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  1. For those of you (us) that don't have perfect eyesight, I've found a way to introduce myself. Just look for this๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Of course I'll still have the "official" name tag also.
  2. I was talking to my aunt Amy. She has heard the same story about Frank. Said he has had some eyesight issues for quite some time. What is your family name?
  3. Starz. They had and showed Ayrshire cattle.
  4. Ok, now you have my attention. My Dad's family was all in he Bear valley Cubs! What years were you with the club?
  5. From whatever age it was I could start until the summer after senior year. Club president for the last two years. Many trips to the MN state fair. Projects included. Small engine, shop (both wood and metal) shooting sports, aerospace and tried showing chickens a few times.
  6. The kids got a little carried away on the his one๐Ÿ™„
  7. Like DWF said. FarmRite. They are the go to in central MN! Have seen very good support from them.
  8. Every time I've rebuilt a hay rake gearbox, I filled it with the farm Oyl fluid gear grease.
  9. Was going for 147k (according to the chart) 4th low TA. 5 MPH?
  10. Technically the closest town is Courtland. Address is New Ulm.
  11. Got the beans in last night. I wanted to get the field leveled out before the Co-op came to spray. Finished up as the sprayer was unfolding! 5 section, 30' Lindsay drag.
  12. Still had issues after adding seed flow (graphite) and running a brush thru the tubes and manifold. So pulled out the drill and put in 12" rows.
  13. I picked up a bottle this afternoon. Hopefully it helps
  14. Started (tried starting) planting today. Seems to work, except...... Row 7 and 8 seed tubes are plugging. Not at the bottom, but up in the drum. I can go maybe 100 yards and it's plugged. I pull the hose of at the tube under the seed hopper and beans roll out of the hose, but I have to push a wire up the tube to get it unplugged. Even with pressure in the drum. HELP!!!