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  1. Fluid in tires and road wear

    The dealer tells me radials perform better without fluid. I have tubeless radials without fluid and cast weights on both our working tractors and don't regret it. As far as longevity I would bet you are better off without the fluid. You can always put it back in later if you realize you need it.
  2. 2017 crop year pictures

    How about that pickup truck? Is that original or a repaint? F350 7.3 standard cabs just are not seen anymore. I think most have probably rusted away. Nice lineup for sure.
  3. H and M auction value

    You guys are a wealth of information. Both tractors are listed as having 12.4x38 firestones. It would be real easy to get upside down in one of these in poor condition. I have 3x more then what I paid into my last project and it isn't done yet. A bunch of mta's md's, md-ta's on this sale as well although I don't know they would fall within my "fun" budget. if you check out aumann auctions don hershey collection there are more then 100 tractors selling in mid February. My only connection to this is a as a bidder.
  4. Very sad. I don't know statistics but I would bet they are one of the largest causes of injury or worse on farms. A serious reminder of the risks associated with machinery.
  5. H and M auction value

    These are coming up on a local auction in February. I wouldn't mind having a new and affordable toy to play with. The description says restored although it sure looks like they have rusty valve stems. Both are run of the mill with drawbars and 1 set of remotes. Bothhave power steering. I am looking for any guesses on auction value.
  6. Machinery Jockeys

    Seems like it is always buyer beware even on private deals. I had a mf285 with a Westendorf TA26 loader that was plauged with problems soon after I bought it. After dumping too much money into it the engine developed a serious knock. I cut my loss and sold it for salvage. 2 tractors and 10 plus years later I had major issues with the 656 I had purchased. This one I stayed the course on and now have things where I want them. My advise stick with it. If he unloads it there is no telling if the next one will be better mecahnically.
  7. 3pt trailer hitch adapter

    Google weaver distributing. They are in Fredericksburg PA but will ship anywhere. I think I am attaching a screen shot. Not sure if it will work on not. Is this what you are talking about?
  8. JD dealer fire

    Unfortunately there always seems to be more fires when the weather is at extremes.
  9. Old ihc pictures

    Are those pickup heads on the combines? I can't say I have ever seen that before. I have seen pics of the pull combines with pu heads but not self propelled.
  10. Cattle Feeding Question

    I don't know what my end game with the heifers is at this time. I purchased these from a distant neighbor/friend that was overcrowded. I have the steers penned seperate. They are in the 500lb range. Thr heifers are in the 600 to 700 lb range. They are all good animals and I am thinking of possibly breeding the heifers. I was previously feeding dairy calves but the dairy provided the feed.
  11. Cattle Feeding Question

    Question for you beef guys. I have a mixed bag of a few heifers and steers in confinement pens. Longtime family friend has a business which includes animal nutrition products. He checked with his nutritionist and is saying feed the following: High quality grass baleage free choice Grain mix of 1350lbs ground corn and 650lbs barley per ton His complete mineral tub free choice Does this sound about right? If right how much grain per head per day? Long story short I was getting a grain mix from feed truck cleanouts but this gift is coming to an end. Thanks in advance. Chris
  12. Diversity

    Lots of small farm diversity here. One Allis farm, one ford, mostly red, some green, a few New Holland blue. Custom guys mostly Fendt. Red dealer support is what drives things here. Dairy is number one ag industry here followed by the recent explosion in poultry barns. There are a few hog barns around and most at least one of every niche i can think of. Although not good by any means dairy seems to be getting by here better than in some areas.
  13. A little fun on a deere powerlesshift

    I ran the neighbor's 15 speed powershift on a disc mower conditioner for a few hours. I'm sorry to say I really liked this transmission. I don't have any experience on the original new generation 8spd powershifts.
  14. My 55 W Baler saga comes to an end today

    That baler is quite then find. Restored implements seem to be few and far between. It is always neat to see them with the period correct tractor. It is equally neat to see pics from other areas of the country that I may not ever get to. It looks terrible dry there. Almost like a desert.
  15. 94-06 Dodge Ram 2wd to 4wd conversion

    I would think you should just keep looking and save yourself a ton of work. I have a 96 12v as you describe. The only reason it hasnt rotted to nothing is it acts as a spare and sits indoors most of the time. It is called the club cab and does not have rear doors. If you want rear doors that open I think you need to go 97 or newer. These trucks hold there value. I wouldn't be concerned with an older truck depreciating when compared to a new one.