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  1. New to me pickup

    Looks Great!
  2. So what DID happen to him?

    I believe Mr. Ogle was using vaporized gasoline to achieve those fuel mileage figures. Liquid gasoline does not burn, just the vapors from it mixing with air. Carburetors and fuel injection breaks the liquid gasoline into droplets and the vapor on the outside of the droplets burns but the unburned gas droplets exits out the tailpipe. If a person can completely vaporize the gas before entering the engine it should be more efficient with a more complete burn. Typical gasoline begins to vaporize at 140*F and can vaporize at faster rates at higher temperatures, so I assume he was using the engine coolant to heat the gasoline to vaporize it, he probably then limited the CFM of airflow into the engine by using a small throttle body forcing the engine to be more fuel efficient, which would also limit the engine's power at higher RPM's. I think it would be possible, but I personally have never tried anything like that. Do any of the Canadians on here have, or know someone that has a turbo diesel Smart car. I have been told the diesel Smart cars can get 75 MPG, but are not allowed to be sold in the U.S., even though they only emit 1/10 of the allowable emissions. If an American buys one used and brings it back into the states, it will not be allowed to be licensed. The USA version Smart car only comes with a gas engine and it is only rated at 38 MPG, and that is a very small car. Also in Europe, the VW Jetta was available with a Durotorq diesel engine that would get 75 MPG but was not allowed to be sold in the U.S. because it's emissions were 10% too dirty. The U.S. VW Jetta versions at that time were the 1.9L diesel that could get up to 48 MPG. I really don't think the oil companies or our government want us to have extremely fuel efficient cars. My Grandpa had a '54 Ford Crestline 4 door (a large car) with a V8 and 2 speed overdrive that would get 24 miles per gallon on trips and 21 miles per gallon mixed driving between the farm and in town. My other Grandpa had a '62 Ford Fairlane with a 6 cylinder that could get up to 27 MPG on the highway. It is very unlikely with our level of technology that our vehicles can't get better mileage, unless they (big oil, the government, or both) are purposely keeping them from doing it. Plus when fuel prices spike, the media can blame us consumers, stating that it is all our fault because we are being too wasteful, even though we are not allowed to buy and drive anything super fuel efficient.
  3. Ford Air Bag Recall

    I have not seen anyone impaled by the collapsible steering column, and don't want to, and I agree with using safety equipment unless the manufacturer sends me letters telling me simply driving their vehicle can cause me to die because of faulty safety equipment. The OP had stated about"what to drive" while waiting for the automaker to do something, so that is why I suggested what I did as a temporary fix, not permanent. I see air bags that work as a good thing, but I am not afraid to drive an older vehicle that never had them. I have seen some gruesome accidents and even with all the safety equipment installed and working correctly people can still be seriously injured or killed if the wreck is bad enough. One I remember was a car that went under a truck, the air bag went off, but it didn't help because his decapitated head was in the back seat. Yes, I agree that doctors kill more people a year (whether by accident or simply being inept) than the airbags will, but that is because they are only "practicing" medicine. There are some very good doctors out there, but there are some that are extremely bad too. I hope this does not sound like I am arguing with you, I'm not, just clarifying my suggestion for a temporary fix. Thanks for answering my question about the insurance company.
  4. Stolen Tractors

    Had another farmer who lived about 100 miles away buy some ground near us and break it into house lots. He left a 756 with an 8' Rhino mower to maintain the lots and it sat there being used occasionally to maintain the lots until they sold. After a while parts on the tractor started missing such as some tin work, badges, air cleaner door, and etc. One day while on a parts run, I saw the tractor sitting in the ditch about a half mile away with no mower on it. Contacted the owner who said he had not moved it, so we checked on it and found someone had used a ratchet strap, not a tow strap, to pull it up the road until the strap broke. We think it was headed to a consignment sale held every other month about 15 miles away. We retrieved the tractor for him and found they had disconnected the mower and left it, which was worth at least $3500 at the time, so we moved the mower for him too. My cousins had all their front suitcase weights stolen off their MX270s while parked for only one night in a secluded area not seen by the road. Never were recovered, they had to buy new ones out of pocket because their deductible was too high. In the late 70's the PTO's out of '06, '56, '66, and '86 series were often stolen from parked tractors by other farmers who were financially very well off, but must have got a thrill from stealing, and they were never caught. Those guys were also good at hiring you to do something for them and not paying, Dad had overheard a few of them talking one time in a local coffee shop bragging about how they had hired someone to do work for them and said "He did a really good job and I should pay him, but I'm not gonna." and then they all laughed. The group of them are still around and very, very wealthy.
  5. Ford Air Bag Recall

