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  1. New Sled

    Hahahaha. That's for sure. Only with a enticer though......
  2. 2350 mounting brackets

    When we pull the rear mount off our hydro to split it i can get some pics and measurements if you'd like. I just don't know how soon that'll be. I'm guessing a few weeks. In the meantime I'm sure someone else on here might have pictures and specs on it
  3. 2350 mounting brackets

    Some info in this thread that might help, for the front brackets anyway.
  4. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    They used to be seperate in Brandon, but they joined quite a few years ago.
  5. Silage packing tractor?

    I would think it would be light, not? I love our 4166 pushing snow and traction is good for pulling, but that thing will float where any of our other tractors will get stuck. I'd be curious to know what the ground pressure is with the tires loaded with fluid. Tractor data says 15300- 15900 lbs. Not much weight on 23.1 wide tires, even with a blade.
  6. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    Traction is combined with Napa here. All Napa gold/wix
  7. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    I'm Not sure where you are, but Napa runs a sale in winter here. Big savings. We used to get filters through RME on their filter sale, but now were getting filter at 1/4-1/2 the price, depending on what filter.
  8. 986 Questions

    We have a 1486 with a loader on it. It's at around 13000 hours now. needs a cab kit badly, but I can hear the radio No problem and hear my phone ring. It's 10x quieter then our 66 series cabs. Not as much room to stretch out your legs, but I'd much rather be in the 86. I've never had an issue seeing the drawer hooking up, but I suppose it could be a problem for some. As far as shifters, yes I've had to replace linkages once at 7000 hours, then tightening things up every now and then, and this winter we've gota check and replace them again. But that tractor is all loader work and baling so steady clutching and shifting. Our 766 needs just as much attention on shifters and linkages doing the same work, so I wouldn't be too concerned about it. There's a pile of 86 series tractors still getting used steady around here. The 986 is a good solid tractor, but short on hp for our area. With that being said our 766 impressed me so I'm sure a 9 would do even better. I myself wouldn't mind owning one some day for raking and auger duty. And for ta and clutch, keeps things adjusted properly and you should be fine. Of coarse stuff does break, so not saying they won't need replacing. But it's not like its a regular thing.
  9. Cattle drive today

    Do you lead them with a bale? Or they just know where to go? We had our cattle drive almost 2 weeks ago. Brought about 70 pair and others home. Had snow on the ground so it was a easy run for the mile and a half it is.
  10. 2017 crop pics

    Ain't that the truth! I love sledding but there's no way I'd spend as much as a new one is worth. One buddy of mine bought a new one last year. $14500 plus tax! I'm looking at the $5-7000 range for a few years old. Same goes for quads and utv's. A new side by side is worth more than what I want to spend on a good used duramax
  11. 4186 When you have time, no panic

    Yes if the rubber is good, that's worth a bit. We had a hard time finding good used rubber for our 4166. And even at that guys wanted at least $500/tire. They're good little tractors that'll pull what ever you hook to it. I'd be a little scared to put a DT466 in it knowing what it'll do with the DT436 lol. If the price is right, go for It!
  12. 2017 crop pics

    That's one check of a deal! Weve been looking for wider tires for our pt sprayer, but can't seem to find any. I did find a set of 10 bolt rims that match up but if I recall right the guy wanted $1500 for them. And then we would still need tires yet so were still looking around. Hopefully find something before spring time.
  13. 2017 crop pics

    It's snowing pretty good now here and we're under a heavy snowfall warning for tomorrow so might be trying the sled out more on Sunday. Lol. I've been telling everyone it's like a bowl of candy. I cant walk by it constantly and not try it. But it is early yet. Maybe we'll actually have some normal snow so the summit's can work a bit harder then last winter. Maybe I'll find a deal on a good 800 etec too. As far as the trees, no. I just piled them up at the edge of the field so they're out of the way and we'll burn them some time. It's all black poplar and some were punky already. I still got some bluffs with willows to wipe out now that it's dry. And yes we've been sawing off and on through the summer and fall. Have to fire up full bore here in a few weeks I guess.
  14. 2017 crop pics

    We got snow to stay here now. Which is ok lol. Already had the sled out. The ground isn't froze here yet but it's been nice for burning of old log and brush piles we had. I even got a bit of clearing done on one field. Still have more to go but I took a bluff out with the skid steer. Had about 40 big black poplar that were in a bad spot that we always had to go around. Was a big ditch there too but it's all cleared out and I just have to level it out now. Smooth sailing with the sprayer now lol.

    Same thing here. We've had snow for about a week now. I think where the wind didn't blow there's 5-6". It's been below freezing now but the ground is soft. Dad was deeptilling in the snow on Tuesday lol. Those are the only fields around without snow now. But I'm ready for the snow now. I just couldn't help it. I had to take the sled put for a rip 😁