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  1. Kory Wagons

    I had seen you are in Iowa. Not qualified to answer but would guess less in your area.
  2. Kory Wagons

    I'll take the first stab. $2200 to $2500 in the east? Still see a lot in use around here.
  3. Woods bush hog ???

    Agree it looks kind of like a C80. IIRC our C80 had dual spindles and the same type of belt drive. Oil seems to leak out of the gear box on most old mowers. Agree nothing wrong with filling it with grease. For the price I dont think you will find another one.
  4. Baler Twine Question

    Agree poly twine is way better than sisal. My experience is the 9600/170 is sufficient with belt throwers and nh balers. Dealer tells me ost people step up to the 210 strength if they are having problems with 170 or are trying to make bricks.
  5. Take over!

    What do they do with all the ash?
  6. life in our corner

    Now that is neat. I applaud you making time to get out and do these things with your family.
  7. Small tire foaming

    Nope they are all a problem. My jackson wheel barrow holds air fine. Without looking I dont know if it has a higher quality wheel or tire.
  8. Small tire foaming

    Watching this with interest. I have the same problem on moving type dollies. Cheap tires and rims from china is my bet.
  9. Well its big game opener this weekend

    Congratulations. I have never had the privilege to hunt elk however looks like an exceptional trophy quality animal to me. I would think it doesn't get any better than that. Thanks for the pics.
  10. Auction Results

    Call me crazy but cheap cheap on the 706 and 656. Weights dual hubs etc. in my area I would have 700 in that front weight bracket and weights on the 706. Thanks for sharing.
  11. 282 engine

    No leads but I did the same thing. I took the 282 out of a hyrdo tractor that was shot except the engine. We were able to get the history on the engine. Everything has been fine since. We originally were going to have our 282 rebuilt but found a cracked head and just couldn't justify paying someone to rebuild what we had along with another 1000 for a used head..
  12. friday's work

    Nice pics. Two comments. Boy do the hills roll there. Nice Oliver. I am not by any means an expert on Oliver but as a teen worked for a neighbor that had quite a collection of them. Fender fuel tanks and the fwa would make that a rare one around here.
  13. Opinion on CaseIH 75C Farmall

    I have never had any stability issues on hills. Im guessing you have quite a load on your 3720. When I bought the 75 it was brought up from the south and had regular water in all 4 tires. We took it out and local dealer convinced me to run it for awhile without ballast back in the rears. We haven't looked back although like I said don't have a loader on it. It looks like I could shorten my turning radius by adjusting the steering stops but I never messed with it. Sorry I can't comment on repairs.
  14. Opinion on CaseIH 75C Farmall

    I have a 2012? 75C with about 1300 hours on it. Mine is an open station canopy tractor with front wheel assist with the 12x12 trans. I think they are the premium tractor compared to the A series. I bought mine used in the spring of 14 at a mcgrew auction in york pa. I dont have much to compare to other then 56/66 series tractors. The good: fnr shuttle is really nice, travels slow enough for our transplanting needs even though it doesnt have a creeper trans, large rubber isolated platform, easy on fuel, plenty of traction with the fwa and 18.4x30 rears. We have had zero issues in 3 years. The bad: most people on here hate these things, it rides terrible on the road which I assume is the short wheelbase, doesnt turn very sharp, rubber around shift boots wears quick, made in turkey iirc. No loader here on this tractor although it would be a good little loader tractor. Ours came with a full set of weights on the front so the front end is plenty heavy enough to stay down. I would do it again, although I could use more hp. Most would call it a gutless wonder but it works well for us.
  15. early corn silage.

    Nice pictures. Looks exactly like our neighborhood. They pull a dump wagon here too and fill when opening up a field or waiting on trucks/carts.