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  1. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Rawleigh, We need a "Steiner book' called 'New parts for old farts'! Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends on Red Power. Regards, Chris
  2. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Thanks guys I appreciate the positive comments, Yes disc between L4 and L5 is herniated and touching nerves going down left leg. Regards, Chris
  3. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Folks, Just a brief update. The TD6 kicked my butt in August putting the diagonal brace back on. I strained my lower back trying to lift that heavy brace back into place. I should have known better too. Anyway after many days of sciatic leg pain, sleepless nights, doctors visits, steroid shots, nerve shock tests, pain meds, and therapy, I have a tentative appointment for back surgery the day after Thanksgiving, near Pittsburgh. Hoping to be able to get back to tractor projects in a few months. The TD6 sets tarpped for winter, which looks like we will get a taste of it this weekend. Several inches of snow possible for Sunday. Hope things are good in RED land! Be safe out there! Regards, Chris
  4. International T6 project

    Good to know. Looks like a great product for this track application too! Regards, Chris
  5. International T6 project

    Mike sometimes rubber doesnt play nice. gets ugly when it gets hot. Regards, chris
  6. International T6 project

    Rubber plank board. Never seen that before? It must be pretty stiff durometer? some on top have grooves ois that important? Oh I see its just packing for strapping the pack together. Looks like it miight almost work for pads too? You have machining to do for counter-bored holes several places each pad. Hope it drills good. The 2 x3 shape looks like it came off a barwell type extruder? Options to cut to length? We used a serrated type knife blade with water for lube. Regards, Chris
  7. International T6 project

    Mike, That T6 is looking very sharp! Thanks for the update! Regards, Chris
  8. TD 6 compression release lever

    Not sure but even if out of time it should at least pop. Doesnt sound like you should try it with out the manifold back on. So I am not a fan of Champion plugs at all. I cant remember what plugs i used but they did not match the long electrode ones I took out. But they did work fine and it fired right up on gas. Good luck, keep cranking. Maybe take a plug out ground it and watch for actual spark at the plug electrode? Regards, Chris
  9. 1952 I/H T6 Crawler Project

    Guess I would approach it a little different like with a pressure washer! Great project truck and yes you need to start a thread for Nellybelle. "IH T6 Hauler". ( I know where there is a 1956 Ford F800 that I could get, just not sure I want need that big of a project?) BTW the T6 tractor looks awesome! Great shot of the kids on and with it. You did a outstanding job bringing this back! Really enjoyed the thread and it inspired me to do some work on the old TD6 too! Regards, Chris
  10. TD 6 compression release lever

    Hank, I rely on the manual to sort out the linkage. But I don't see anything wrong. Experts may be alo0ng later to critique. (FYI you posted 9 of the same picture. not sure you intended to do that?) they all look good so you got that down. Sure looks easier to change plugs with that center manifold section off. Its a bear with it on. Don't ask how I know. Have the plugs been out and cleaned/ replaced? I would suggest new wires and plugs if you havent already? in line spark tester is good. Not sure on the flipper positions? Need to be open to suck gas into cylinders during running on gas I would assume. But aren't there another set of flippers in the block ?? I am not well versed on the inner workings of these engines yet! I see the small spring in position. so that is not the issue. May need to check the position of the linkages on the starter side of the engine coming from the handle. There are adjustments there too, that someone could get out of whack. Anyway starting by holding the handle down is not the end of the world. Cut a block of wood to hold it in position against the dash. Keep cranking! gently Regards, Chris
  11. International T6 project

    Awesome! Hope your planning to show this unit! Regards, Chris
  12. TD 6 compression release lever

    Your Welcome! Hope it helps Hank. Regards, Chris
  13. 51 td6 steering?

    John, Good luck and be careful. We do need some pictures too! Regards, Chris
  14. TD 6 compression release lever

    I tried the attach files here to add a picture. not sure how well it worked? trying to not use photobucket as they are holding my pictures for ransom. Regards, chris
  15. TD 6 compression release lever

    George is right the small spring on the carb side of the linkage could be missing! On mine that spring was gone and the lever would not stay down. once I added that spring the lever stayed down. Took me 2 years to figure that out, I think it waas Magic Mikey that showed me the light. Spark, gas , compression it should try to run. Yea we need pictures! Regards, Chris