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  1. scrapped 1086

    Ya know, that's really weird. I grew up with a 1066 and a 1486, and I would have sworn they both had the same axles. The 986 & 4386 had the smaller 3 1/4" axles--I knew that. But I thought we couldn't put our 986 hubs on the 1066 because the axles were too big...... They definitely looked bigger than the ones in the picture. Was there an "heavy duty axle" option? Oh, well, all are gone now so I can't go measure.
  2. Bad idea IH

    What model??
  3. How far would you drive a tractor home

    Before you start, take the time to look at a map and find the "best" route. Not necessarily the backroads. For instance, if you have a nice broad state HWY with wide shoulders, that is not too heavily traveled, that may be better than small roads with lots of stops. I agree with flashers, buy yourself a magnetic strobe and install it. People just wont't slow down anymore. I will warn you about one thing...if there is a major river in the way, you may need to contact the State police for an escort over the bridge. At least, that's the procedure here where I live near the Illinois river. I once drove a 7720 200 miles, still one of my favorite memories. At 16 mph, you had time to check out the farms, watch the roadkill disappear under the feeder.... Only problem we had was the hydro charge pump belt broke--right at a stop light in the middle of a town. There was a Autoparts store right on the corner... new belt and go! I know of farmers who farm from S. Indiana to eastern Iowa. Their moves are more than 50 miles! My grandfather & brother were early purchasers of the new JD 55 combine. To save the delivery fee, they went up to Moline and drove them home 170 miles! At what 5 - 6mph?? No cab...that had to be a LOOONG trip....
  4. 1586 from back in time.

    ONe thing--the bonnet off one of those stackers makes a dang good burn pile cover. Set a row of concrete blocks along the sides, set the bonnet on them, and throw the trash in from both ends. Been using one for 10+ years! Prob. get the other one off and replace it when all the tin goes bad....
  5. 1586 from back in time.

    We used to put up cornstalk stacks with a similar setup....1486 pulling a Hesston. You could put a fresh bale of alfalfa hay and a new stack out, and the hay would have 1 cow, the stack would have 20. But opening those stack gates, backing in thru the muck, and getting the gates closed (with the cows bucking into them!) was......more work than I EVER want to do again in 20 deg. weather.... Probably the main reason the cows left when dad retired. Stackers are still out back. One in a pile, one with the rear door missing. Last thing it was used for was to clean out the barn loft. We pitched all the old loose broken hay out of the loft into the stacker and used it to cart it out to where we could burn it.
  6. homemade power steering for an H??

    I think you need to at least find the Charlynn steering motor and install it. I can't think of any other practical way to add a PS to these NF tractors My dad had a 400 that had the Charlynn system on it. it was tied into the tractor hydraulics, and didn't work well at all. I added a belt driven PS pump off a PU, and that made it work real well. So If you can find a used Charlynn motor, and tie it to your PS pump, it should work for you. BTW, you can still buy the Charlynn type "in line in the shaft" motor--They are called "torque generators" NO idea if this one is "right", just saw it and noted they have several sizes. Of course, at $ may exceed the tractor value!
  7. TX to IN "IH 1456 Road Trip"

    Question, just curious. I assume that sandblasted unit is the Goldie you mentioned? Made me think... how do they "certify" something like that so it can be totally stripped and returned to its original..and still be a proved to be a real gold demo?? Seems to me there has to be some way of issuing "authenticity", or anybody "in the know" could sandblast and repaint one and how could you tell the difference.
  8. 2188 unloading swing switch accident

    I left at least 4 little piles in the field.... and yes, I did find myself reaching down on my left. One time my elderly mother was taking a "test ride" in the buddy seat and I reached over and *awkward* Since she used to run the old 6600, she realized right away what was going on and had a good laugh! Hydro handle, only a couple times right at the beginning...the biggest improvement in the whole combine, IMHO! My right arm has had something like bursitis, I am SO glad I didn't have to reach up to the old levers this year! No, 2wd. Very few RWA combines in my area, just don't need it very often.
  9. Building a Sentry Module

    NS chip as stated. The part # should be 646159-1 (The B232 and JLB will be date and build codes.) But, that # does not cross reference on anything I have found. I even went and pulled some old PAPER cross reference books I have and looked for you--nothing close. My guess is this is a special purpose chip built for this application, not uncommon at the time for large companies to do this. The down side is...nearly impossible to find any info on them as it would have been proprietary. Good luck.
  10. Tell me about stripper heads

    Your best answer would be to go over and ask this on Thecombineforum. There is a "Header" page, and the guys over there are just as knowledgeable as the folks on here about IH stuff.
  11. 1066 using 1 gallon of coolant per day

    BOught a SRC reman pump for my 4386 once. TOok it less than 50 hours to completely ruin a rebuilt motor (<250 hours)...ended up sucking 2 valves. I took the pump up to my local shop, and they called and said it was 17 deg out of time internally. No wonder it never ran power, smoked, etc.
  12. 2188 unloading swing switch accident

    Swapped from a 7720 to a 9500 this year. If I ever find the guy who decided the unloading auger engage switch on the 9500 should be the same style knob as the header engage on the 7720.....
  13. 1456 with detroit

    30 years ago, that was not a was a farmer doing the more power route. I know a guy who put Detroits in 4630s, etc as a business back in the day, before Kinze got into it. He still has a Detroit powered JD sitting in the shed. (Still has the very first tractor that ever pulled a sled at the NFMS in Louisville, too!) The original builder probably hooked it to a 30' disk and smiled all the way to the back of the field. Not so sure about back to the then his ears were starting to bleed.... Sure its a bit cobbled up...but come on--that is a perfect example of farmer creativity!
  14. 18.4-38's vs 20.8-38's

    I would think this would mostly have to do with your soil type. Here in IL heavy way a 20.8 is any better. If you have sandy or powdery stuff like those guys on here with the big tires and 20+ rear weights on a 1256 apparently have -- then maybe the 20.8s would help.
  15. 806

    Yup. Sounds exactly like the plastic ring in the pump fell apart. Exactly like my 806 when it happened. Changed the filters, ran great for 10 minutes, then stalled. Next time it might run for 2 minute... Let it sit, starts and runs great for xx minutes.... and so on.