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  1. My dad sold Lamborghini tractors for a few years, as mentioned before Lamborghini is owned by Same-Duetz Fahr(SDF). The Lambos were away around the deal Duetz had with Agco, there were Hurlimanns imported here in Canada too. If I remember right the head office of Same Duetz North America (as it was called in the early 2000s) was somewhere in Texas. The Lamborghinis quit coming when they were able to bring Duetz back. A 6105 White is a SDF tractor as well as the utility line from available from Agco at that time. When the Lambos were here they ranged from 30-165 pto hp.
  2. The company that makes my bender would be worth looking into. They call there exhaust line is called Blue Boy, there company name is AMH. Google will point you there. Our pipe bender has been a great machine, 7 years strong.
  3. Got to love old barns, in one of my cousin's barn they had many tunnels, they filled the mow with squares as there chores and tunnelled in on their free time. The only rule stipulated by my uncle was to leave 4 tier untouched for insulation, by March the tunnels were done. My grampy and uncles were one of the first round balers in the area, they put them in a door of the loft and rolled them around into place. One of my uncle's said the last year they did all square there was 36000 of them, so I guess the grunt involved in rolling 50 rounds about would be better. A dairy farmer I once worked for was used to town kids for employees, and would throw the squares on the elevator at a leisurely pace. I told him to just feed it to me, it was 'fun' at the time to exert myself like that, when the wagon was empty, I'd still have bales to pile and John would fill a gallon water jug and send it up on the elevator before he grabbed the other wagon. I would drink the whole gallon and go again. If only I was still in that kind of shape. John's barn was an old tie stall bank barn, the granary could be seen only for a couple months then it was piled in. One thing I'm sure that anyone who has been around old lofts has seen many worn barn boards, it's neat how the grains are displayed on such a flat angle.
  4. Very nice!! A friend of mine traded his 89 Dyna for the same bike, also same colour, this season. He rented a '16 Road Glide while visiting his brother in Florida this past winter and said he had to have one. I haven't driven the newer bike, even though I've been given the chance. I'm a couple/few years away (financially) from replacing my 91 Electra Glide Ultra Classic. Congrats on the new toy!
  5. My first one was an 81 Parisienne that I traded a k car for, I painted the Pontiac IH red interesting to note. Most of my "metric" GM full size cars have been cheap as well, 8 of them no more than $350, a real nice 84 Cadillac with an unfinished 350 swap for $800, and my 77 88 for $3200. The 77 is a peach, factory Chevy 350, 107 miles, only thing I've done is dual exhaust, wheels and a wooden steering wheel. Ive done some banging inside or outside of all of them.
  6. Cool loaner, our loaners are a pair of early 2000s Cavaliers, not nearly as classy as that beauty. I'm fond of those cars, have owned several of them over the years both as drivers and derby cars. I haven't been able to own every model in that platform yet but have had every make. I have a real nice 77 Olds 88 that i drive most days in the summertime.
  7. Thanks for the help guys. I googled corn binder pictures and this hulk is most similar to a John Deere binder
  8. I went digging for treasure on Easter weekend. I had noticed some steel poking up in a fence row some years back and finally got to investigating. What is this machine I've uncovered?
  9. Thanks for correcting me, Case orange has always been referred to as power red in my experience, I didn't realize there was different shades, the only mention of flambeau red I've seen was on a plasti-kote spray bomb, I always figured it was a French-English lost in translation thing. Here's the rambling part... hahaha, as a youngin seeing my first dc4 in its proper livery, at sunset in the summer time, I asked why someone would paint it red? They must have named there orange a red while looking at it in the desert sunset.
  10. I derbied for a few years, I'm the green car, I drove that 85 Parisienne at the time I got married in '09, pic is from 2012
  11. That's the first tractor me n my brother painted on our own, if I remember right dad took the 1650 on trade fo a JD710. The cockshutt had a fwd/rev power shuttle shifted by pedals, it was a unit in the place of the over/under, when we got it it had no reverse, the parts we sourced to fix were looked up from a boat transmission application.
  12. If you google image cockshutt or Oliver 1650 industrial you'll see this
  13. Dad's first float, 81 s17 something originally 404 5+2 now has 446, been out of service for a couple years now, pic from this fall when he was organizing shed. This truck was originally from O'Neils, an IH then CaseIH dealer in southern Ontario