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  1. IH mounted cultivator id help

    The 461 had metal standards and the 455 had cast standards. The 455 was the first 2 peice front mount cultivator and came out with 400 . The 461 came out with 560 I think.
  2. Trip to the USA

    Look me up at the toy show we will be set up in the high school gym northeast corner.
  3. 56 series diamond cab vs 66 series cabs

    In my opinion I would much rather spend my day in a Deluxe Cab than I would in a custom cab . The deluxe cab should be quieter and roomier than the custom .
  4. 1086 ta trouble? Maybe

    It sounds like to me the main clutch is slipping. Check for leaking oil on main clutch or mechanical damage.
  5. 1066 using 1 gallon of coolant per day

    Had a 1466 that would use water and run hot when pulled found it had a bad head gasket and a warpted head. Planed head new gasket and headbolts fixed problem
  6. 1971 F-1466 Won't Start

    Sometimes the metering Spool in the pump sticks on the plunger inside he pump.
  7. 806 TA

    The linkage that moves the Ta spool is worn so bad it will not move the spool far enough . On my 706 I had to make a spring to pull it up more.
  8. Case-IH 5130 kicking our butt- suggestions needed

    Have had this problem before replaced pressure switches it solved my problem.
  9. gold paint

    I need to know the color of gold IH use on the gold demos.
  10. I have a customer that needs new door seals for a 66 series deluxe cab were can he get them?
  11. 1206 Axles

    The 1206 has a larger diameter axle where the wheel goes. The bull gear splines are the same
  12. It sounds to me that you have 2 problems 1 is sprag out of ta and the ipto shaft took the splines off the pressure plate
  13. 154 governer

    To make a154 run great you need to install a manifold and carb. off of a 184 . Make sure the linkage from carb to governor adjusted properly and last and most important is to set high idle at 2450 to 2600 rpms. I have a 185 with a Woods L59 mower rpms set at 2450+ it already has the big carb and manifold on it I mow my yard in second gear with power to spare.
  14. farmall m heat houser

    The heathouser bolts to the throttle mounting bolts with longer bolts and about 2 inch spacers on my super M.
  15. Need some clarification on Torque Amplifiers

    Case IH uses the Mechanical diode Ta Remaned by Springfield reman. It is a very heavy duty unit that is guaranteed I think for 10 years. We have been using them for years in 200 hp 1586 and 3588s with no problems with the mechanical diode. The Case IH cheaper unit is the same as Hy-Capacity Sprag which is the style that was used in Olivers over under transmission that is what the Hy-Capcity salesman told me.