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  1. She didn’t see the humor...

    I didn't know wifes would do that, not the complaining part.
  2. Profile says Oct 22 2007, that seems about right. Had dial up and took forever to load a pic. Stumbled on this site and never looked back. The only site I post regular on. Great place for sure!!
  3. Excuse Me, I will be back in a couple of minutes....
  4. That tractor is a screen saver on computor, with duals it is perfect!!!
  5. Not a member here hopefully

    Here too, I four corner everything including My CTL. Backhoe gets one on front bucket and one on hoe bucket to go with the four. Cat 943 gets four corner and one on bucket, dozer only requires four corner for some reason blade doesn't count like a bucket. Another question on how Y'all boom down. I loop chain and hook back into itself on both ends and then the ratchet binder bites chain and extra chain is loose at binder. Some wrap chain through or around and then pull through that which tightens tens side of chain against binder which drives Me crazy. Looks like Your front chain is pulling against binder for a referance on what I am talking about. Well, looks like one chain with two binders so a little different then I do it. Not sure Tn DOT will take one chain since if one side breaks or gets loose both sides do.
  6. Bale unroller repair

    Nice job, and the stove is the bomb. That thing can burn small stumps!!! Nothing worse than a small load door, You sure don't have that problem.
  7. Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Great news, sil just finished up Her last treatments after surgery, radiation and chemo. She is doing great and We are asking the all powerful one the same for Your better half. Prayers sent from Tennessee.
  8. Dow passed 24,000

    Tony is right, play the same game the elites play. All the rules are set up for them so playing by those is probably the only way to win, or at least do better. Flat or fair tax might be a suckers bet, the elites are going to suck Us dry no matter the system. The plus with a flat or fair tax is they can't pick winners and loosers at their whim, just raise or lower; I know funny; the rates. Takes the ability to nudge You and Me in whatever direction they want the herd to go. Article 5 convention of States is the only way to wrangle power back to the States and the People, the elites are NEVER going to just give it back. Good conversation, I'm done. Next
  9. Pictures from National Auction

    Ya, the CC blade?????$$$$ Inquiring minds want to know.
  10. Dow passed 24,000

    The plans I have seen starts everyone out at a rebate of the first 20,000 ish of income so someone making that would end up paying 0 and all others would start paying after that. Will be things to work out but with no deductions those rich ceo's and hedge fund tax cheats couldn't hide their ill gotten gains and govt can't "nudge" You and Me in a direction the elites want Us to go. Then slash the size of govt and return power back to the states. It baffles Me anyone could go to D.C. and not get sick from the size and scale of Our massively bloated govt. It is truly repulsive...
  11. Sleeper Cars.

    I love the topper door flying open on the holeshots on farm truck. A lot of them in the video were not sleepers but I like the concept. Had a 77 Rabbit that was pretty quick in 81. A guy in town had a new 305 Camero and wanted to race, spotted ME two and I beat Him by more. Lined up even and I smoked Him again. He sure hated that car and it was gone not long after that.
  12. Dow passed 24,000

    Hmmm, after reading all of these to Me a flat tax is the only option. Anything else is smoke and mirrors, lower corp. tax and raise personal and some cry. Reverse it and the others cry. As long as the govt can set rates on different things; i.e. tax "breaks" for housing, kids, donations, corp. investment; then it has control over We the People, like it or not that is all it is period. A flat or fair tax would generate the needed money for govt to operate, without the control though so IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN if it's up to the elected elite. We can discuse this till all turn red but in the end very little will change, just the WAY they "violate" Us. The answer to all this is a convention of States because history has proven congress will never do what is good for We the People, only what is good for them the elite. Congrats on all keeping this thread civil.
  13. Vertical tillage of corn stalks

    Maybe do a little test plot for Him and run over a small area again like He wants. Then You have something to compare and You answer Your own question. That's a lot of You's.
  14. 856 Farmall wont turn over

    Doubole check your grounds, connections at your batterys too. I just had an issue with skid steer, all looked good but ground was not making contact, no corrosion, just needed a good cleaning. As R190 said, test light/volt meter is going to be your friend.
  15. Power shifting

    70 Boss 302, all had 4 speed toploaders. Engine gone so I put in a 390 and added a Hurst super shifter 3. I hurt two different transmissions with that set up but sure was fun jamming gears!!! Have a 4 speed and an in line shifter in the basement that is going in the 63 short step Chevy this winter, can't wait to sidestep that clutch and run it through the gears.