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  1. Curious where the original picture came from hydro 70? I believe this is a neighbor of mine near Delta ohio
  2. I Can't see the pictures?
  3. Just went through this on our 7200 planter.found kinze take offs but we're basically brand new. Problem I ran into was the hole did not properly line up for the drive. Had a local machine shop modify them but wish I had just gotten them from shoup. Did have one from them and it lined up perfectly and was essentially exactly the same meter.
  4. Had a somewhat similar problem on one we converted only if I remember right it would build pressure on one valve and not the others. Turned out one of the ball check valves was missing between the remotes. Believe it was called signal check. Thought it was not relevant due to eliminating PFC system but it solved the problem. Also would keep on eye on the office you installed by the hyd filter return as debris from the pump failure plugged ours and ruined the first gear pump we installed. Hope this helps.
  5. Do they make the large weights like these?
  6. original set up is not too good with most having the over center style. I recommend to pull the cover so you can see what is going on and put in the updated spring engaging kit. case Ih sells as a kit but not the cheapest way but makes the park lock a lot safer and dependable.