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  1. Yep 1086 and 1486 all the same stuff, if it's been sitting that long you are gonna need to get new lines/hoses, along with other stuff to go with it. Your 1086 looks like it's well worth the effort involved to put a/c in it.
  2. I agree, it looks new!!
  3. Nice 5088, shining them up makes a guy proud of them even more.
  4. Nice pics of some nice tractors thanks for sharing, and I like the f250 or f350 in last pic, a twin to mine.
  5. 5240 would be my choice, very handy loader /chore tractors. I don't think I would believe the 40000hr trouble free thing, but very reliable tractors. Ours has 18,xxx hrs and we have had to do plenty of repairs . I'm not a pumpkin fan either kinda light built compared to maxxum.
  6. Could be the bleeder valve or the rubber seal rings on the fuel lines going from filters to the pump, after time they get hard and can let air in the system.
  7. My 856 wf weighs 10000lb. I would say the 14000lb trailer would be fine, but if you ever need to haul a bigger tractor I would go with a 24k dual tandem trailer that's what I have.
  8. Cobbled 986 for sure! Did anyone see the mfd 1086 on auctiontime??? Looks like a skidder lol...why do people do it???
  9. We just got a set of reman ones from Spencer diesel and one was bad,for our 1256 overhaul. I've had best luck with Bk diesel.
  10. X2!! I would leave the timing to factory specs and change governor setting and turn fuel up if you are looking for more power.
  11. If hours are true it's gonna go high! Is it just me or are the 1486 numbers different than original and hood different color paint????
  12. Check rear main crank seal for any seeping while you have the flywheel off.
  13. TP, nice description of the Uni Systems; I'm still laughing a little about it!!! However I'm no Uni lover or hater, they were probably a good machine in there time when new like anything else! But they were a very versatile unit. Our 708 is not as bad as u described but you have to be a good mechanic to keep one running and in good shape. We use ours to chop corn ,to open up fields, earlage and to husk ear corn. It has served us well but I sure wouldn't want to rely on it for any more than that lol. We use the NHFP 240 for all the main chopping.
  14. The 1026 would run it but slow mph if corn has any size at all. Our corn is tall usually as tall as chopper boxes, and we had our 1486 on the 900 without processor 3.5mph top. I'm with troydairy those processors take power!!!! Also depends on your operation and how much you need to chop per year. Get the 900 over 790 imo, especially if you will be getting a bigger tractor someday.
  15. We had a NH 900 for 20 years bulletproof for us!! We then traded for a NH 240 with processor perfect match for our 5488 and like it even more. We have a uni 708 4wd but that doesn't like very green corn and kinda slow going versus 900 or 240.