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  1. Differences 5288 vs. 5488

    I always wondered if the inline pump was a requirement for a c series. Both my 54s have the inline pump. I've never seen a 52 with an inline pump either but are the internal engine components c series-like?
  2. Differences 5288 vs. 5488

    Does the 52s have c series engines like the later 54s?
  3. AC 190 XT, JD 4020 & Farmall

    My f-i-l was an AC fan and had two with a cab. All you heard was the turbo when plowing. Really wound up tight to get the power. It eventually scored a piston and he traded for an AC 200. Had the same engine but much better cab. They we're a cheaper tractor to buy but not nearly the tractor as the 4020 or 806... I ran all of those at one time or another.
  4. 496 disk cylinder

    Had the wing cylinder rebuilt years ago when I owned o. There is a bypass in the cylinder that must be put back correctly for the slave system to work. An ordinary cylinder will not work.
  5. Reasonably priced oil filters canada

    X2 o n Napagold/wix filters for price and quality.
  6. 3594 value

    Tech found the problem. A solenoid valve was stuck. It was really scuffed up but after some buffing it works as it should now. Lucky to have a cih mechanic nearby that's got some experience working on these old girls. Thanks for all the advice on the problem.
  7. Type of Clutch. self adjusting or regular? 84 series

    I've got an '85 784 and it came with a self adjusting clutch. On it's third clutch but has a lot of hours with clutch work.
  8. 5488 hydraulic problem

    X2. If it's fixed right and updated if needed, it will a solid tractor for years to come.
  9. 3594 value

    We'll, it's not right yet...replaced bad shift solenoid. Now it may move in 1, nothing in 2, 3 OK, 4&6 will move but same speed, and 5 is faster than 4&6. Will replace relay board now even though tech thought it was OK. I know nothing about this trans setup but it sure seems electrical to me the way 4, 5, and 6 act. Fingers are crossed it is the relay board.
  10. 5488 running hot

    We always clean our three 50 series radiators with garden hose sprayer once per year at least from the front. We just let it dry before we use it again. It's amazing how much gunk you get out even if the tractor is not running hot.
  11. 3594 value

    Tech found two electrical problems. One was on the relay board...metal strip between terminals was broken. He soldered that together and checked out good. Second was one of the three shift solenoids on right of trans is dead. He switched with a good one and it worked fine. Checked all hyd pressure...all up to specs. Did find 15 amp fuse blown as a result of solenoid he thought. At any rate, relieved it's not mechanical so tractor lives to pull another day. Thanks for all the advice...always helpful.
  12. 3594 value

    Putting a relay board in tomorrow... here's hoping!
  13. 3594 value

    Won't move in 1 or 2 in any range. Tech is coming again today to check pressure. Relay board was OK from what he could tell. Checking around to see what parts would cost for rebuild. We have a community college with an outstanding diesel tech program that does this type of work. Have used them before with great results. Saves labor cost with just a $500 donation to the program. Might be able to get in there if I want to keep it.
  14. 3594 value

    Hey guys, what can I expect to get for our 3594 needing a trans rebuild? Paint is original but good, newly rebuilt radiator, new compressor, new cab interior, new hytran, dynos 180, with 5600 hrs. Engine uses no oil. 18.4-42 with clamp on duals. Think I'm just going to sell it rather than fix it.
  15. 3" sickle speed

    Confirmed the I have the 500rpm pulley. First single guard by driver had to washered down a little cause it was getting very hot. Everything seems to be smoother now as a result. Sure cuts nice.