    I agree with you about not driving the vehicle with no answer as to what you are suppose to drive in the meantime. I am not familiar with the 2004-2006 Ford Ranger, but if I was worried about driving it, I would unhook the battery, wait 5 minutes, and remove the air bag from the steering wheel. Air bags should be screwed or bolted to the steering wheel from the back side of the steering wheel and a short wire harness that unplugs. This will turn on the air bag warning light (which a standard scanner will probably not be able to remove the trouble code), and make the steering wheel look like crap, but you will be able to drive it without worrying about it going off and killing you. You can survive driving a vehicle without air bags, my favorite daily driver 1986 K20 doesn't have an air bag, and I haven't died yet in the 32 years I have been driving it. Its sad so many manufacturers used the Takata Corporation air bags. Just had a thought, if you were involved in an accident with physical injuries and you had removed the air bag, could the insurance company deny your medical bills because you "modified" the safety equipment? As crooked as these insurance companies are getting, I wonder if that is a possibility?
  6. Chevy engine swap ?

    700R4 became the 4L60 with the addition of an anti-abuse valve on the valve body, then became the 4L60E in pickups and vans in '93? and a year later in the cars with computer controlled shifting and eliminating the Throttle Valve cable that the 700R4 and 4L60 used. I agree, I used to know them better when I was 20 also, darn CRS. Just part of getting older I guess. LOL Just like eyesight, my older brother and I used to playfully tease Dad when he hit 50 and started using reading glasses, kinda wasn't so funny when we got that age and started needing those reading glasses for ourselves. Ha! Ha!
  7. Chevy engine swap ?

    You should be able to swap the computer because the OBDII programmable computer came out in '95 or '96 so your '97 and '00 should be the same. The problem I'm thinking you will run into is the 2000 should be a 4L80E transmission and the 1997 should be a 4L60E transmission. I can't remember for sure, but I think those two transmissions use different programs.
  8. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    Started out in a Dodge with a stick then an International S 1900 gas with an auto and finally an International S 1900 diesel with an auto. All were 66 passengers and can't remember the Dodge body builder, just that the seats were each either one of three colors set in a pattern like a rainbow. Both Internationals had Thomas bodies with army green vinyl seats. Was on the bus when it slid backwards on solid ice into the ditch hitting a tree with the emergency door, then the front slid in the ditch and the bus laid almost completely on its right side. Some ditch trees and brush keep it from completely laying on its side, but it was at a steep enough angle that all the kids on the left landed on the kids on the right with everybody screaming except my brother and I. Somehow the bus driver managed to get the door open and us kids out with nobody really hurt except for us on the right had a few bumps and bruises from being piled on from the kids on the left. The last years I rode before I started driving myself, we had a husband and wife team drive and they were stern, but very nice and on the last day of school for the year would keep a large cooler beside the driver's seat filled with king sized candy bars they would hand out as we got off. The wildest thing that happened was when Stan, the husband driver, pulled into the High School parking lot one very snowy day with only us six freshman on board and riding in the very back seats, and cranked the wheel and floored it doing a full 360* cookie on snow packed asphalt on purpose in the wide open lot. We all cheered as he looked up into the observation mirror mounted above his head with a big smile on his face. As we got off the bus, with a grin on his face he said, "Now nobody needs to hear about this, right?" We said, "We never saw anything Stan." It felt like you were spinning at a 100 MPH in the back of that bus, man that was fun.
  9. Fuel problems

    We never had problems with using #2 in the winter with treatment until ULSD. Soon as we started using that, gelling problems started and we had to not only treat, but also mix in #1 which works good for us. About a year and a half later our fuel supplier started mixing in soybean oil, not the flavor of the week biodiesel, normally 5% with no problems whatsoever, even in the winter, but in the winter is still mixed with #1 and treatment. I didn't know they were using animal lard for biodiesel, I could see where that could cause problems in the cold. We also run up to 20% soybean oil in the summer time since around 2009 with no fuel problems so far. The fuel man said he was told that the Sulfur acted as more than a fuel stabilizer and when removed was causing some of the problems. Since being forced to run ULSD, and diesel losing its lubrication qualities, we run either Howes or Power Service year round, it has been working good for us.
  10. Explosion on New Years

    I heard the same thing here in SWIA. It sounded like something huge hit the roof, a big boom noise around 1 in morning. I looked around, but couldn't see anything.
  11. And I thought I was just deplorable....

