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    My girls,all red tractors,a little MX, machines that move dirt,and a little snow sking.

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  1. 2017 plow day kentucky

    Looking like it's on for Saturday? Weather seems to be playing nice.
  2. Reseed the lawn

    X2 on the pics. I store a craftsman core areator for a neighbor. I just throw a rear wheel weight from a M and that seems to get it in the ground. I think #350 would tear it up. CC 149 does the work for Me, plug MIL and My yard every September, overseed and then like to drag it to break up plugs.
  3. First time combining soybeans

    Congrats on surviving your first the 1256!
  4. 2188 pics and problem especially for SDman

    That makes Me itch just looking at that pile!!!
  5. Anyone want a 4 year old?

    Sorry to hear that. Wife is icing a Texas sheet cake as I type. Kids are off at collage and no animals to steal it..... except it is going with her to work in the morning. Something about pharmacy appreciation day so She is making it for the pharmacy co-workers.
  6. On my 3rd reading of this book

    That song chokes Me up every time. Grandpa sold out 1000 acre farm in 67 when I was 5, Dad sold His 315 acre farm when I was 11. I have lived My life wondering if Dad had been able to buy the 1000 what would have come of it. I graduated in 1980 and never wanted to do anything but farm so i would have been knee deep then. Would have been adding on/starting My own in the 80s so not sure We would have survived. No need to worry about stuff that never had a chance. All of you that did/still farm, as bad as it is thank God every day cause anything else never takes the place of it.
  7. 2017 plow day kentucky

    Will do hope to make it next week.
  8. Snapledge

    Slight highjack, can you put it in a bunk or does it have to go in an upright? Does it ensilage like regular cut does? Just a few questions I don't know the answer to.
  9. Like a little ham with your corn?

    Funny thing when I watched it, after it was over one of the click bate videos on the side was "Hitlery Clinton makes suprise visit".......seemed appropriate after a hog video to Me.....
  10. How bout some good ole Kentucky tobacco

    Got any pics of the machine that cuts and spikes it? Last time I looked was several years ago and think I found a few videos of some crude ones.
  11. 2017 plow day kentucky

    Well with a little luck I might get to shake away. Supposed to be nice tomorrow and Friday with low dew points, might dry up......course We know wherer mites grow.
  12. Kicked the can down the road

    if not it's close, it owes you nothing fo rsure.
  13. 30 years ago today it snowed

    Congrats on marrying up!!! Was 30 years for us last month. We were going on our first cruise to celebrate but erma the hurricane changed that plan. Ended up in L.A. for a few days on the beach. Lower Alabama that is.
  14. How bout some good ole Kentucky tobacco

    A friend from High School was growing 100+/- acres a few years ago hung all his on plastic covered scaffolds. Can't remember how much it saved Him over barns but the number seemed like $100 an acre or something like that. He was telling Me at a school reunion several years ago so it's a little rusty, I have slept since then. I do remember it was a big number.