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  1. I bought some small items from them, awesome to deal with; Brian Crane even waited a month to see if I could get my items hauled with another piece of machinery coming close to me,and sure enough it worked out a guy 25miles away bought a cornhead and Brian threw my items on with it! Saved me from driving 300 miles, plus he trusted me enough to pay for the items after I got them! That says alot about someone!!!! O Man I would love to get one of his low houred MFD Magnums!!!!!
  2. 756 looks very nice, you are definitely gonna need sunglasses when cultivating with all that shinny paint.
  3. X2 Also what engine u prefer 358 German or ih 360 ,34" or 38" rear tires; check 3pt for wear, how clutch feels.
  4. Those units have hyd. Controlled brake pads, I would guess it's the brake pads that are wore down.Just my 2 cents.
  5. I've done all my 310 and 358 German engines the same way as Bent 8 and Eric Farley said worked good for me every time, just my 2 cents. Happy Easter!!!
  6. To my knowledge the black face tach is correct for the 86's. The later 66's had the white face tach, I have no idea why aftermarket doesn't offer the correct one????
  7. On my 900 I have yetters and I have them set to barely touch the dirt, otherwise they can furrow and make a low spot. The idea of them is to sweep all of the trash away.
  8. Yep got a turbo on my D360 886, it will run right with a stock 1086.
  9. X2 on what Steve said, also check the oil level and since tractor is new to u change the hyd filter before u tear into the mcv. Todd
  10. Sorry I need to figure out how to post pics on here. As far as length my later dual spring 2400 manual says 424-428" I think on belts,make sure the length of all belts are as close to same length as possible an inch or so different not a big deal. Like others have said, try to fix that drive roller that is supposed to be rubber coated. It also helps when trying to start a new bale to feed crop in either the right or left side of pickup not middle. Those old balers require a few tricks to operate smoothly, I have learned alot about mine over the years but, dang good balers when u figure the tricks out how to operate. Good luck.
  11. On my dual spring 2400 it just had rubber on the roller that drives the belts. I have baled corn stalks with mine but with all the 4" belts still on I have trouble with belt twisting so mine just does hay. Here are some pics of our balers if I can upload them. Nope can't get them up how do you downsize pictures to get them on here??????
  12. Make sure bottom belt is turning, try opening the end gate a bit to get the belts started turning have a duel spring 2400 that Dad and uncles bought new and make between 1350-1600# bales and makes almost 400 bales a year ,slow going but has paid for itself many times. It has 10,000 bales on it now. maybe if what I said won't work try some hay in it too. PM me if need more info.
  13. The reverse gear is pretty much the last gear to come out of reared when taking apart. Good luck
  14. If tappets show pitting replace them or they will ruin your cam, If your cam is within spec then leave it, otherwise check with your dealer on a camshaft case ih may still make them, $$$ I bet new case ih tappets too.