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  1. Hot shot secrete fuel/oil additive

    My experience with the 3 6.0s I've had just change the injector because it's going to be junk before long.
  2. Running at max rpms

    You should be fine running it like that I have a 1845c with close to 9000 hours and I'm sure only a third of them have been wfo and other than ware parts we haven't touched it. I think the newer small displacement turbocharged engines need to be run faster just to make power.
  3. Can't resist the red

    Just a 175 year anniversary edition they made 175 skid steers and ctl's painted red.
  4. Can't resist the red

    They do run def I have not had any trouble with it we have around 800 hours on the first def machine we got, it came with a 3 year 3000 hour bumper to bumper and so far just a bad crimp on a hydraulic hose.
  5. Can't resist the red

    Yeah they changed the undercarriage design in 2015 and it so much easier to clean now.
  6. Can't resist the red

    My Deere had electric issues in the controls and some fuel injection problems other wise we liked the machine but service is sketchy at best in our area. It was a few series older than your machine.
  7. Farm Tool Trivia

    Is that the funnel for a flat top bulk tank?
  8. Can't resist the red

    We have another tv380 and have no complaints. I have always run case with a new holland and (Deere)shhhh mixed in but case has been the mainstay for close to 20 years. Yikes I'm getting old!
  9. Can't resist the red

    We decided to upgrade one of the ctl's before the snow season and after considering a brand change due to the fact that we have a Cat dealer 6 miles away I still stuck to my find the best deal farmer ways and called the case salesman. I guess his job was easy better price, better warranty and he had a red one!
  10. field maps

    I think climate corp is still free and then you could get a print shop to print a wall map from that.
  11. 1688 automatic header

    They cost a little more than they did a few years back but it looks like you can still get them and it does make the header height more reliable.
  12. 1688 automatic header

    Check with your case ih dealer for the upgrade on the 1020 it is a couple hundred for the rod kit but it works and the dealers around here usually have them on the shelf.
  13. Super nice 856

    That is a hydraulic pump, not sure what for.
  14. Forum rules

    You just broke your new rule! just a couple random pics of our fun/**** from last week
  15. 1688 automatic header

    Could be the potentiometer on the head I have had to replace them before there are different ones for older and newer combines. If I remember correctly the accumulator should be closed when you are using auto header height.