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  1. My father and I bought this truck in March 2016. We will be using it as a show piece and to pull our tractors. When I was 4 years old this truck would have been a brand new truck bought by Robert Weed Plywood Corp of Bristol Indiana. Which coinsidently was next door to where I grew up. We've had the frame and wheels sandblasted and painted and the truck is now undergoing body paint and repair. I will be adding photos soon.
  2. Thank you, I am very happy how it all came together. I agree the big hoods do command attention. The older trucks just have so much more personality than what is being built today.
  3. Thank you, the wheels are painted white and hubs are painted black. I agree the Dayton wheels are rare. Actually we had a tire shop install all new tires and now I have to loosen the duels and get them lined up correctly since the tire shop didn't understand that Dayton you have to spin and tighten while having a sledgehammer standing up close to line them up. The truck does have air powered wipers. The driver side is leaking air because the housing is cracked. I just picked up the new air motor in yesterday.
  4. Thank you, I have to admit the folks at Dygert Upholstery in Elkhart, IN helped me out with ideas on integrating the white and red. They really did a fantastic job.
  5. If I remember correctly just west off US 31 in the Argos, IN area.
  6. More pictures of finished interior.
  7. This truck has Dayton wheels all the way around.
  8. Currently putting the new interior back in. Here is a couple pictures. The color for the interior was picked to pay respect to the older IH red and white.
  9. Thank you, I will be excited to have it finished and on the road with a load of our antique tractors.
  10. Still working on the truck. The interior is at the upholstery shop. Added new air horns today and continued painting dash pieces.
  11. Still a work in progress, interior is at the upholstery shop.

    IH84 Drop Visor.jpg

    1. IHC4life


      Reinstalling the dash and gauges.


    2. IHC4life


      The dash is all in with new vent tubing.


  12. I checked the CPL number and the engine is a Big Cam III.
  13. it looks like the lower engine.
  14. ok thank you, I will check it out
  15. I am not sure which motor it is. Will it say on the the motor somewhere?
  16. Lol, post a picture of you cabover. I am a huge fan of the old school cabovers.
  17. Thank you, we will keep working on the truck. Just getting close to the 35th Annual Antique Farm Power Show in Lagrange Indiana. Seems like we never have enough time. The driver side fuel tank will be replaced(as soon as one is located), block heater plug in will be put in the hole in the front of the hood, and the tanks will be polished out. Over the winter we will keep fixing little things on the truck.
  18. Today I hooked up our step deck so tomorrow morning I can drop the trailer off for aluminum ramps and floor repair. The new tires are on the truck. Took it out for a spin to use the trailer brakes since one was not wanting to release off the drum.
  19. The truck has a 855 Cummins with 9 Speed Transmission.
  20. We are keeping the original wheels for now. Who knows in the future,
  21. Thank you everyone for the comments, once we get it back the bumper and driver side fuel tank will be replaced. Then both tanks will be polished and wheels then will be repainted and brand new tires will go on. I will send updated pictures when we move forward.
  22. Truck is almost done. Body Shop has a few little things to finish.