    Another excellent post, Tony in ca. !! You are correct bitty. She was shot in the back by a ricocheted bullet while walking with her father, by an illegal immigrant who has been deported FIVE times, only to return to the protection of the sanctuary cities. I believe he was tried for murder (which would be highly unlikely because the bullet ricocheted) and found not guilty. He was convicted of a single count of being a felon in possession of a firearm which I am sure they will go soft on the sentence. I think they charged him with murder knowing he could get off, rather than manslaughter which he probably would have been convicted of.
  12. Combine differences

    Early 1680's had IH 466 engine from 1986 to 1990?, then they got the CDC 8.3. The high RPM's that the IH engine had no problem running at, gave the Cummins 8.3 some problems so they they changed the gearing in the PTO box to lower the operating RPM's of the Cummins in the 1688 models. The 1688 also had the 12" longer chaffer and shoe and the fan changed from the paddle fan to the squirrel cage fan to increase airflow for the longer chaffer and shoe. That's the main changes that I can think of.
  13. 986 Electrical Issues

    Is the battery actually losing its charge so the tractor is not starting? Digital multi-meters are pretty reasonable if you don't have one. Check your alternator output to see if you are getting 14 volts with it running. Lights also need a good ground or they will be dim, then sometimes bright, then dim again.
  14. And I thought I was just deplorable....

    Very good post Tony! I would like to believe it is nice enough to be a swamp, but it better resembles a sewer. The PROGRESSIVE rino republicans and democrats are a uni-party that has been in power too long. They could care less about us fly-over country deplorables. And you are right, liberalism is a mental disease, they are not rational. I am happy to find out I am in good company, for the most part, on this board.
  15. I figured I would give you all a heads up on a new scam I was just hit with. Received a phone call and the caller ID displayed Discover Card 1-800-347-2683. I answered and the guy on the phone said "Hi, my name is Rick and I am with the fraud department of Discover Card. We have seen some charges on your card we would like you to verify. I need to verify it is you I am talking to, your account is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx? I said "Yes that is correct." He said "Your mother's maiden name?" I told him. He said " The last four of your SSN?" I told him. He said " And your birthdate?" I told him. He said "OK that is verified. We have seen some charges that do not look correct. We have one from Wal-Mart for $334.78." I said " That would be incorrect. I do not ever shop at Wal-Mart. " This seemed to make him stumble in his easy going rhythm. He then said " There is another for $1200.00 for" I stopped him and said" No way, that one is definitely fraudulent, because I haven't charged that much at one time anywhere in the last month on a credit card." In the background I heard a dog bark and what sounded like a sliding door close. I immediately thought, something is not right. He then started talking again but it was broken and garbled. The call ended, but he called back and again the caller ID showed Discover Card. He said " Sorry about that, don't know why the call dropped." I said" Do you have an extension number so I can reach you because I am having trouble hearing you." He said "Just call 1-800-Discover or 347-2683 and talk to anyone in the fraud dept." He said something else garbled and then hung up. I felt I just got phished because I heard the dog barking and the sliding door close, I immediately called Discover Card and asked if any of their agents work from home and if there was any fraudulent charges on my account. The agent said that he didn't think any of the fraud dept. worked from home and there was no suspicious charges on my account. I told him what happened and asked what the scammer could do with the information I gave him. He said he will have the same access to your account as you do so you need to change your account number. I told him "Do it." This happened yesterday around 1:30 PM and got a replacement card at 9:00 AM this morning. I have Lifelock and notified them and the bank and the other credit card company that I have. Lifelock also said I needed to file a report online with the FTC which I did. This scammer was smooth, maybe he had previously worked for Discover or another credit card company. If he wouldn't have spoofed the caller ID, I think I would have never fell for the scam. The mother's maiden name, last four SSN, and sometimes birthdate are legitimate questions asked by the credit card companies for verification when you call in. The world is a changing place, I remember when I opened my first checking account in high school, my checks had my full SSN right on the front. In fact, in Iowa, your driver's license number was your SSN many years ago. I feel like a fool, but wanted you all to know what is going on right now so you don't become a victim. I think from now on when I get a call from the bank, insurance company, or credit card companies, I will ask for their extension number and then call them at their place of business with a number I know is correct. A friend of ours received a call on his cell phone from his house number on the caller ID. Thinking it was his wife and an emergency, he answered it. It turned out to be some solicitor trying to sell a vacation cruise , but being sent from his house phone number. I also wonder if the scammer was going after Discover Card because of the cash back bonus. With the information he had, he could have possibly gotten the cash back bonus money, and it might not have shown up right away because it was not a charge on a credit card which can be disputed. With the holidays just around the corner, I am sure there will be more scams popping up so be vigilant and be very cautious who you give your personal information to.