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  1. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    I hope fate steps in, and in the near future while Bergdahl is crossing the street at night he is struck by a Greyhound bus driven by a half-blind, half-drunk union bus driver with a bad attitude who hears a thump noise, but continues driving for miles with Bergdahl stuck underneath having his skin ground off every time the bus sways. Then when the bus strikes a large pothole, Bergdahl rolls out from under the bus, but not before having both legs and arms broke, and flips into the ditch of the deserted highway. While moaning in pain, the ghosts of the six soldiers who died while looking for him, pay a visit and relentlessly torment him causing him to call to allah for help. Finally, upon hearing something approaching him from the darkness, his eyes focus on the largest wild hog he has ever seen who proceeds to eat him alive while he screams from the top of his lungs " Allah Akbar!". Being pork is "unclean", no 72 virgins for Bergdahl. could happen. I would rather see this scenario happen then to see him walk away with virtually no punishment and receiving $300,000 of back pay. I wouldn't be quite as upset with this traitor if the other soldiers wouldn't have gotten hurt and killed looking for the idiot.
  2. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    Sadly, I bet you are correct. I believe he did switch sides, but never did switch back. Muslims have a word for lying to infidels, "al-Taqiyya", roughly meaning that it is permitted to openly lie to infidels to further the cause of islam. No wonder O'b@ssturd portrayed him as a hero, he should have faced a firing squad.
  3. 1020 flex head question

    Hi ibendem, the control cable attaches directly to the sensing tube on the head. No 5/16" rod on ours. Messicks parts site calls your feeder house a 54.5". I was always told it was either a 47" or a 54" just like jass1660 said. Here is a couple pics of where the cable attaches to sensor tube. The guard is blocking it somewhat, but you should still see how it is attached.
  4. 7240 hydraulic problem

    Well, that sucks. Hopefully it will be the cheaper of the possible fixes. Post back when you find out what it was.
  5. 7240 hydraulic problem

    Glad to see it didn't take you very long to solve your problem bitty. Good job! Thanks for posting how you solved it. I always check this site first when I have an unusual mechanical problem and the when the problem is posted plus the resulting fix, I find it to be an invaluable resource.
  6. 1020 flex head question

    Hi acem, there are six different lengths of cables listed ranging from 80.8 inches long to 122 inches long. There are different lengths because of the different configurations of the combines. Our 1440 has a 47 inch feederhouse with no rock trap and uses the 80.8 inch cable part #189131C1, it was roughly $150.00. You can go to which should bring you to the parts page showing the different options of part #14. If the link doesn't work, just look up 1440 combine, then select Hydraulics, subcategory (10-68) Hydraulics, Automatic header control, Serial No. 1501 thru 20000. Look for part #14. has an easy to use website showing the prices. Hope this helps.
  7. 1020 flex head question

    Here are some pics.
  8. 1020 flex head question

    Hi ibendem. If you are using the factory auto header height control, the pure mechanical control, you will not be using the electric potentiometer mounted on the head. Instead of the cable running under the head and then to the potentiometer mounted on the head, the cable will mount from the same point under the head, then all the way back to the valve sensing arm mounted on the combine behind the ladder. If I post this image correctly, the cable #14 will attach to item # 12. The cable is close to seven feet long on ours, but the length may be different if your feeder house is the 54" instead of 47" like ours. To have the auto header work correctly, look at your owners manual page 112 and 113. You have to tighten end to the body of the pressure coupling, turn you header height knob clockwise as far as possible then back off eight full turns. Raise the head off the ground and connect the cable to part #12 and remove the slack in the cable. You do not have to have the accumulator valve open like the operator manual suggests, it will work fine with it closed, I know because ours lost its nitrogen charge so I just shut the valve. To activate it, run at high idle and push the header valve control forward until it goes into detent. When working correctly, you should be able to go in front of header and lift crop divider with your hand and whole head will lift, release and it will go back to ground. Adjust your field height by turning knob beside the seat clockwise or counterclockwise to raise or lower it. Your header sensing has to work or the auto header control will not. Check by lower head and watching indicator on right side of head going from the top line to the bottom line. Like INTERNATIONAL 1466 said, all the sensing arms underneath the head need to be adjusted correctly. They are just clamped on, so they can rotate out of position. We've been running this auto header system on our 1980 1440 and 1020 head for the last five years with no problems so far. It seems like it's smoother than our electric header height on our newer combines. The cable from the head to the combine kinda just hangs there, so I attach it very, very, very loosely to the reel lift hose with a thick zip tie just so it doesn't catch on something while in the field.
  9. Down Corn

    "Even if you planted roundup beans there are still herbicides available to kill corn in them." Correct. We used to have our spraying hired out and used Select to control our volunteer during our post spray in our roundup beans and got decent control, but still a few escaped. Our neighbor planted Liberty beans in a field he had roundup corn in the year before, and he sprayed liberty during his post spray and it totally smoked that volunteer corn. I was impressed.
  10. Fill me in on the MX240 tractor

    What is a "boxcar magnum"? 71/72/89 series Magnums. I guess they got that nickname because they are "boxy", very square shaped?
  11. Building a Sentry Module

    Good work ZachGrant. I was hoping someone would try this and post it. Had to look up "Audrino controller", hadn't heard of that before.
  12. Down Corn

    We had a windstorm knock down a bunch about five years ago and disked in what was left on the ground, hoping for it all to sprout before disking it again. We were doing corn on corn and thought it would be ok, we were wrong, boy that volunteer has a strong will to live. If your using roundup corn and doing corn again, look for a strait liberty corn or if rotating to beans, use a liberty bean so a least you can kill the volunteer corn. Unfortunately, a lot of corn varieties are now both roundup and liberty tolerant.
  13. Opinions on tractor upgrade

    I'd agree on a 7150 or a small Steiger for a 950 16 row. We have a 12row 30" 950 with liquid fertilizer behind our IH 5088 FWA and it is plenty in our hills. Lotta tongue weight for a small tractor. Tractor has enough power, but feels light when going down our steep hills. My cousins run two FWA MX270s, duals all around, and pull their 16 row planters without any problems in the hills. I have seen MX270's occasionally around the 40K mark, but with higher hours.
  14. 1440 controls?

    We use a "cable controlled" non-electric over hydraulic 1440 with a 1020 head as our dedicated "bean combine". It has auto header height control and works great. Instead of a cable to connect to a potentiometer on the head, the cable goes from the head to a valve on the left side behind the ladder on the combine. You do not have to use the accumulator "nitrogen cylinder" to have it work. I keep the valve closed on ours and the auto header is very smooth. The 1420s I have seen are narrow and only have one discharge spinner on the back with a smaller rotor, think it is 20". The 1440s and 1460s are essentially the same machine with a 24" rotor, except for the turbo on the 1460 and the heavier front axle, final drives, and hydrostat pump and motor. The 1480 is about a foot wider with five augers in the bed under the rotor instead of four on the 40/60 size machine. The 1480 also has the larger 30" rotor. We have both the electric over hydraulic and cable controlled combines and they are both easy to use, however, have had less trouble with the cable controls than the electric controls. Have had some mouse eaten wires and a couple of solenoids go bad and stop the newer electric controlled combines while the ol' cable controlled 1440 keeps chugging along.
  15. Give and take word game

    High beam