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  1. 2017 crop pics

    I've been following the jewish holidays as long as I can remember, and pretty much every year it works out pretty much right on. We've been shut down for 2 weeks now so hopefully be back in the fields within the next couple weeks lol. Not exactly sure, but I think we've got over 3" of rain in the last week. More than we got since seeding.
  2. 2017 crop pics

    Good to know I wasn't the only one changing a drive belt at night. Lol. Dad blew the main drive belt on the Massey Monday night. Then I found other issues with it, but got rolling late yesterday again. I think we're caught up now. Have to swath the last of the wheat since it's really green. Will wait till after this rain, if we even get anything.
  3. 2017 crop pics

    I dont know of anything you can can spray on oats for any grassy weeds. But javex will get the Millet. Works really good. Our oat fields are always nice and clean with stellar or frontline for broadcasts, and javex for millet
  4. Ready to swath

    I agree with wheatking. I like to see a change in colour of the plants itself, but that doesn't always happen. Check the pods through it all and when you can press the seed and it is firm, or leaves a indent in your finger, then it's close enough to go. I wouldn't recommend swathing it that green either. Unless it's just a patch here and there.
  5. 2017 crop pics

    Yes we get a lot of hunters up here for ducks and geese. Although I'm not seeing a whole lot of geese around yet. Too warm maybe. And not much wheat gets swathed any more.
  6. 2017 crop pics

    Yes we get a lot of hunters up here for ducks and geese. Although I'm not seeing a whole lot of geese around yet. Too warm maybe. And not much wheat gets swathed any more.
  7. 2017 crop pics

    I've been hearing lots of guys around here that are pulling off wheat around 70-80 bpa, which is unheard of, but the protein is down around 10-11. Ours sure isn't yielding that, and I don't know what the protein is yet.
  8. 2017 crop pics

    TR 100-61? Looks the same as ours, except gorilla tape stopped the piles lol.
  9. 2017 crop pics

    No kidding, eh. We actually have to wait a bit for the green to come out of the wheat. Tried a sample last week and it wasn't all red yet. Got going yesterday though. Not great drying weather here so try tomorrow night again. Like I was telling someone yesterday, we usually swath canola around September long, then it rains for 3 weeks, then the canola is dry so we combine it, then it rains some more, then the wheat is bleached cause it's well into October already lol.
  10. Big swather

    We always wait till it's just about shelling, or if it's like yours, we'll wait till the early stuff is shelling and swath at night or while it's raining. This year we have some spots that are blooming but can't wait for it. It won't make it.
  11. 914 combine

    Sorry for taking so long to get the chart. This is the only one I could find right now. I thought we had a cleaner one.
  12. Canadian 7388 and 7788

    I wanted to go to the sale so badly. Other things came up just when we were leaving so didn't make it. Guess I'll have to travel way further than an hour to sit in one lol. Sold way more than I expected though. I did meet the 3588 heading south tonight on #10 on a big Tex gooseneck pulled by a green dodge 3/4 ton. Anyone on here?
  13. 914 combine

    Just came across this thread. Do you still need the settings? If so I can dig up the book and take a picture of the chart
  14. Harvest 2017 in France!

    From looking at your pictures I'd say that farming, or harvest anyway, in your area looks very similar to how it is in Western Canada. The land looks the same as here with rolling hills. Only difference I see is that we haul grain with trucks and semis and alot of guys have a grain cart for on the field to shuttle grain from the combine to the truck. We just drive the trucks right to the combine though. Other difference is that alot of farmers still swath canola, whereas it looks like you straight cut the rapeseed. Very neat to see the differences around the world. Great pictures too!!
  15. I Need Ideas

    Buddy of mine did the drum with tannerite. He showed me a video after. They set the barrel on 2 blocks and tannerite right under the open end of the barrel. He didn't know exactly how high but he said he couldn't see it then the lid came down, barrel shortly after 😂😂 How about blowing up a big old tractor tire? Like a 30.5-32 or something. Possible or no?