tons for decades, I was junking them too. Air brakes on a semi, so much easier and uses WAY less fuel. I admit, the 2 tons are way cuter...and I've even thought about restoring one. But to use, I'll keep the semi thanks.
  14. Hydrostatic tractors on a grain cart.

    Couldn't keep farming without my bidirectional...and I don't even have livestock. In fact, I have a hard time taking the loader off to do field work, as I know the minute I have it off I'll need it... The 9030 pulls the J&M just fine (its actually the 435 with extensions), I wouldn't want to get any bigger though. It also works great to pull a stuck semi out. The hydro lets you put a smooth pull on the strap/chain you just can't get with a clutch/gear drive.
  15. 4186 When you have time, no panic

    I think those old 4186's are gonna be collectors tractors some day. They are unique, in a way the bigger articulateds are not. Sounds like a really fun project...go for it!