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  1. Here's the gift for your wife/girlfriend this holiday

    Or having to resign from office πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. Songs about farming

    Not a Luke Bryant fan by any stretch of the imagination, but, I do like his song Harvest Time. Also Montgomery Gentry's Daddy won't sell the farm.
  3. Funeral for my neighbor

    This is how we took my grandpa's ashes to the cemetery.
  4. Someone has to do it

    Mrs. Shooter did some babysitting this summer for a family at church. The family had a baby a couple weeks ago, so someone had to be the influence. 😁😁
  5. 1256 Fuel leak, help!

    Thanks guys. Ran good for another hour to finish up chisel plowing the bean ground.
  6. 1256 Fuel leak, help!

    Upon further inspection, I found that the mounting nuts were loose. That's an easy fix. But now I'm wondering, should there be fuel in there?
  7. 1256 Fuel leak, help!

  8. 1256 Fuel leak, help!

    Ok guys need your help. Is this leak easy to fix? Just a seal or an o-ring? Tractor is running fine and has all the power.
  9. Being a senior citizen

    So you are saying that it doesn't get any better??.....πŸ˜₯
  10. Bottle bombs

    I've always known them as McGyver (sp?) Bombs For some of us, MRE bombs are the noise maker of choice😬
  11. D358 block

    No connection to this. Just passing it along if anyone has a need.
  12. Running at max rpms

    Worked at New Holland dealer for a bunch of years back in the day. New Holland said "run at rated RPM". You get better hydraulic response in both the loader and the hydros. Also having worked on engines out of skid loaders, it is a fact that the ones that are run wide open will be cleaner inside the engine.
  13. Blue jeans

    Everything a man needs can be bought at Fleet Farm!
  14. Finishing up the bean ground

    The 1256 handles the 9 shank 6500 pretty well. Needed the duals on to put the power to the ground. https
  15. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    Wow, you must be plowing flour! 5-16's behind my 1256 last Saturday. The front wheels were usually 4-6 off the ground. But yes, 3rd low, DD. (and using the brakes to steer)