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  1. Thanks for the help guys. I googled corn binder pictures and this hulk is most similar to a John Deere binder
  2. I went digging for treasure on Easter weekend. I had noticed some steel poking up in a fence row some years back and finally got to investigating. What is this machine I've uncovered?
  3. Thanks for correcting me, Case orange has always been referred to as power red in my experience, I didn't realize there was different shades, the only mention of flambeau red I've seen was on a plasti-kote spray bomb, I always figured it was a French-English lost in translation thing. Here's the rambling part... hahaha, as a youngin seeing my first dc4 in its proper livery, at sunset in the summer time, I asked why someone would paint it red? They must have named there orange a red while looking at it in the desert sunset.
  4. I derbied for a few years, I'm the green car, I drove that 85 Parisienne at the time I got married in '09, pic is from 2012
  5. That's the first tractor me n my brother painted on our own, if I remember right dad took the 1650 on trade fo a JD710. The cockshutt had a fwd/rev power shuttle shifted by pedals, it was a unit in the place of the over/under, when we got it it had no reverse, the parts we sourced to fix were looked up from a boat transmission application.
  6. If you google image cockshutt or Oliver 1650 industrial you'll see this
  7. Dad's first float, 81 s17 something originally 404 5+2 now has 446, been out of service for a couple years now, pic from this fall when he was organizing shed. This truck was originally from O'Neils, an IH then CaseIH dealer in southern Ontario
  8. My great uncles' 856
  9. And on the topic of belts, they are worn on the waist line and when working has the cheap modern IH belt buckle, for special occasions the quality "First buckle issued under the new CaseIH name" is used. Anyone see one of them before?
  10. Trying to curve one of the flat hat bills is quite the task, they are wider and much thicker than than a traditional ball cap. I'm a fan of the good old strap back cap with a heck of a curve, I am a younger generation though and there are times you'll catch me with my hat backwards, sometimes you need a cap and the peak interferes with getting right in there. I seem to alternate throughout the summer with either a burnt face or back of neck
  11. I'll have to look at that 484/5? I'm really questioning what it was that was different that makes it stand out in memory, besides the IH grill and CaseIH colours Something I've wondered about is classification of a Farmall M. Most of what I've seen here calls what I'd call a MDTA a MTAD, is that a tomato/tomatto thing?