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  1. Inside a Spragless TA

    Yep sounds like an internal leak in ta unit. Glad you talked them into keeping the TA, a good TA really makes these red tractors shine.. let me know how you like the super HD ta, I've been installing just the HD ones from Ag parts.
  2. DT466 Bosch MW Pump Timing

    If I remember correctly the bosch inline pump should be 24 before tdc and ambac is 18 before tdc. I will confirm my book when I get to the shop today.
  3. Farming pictures

    Nice pics as always 1466, I need to post a few one of these days
  4. failed oil filter ?

    I had a carquest filter do the same thing,small dent 4 hrs later it had a pin hole shooting oil on eux. Manifold. I smelled it right away luckily. I won't install a dented filter ever again.
  5. Light switch 806

    It won't cover that JD loader lol! Nice looking tractor you have there.
  6. Dad passed away

    My sympathy goes to you and your family.
  7. 06 Thru 86 Series Engines

    Most 886 and 986's don't have the aux. Tank on them, not terribly hard to drain and remove imo.
  8. 986 coolant leak

    Have yours fixed if possible, I have not found a quality aftermarket one yet either.
  9. Rear Tractor Tire Suggestions

    I like the firestone 23 deg. Radials on my tractors. I would not be afraid to run your bias duals with drive tires. We have 20.8×38 on our 54. Smooth ride.

    I would see if your case ih dealer would stand behind the bad one. I use all AG Parts LTD parts they also work well.
  11. 986 hydro failure

    Wouldn't u still have hydraulics from pressure plate??? Maybe pressure plate hub.
  12. 986 hydro failure

    Depends on if it drives, could be IPTO shaft or MCV pump shot. Or a very plugged hyd filter. Need more details.
  13. What would you do 986 engine!

    Do the hole kit. If you only do one now another may cavitate in a year and you will be working on it again. I like to do the job right the first time. My 2 cents good luck.
  14. 358 Engine Sleeves

    Yep that is what the head gasket is for, I have read on here to spray a few coats of aluminum paint on the gasket before installing to help with sealing. I have tried it on the last few engine's Ive overhauled ;407s ,and 436s it's worth a try??