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  1. First time combining soybeans

    Getting the load ready to go to town.
  2. First time combining soybeans

    I'm set up to put about 1000 bu. in the bin. The rest will go to town. The 1256 makes a good wagon hauler with the good road speed.
  3. First time combining soybeans

    1993 1688 with 25 foot head.
  4. First time combining soybeans

    Got started combing this weekend. First time ever combining beans. Man there is a lot to watch! I have a pretty bad night shade problem so had to stop. I’ll have to wait for a hard freeze.
  5. Brought this home today

    I had to drive by this afternoon. Your yard looks like you are hoarding all the 88's!
  6. Brought this home today

    Was that a private deal or an auction? I saw there was one on an auction up in Glencoe today.
  7. IH 710 6 bottom plow value?

    That's my plan! I've got a small alfalfa field that's going into wheat next year. That should make for some nice plowing pics and videos.😁
  8. IH 710 6 bottom plow value?

    Just bought a 5x16 auto reset last week. Paid $775. It's in decent shape just needs shares. All other parts are good.
  9. What's wrong with this.......

    But no accordion.
  10. What's wrong with this.......

    I didn't notice the one brake. I was seeing the left hand shifting, and the TA.
  11. What's wrong with this.......

    I was cruising around on Craigslist and came across this "beauty". Take a look at the pictures, tell me what's wrong.
  12. Need a new renter... let the sucking up begin

    Just a thought from my prospective. What does your economic situation allow? As a new guy starting out, if I ever plan on making a living by farming I would need to catch a break on rent someplace. Are there any small/new/young farmer's in the area that you could give a kickstart? Most small-ish guys will have the time and or desire to do the best with the land that they can. Just my rambling......

    I usually refer to it as "gonebroker"😕 I've done a few deals both selling and buying. It is a good place to find the "gold plated who's floozer" that you can't find elsewhere.
  14. Somebody here NEEDS this!

    I would have surely lost the bet on either of these. Seems cheap.