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  1. Hired Grain Haulers

    Yep I got all the ether wires unhooked my 2 year old son just loves to push buttons lol.
  2. Super nice 856

    That one looks nice. Here is mine 7750hrs. And original paint.
  3. Brought this home today

    Nice 5488, we like ours and I would also like to find another one someday. 1466 is right they usually weigh around 500lb each. Enjoy the new toy.
  4. corn is late , really late

    X2 same here bet ours is high 20%, it's been raining for the last two weeks here. More rain in two weeks than we've had all summer.
  5. Two post ROPS

    Yep Iron Bull. We got one for our 666
  6. Snapledge

    We use our uni - harvester with a screen and fill our stave silo and works great.
  7. Well... I did it again.

    Nice buy on a very nice original 756!!!!
  8. Ih 986 value

    I would say they are asking a little too much for what you are describing of the shape it's in.
  9. Never seen 656 wheels

    I saw that tractor and have never seen cast centers like that either, I bet they are heavy.
  10. 1456

    What a deal, does that air cleaner have gold paint under it ??????
  11. Nice low houred CIH MX270

    Me too that is sharp!!!!!
  12. Hour meter quit working

    Do the digits light up for RPM/MPH, if not and if cab fan and Radio don't work it's the cab solenoid I'd say.
  13. I took one off our 1486, I never liked how it looked on there.
  14. NW IA Picrutes

    Nice pics 1466 I'm trying to get ready to chop this week some corn in lighter soils starting to burn up, here in NE Iowa.
  15. 86 monitors

    Yes it is, I always rode behind the seat with my dad and bumped my head on window idk how many times. So I thought I'd make some nice seats for my kids, and they love them and are safe also. One in each 86 series I have. I should probably patent it I suppose??