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  1. Tour complete! I am home!
  2. My flight number back to MN today......... 1206!!!!!! 😁😁😁
  3. Flight info in hand, heading home tomorrow!
  4. Off to another day of processing. Turning in gear today. Got thru medical, dental, and hearing checks yesterday. Hopefully be done tomorrow!
  5. Back at Ft. Hood!
  6. We are back in the US!! Came in to Portsmouth New Hampshire. Now on to Ft. Hood to finish processing.
  7. And now we wait at the airport.😁😁
  8. Waiting to go thru customs and then on lock down.
  9. I think it may take 36 people to get my duffle bag zipped shut....😡😡
  10. Anybody remember "The red rocker" I can't drive......55!!
  11. I was too "busy" a couple of hours ago playing spades to tell you guy about my "59" 560.
  12. I'm more of a Ford guy😎
  13. Starting a new goal today. The posts may be coming faster, maybe even hourly........ Did you know that the 1066 series came out in "71"
  14. Top put out our final week's schedule. Going to be a week that is busy at times and boring at other times. We've got our flight date and time locked in😁😁 We keep the deck of cards handy!
  15. I like to be team captain and start on #1.