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  1. Being nine hours ahead of home gives me an advantage 😁
  2. Today is February 23rd....... That's convenient 😎
  3. Here is another MN one that came up today.
  4. Really looking forward to deer hunting next fall. In southern MN we can only use shotguns with slugs. But I'm good out to almost 200yds with rifled barrel and a scope. I'm sure plenty of you guys use a "30-30"😎
  5. There have been times I even open carry in church! This was our 20th anniversary in 2015. 2 44-40's 😁 As far as I know, nobody gave it a second thought.
  6. A few do, but kinda rare. We started the kids with "32" H&R mag. Still shoot "32" long in my derringer 😁
  7. They are popping up all over the place!
  8. Here is another MN one the showed up today
  9. If it isn't the one you are looking for I might have to give a call.
  10. Hey, this one just came up today
  11. But, it may be the opportunity for us new guys to get in and get going.
  12. Not exactly sure why, but for some reason I'm thinking today that I need a pair of "36's".......
  13. Did you have an alias?
  14. I have heard that the D358 are notorious for slobbering when underworked. Will planter/cultivator duty be enough to keep it cleaned out?