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  1. Songs about farming

    Sitting here on my coffee break got me to thinking about how many songs are out there that are about farming. Maimly so I can get my phone full of them for working this winter to keep me from going insane in the skid steer lol. Anyway I thought I'd ask on here and see what you guys know of for good tunes about farming. As far as genres, well I don't know if there is anything but country lol. Just kidding I've got a pretty good list but need more. Here's one of my all time favorite songs https://youtu.be/rcyc5VHs95k
  2. What is an R-1W tire?

    Same here. We have no use for firestone here after they wouldn't warranty a tire that the bead blew out on. 1 year old tires and it let go right on the pry notch. The dealers were trying to help is out but firestone couldn't care less. Still got the tire and 2 more started to do the exact same thing. Firestone even admitted they had a bad batch of tires go through, and yet nothing happened
  3. Songs about farming

    Classic lol
  4. Songs about farming

    Oh I forgot about that one. We do have quite a few from up here north of the border, eh.
  5. Just think though, you could be famous on the news at night with the rest of them 😂😂
  6. Songs about farming

    Hmm, I wonder what one that might be? Maybe that one by Joe Diffie? Ah, whats it called........... Just kidding. Ya that's one of my favorites too. Just gets right under my green friends skin with it lol
  7. Songs about farming

    Well, definetly a few songs here I haven't heard of before that I will be adding. I know there is a ton of then out there. Thanks guys. Keep them coming. Couple more of my top ones in case someone else want to listen: After the harvest- Poverty Plainsmen Where corn don't grow- Travis Tritt Thanks a Farmer- James Wesley John Deere tractor keys- Danny Hooper
  8. 7140 Decals

    I can just see it now. Many years down the road when it's for sale "Super rare International 7140" But really, that's awesome. I never liked the Case writing either.
  9. Self loading round bale wagon

    Something like this Probably 80% of the cattle and hay farmers around here have one. We don't have one yet, since the truck and trailer is alot faster. I'd say Highline is the most popular, then Morris, then some other brands. Most of the ones built now carry 14 round bales. The arms have most likely been welded up on any older models, but they do get alot of abuse from hitting the bales and lifting all while moving. They work real good for stacking bales on the field. There's other types of round bale movers to. Haukaas is another one here, kind of a different design but I've heard it works well and is easier on net wrap.
  10. Deer strike back

    I got a truck sitting in the yard now I want to fix up. It has a bull bar and still fell victim to a deer. Probably made less damage but still smashed the grill and bent up the hood and pushed the fender back, twisted bumper, etc. I dont really want to know what it would've looked like if the bull bar wasn't on it lol
  11. Case IH 9190 - Ever Built?

    That's interesting. I always thought the 9190's had the power shift transmission.
  12. Something you don't see everyday

    Around here, from what I was told by guys getting the planes and helicopters to spray, is that it is very close to the same price as hiring a ground sprayer. The little cost differece is made up easily when there is no crop damaged caused by the wheels. This is all if you have to hire a sprayer.
  13. Something you don't see everyday

    That's pretty neat. I wonder how much that's cost now? I've moved alot of bins with a bin mover, but it would be easier with a chopper lol
  14. 10 ton bottle jack

    I bought a 20T motomaster air hydraulic bottle lack from Canadian tire when they were on sale for $90. Got it home and it lifted good but would not hold a load at all. Took it back and exchanged for another one and no problems since, be about 2 years now. And we use it fairly often in the shop. Sometimes that Chinese stuff lasts a long time, next time not so.
  15. combines in your life

    I'm only 26 so haven't seen alot of change. The old case pull type got parked before my time and dad was running a 914 behind a 856. That one piled up so he bought another 914. Upgraded to a 1482 in the late 90's. It fell victim to a stone and was replaced with another 1482. Once I was about 10 I got to un the 914, till that one piled up. Then got a JD 6601 for a year. Sold it and picked up another 914 that we still run. Got another 1482 5 years ago, then a 1682 2 years ago. Bought a MF 8460 this year for straw and straight cutting wheat. My favorite is probably the 914, but it's just not big enough anymore for us.
  16. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    I heard this weekend on the trucker radio show that loblaws Canada ordered I forget how many. And Bison transport, from here in Manitoba is interested. I don' think they've ordered yet though
  17. Bad day for a white

    For which half?
  18. Farmers only

    Yep. Any one that hasn't needs to!!!
  19. Ebay Fabric Buildings

    Pretty much every auction company has those along with cheap skid steer attachments at every consignment sale, in MB and SK anyway. I'm sure it's the same in Alberta too. As far as quality, I've been told they're a lower quality, but I really don't know. Cheap storage, if that's what a guy wants.
  20. What have many become? Morons...

    There really is some good deals now up here on black Friday. Still ot as big as boxing day, but getting there. I did some cabelas online as well last night. Some deals I couldn't refuse. I checked Amazon black Friday deals and nothing I saw was any better deal than the stores here.
  21. New Sled

    Hahahaha. That's for sure. Only with a enticer though......
  22. 2350 mounting brackets

    When we pull the rear mount off our hydro to split it i can get some pics and measurements if you'd like. I just don't know how soon that'll be. I'm guessing a few weeks. In the meantime I'm sure someone else on here might have pictures and specs on it
  23. 2350 mounting brackets

    Some info in this thread that might help, for the front brackets anyway.
  24. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    They used to be seperate in Brandon, but they joined quite a few years ago.
  25. Silage packing tractor?

    I would think it would be light, not? I love our 4166 pushing snow and traction is good for pulling, but that thing will float where any of our other tractors will get stuck. I'd be curious to know what the ground pressure is with the tires loaded with fluid. Tractor data says 15300- 15900 lbs. Not much weight on 23.1 wide tires, even with a blade.