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  1. 88 series serial number

    Not how I thought they routed the exhaust either but they did a clean job with it in my opinion.
  2. Possibility of a 51st state

    I'd throw in Benton Harbor and the town I'm near (Albion aka little Detroit ) to sweeten the pot
  3. L170 nh skid steer

    If we're talking the same accident he was a friend of my family. I posted a safety reminder on here about it. The funeral was Thursday morning.
  4. A waste of Michigan Tax dollars

    Bare with me, I need to rant. The town that my address is part of has the main street through town that is actually paved by bricks. The same red ones you would see on a brick house or a brick chimney. It's been that way for ever. For those of us that live around here and have to drive on it, it's always rougher than a cob to drive on and it's been completely redone once in the mid 90's from the ground up. It didn't hold up well at all. Well the street in question is also a State highway (M-99) so the state is responsible for what gets done with it in the maintenance department. The state a year ago approved to have the street redone. Great, right. Wrong, the historical folks got involved and it ended up going back to brick again. Brick on a state highway that sees a lot of semi truck traffic on it. This speaks well for longevity of the highway. This project supposedly has a price of $4.3 million dollars. Now it also includes the guter, water main and a number of other necessary jobs done at the same time. Then the bricks go in. However this project has turned into a giant boondoggle. Delays, cost overruns. The whole project was supposed to be done in mid November, The first segment of street was opened in mid October, the next segment mid December. The final segment they finally laid blacktop on it. Did a really good job at it. Here's the rub, the plan is next spring and summer they then plan on tearing the blacktop up and putting the brick down . Meanwhile all the brick work that has already been done has already started to come lose. Bricks are heaving and actually popping loose and blowing tires on cars. Its rougher than a cob with a $4.3 million dollar price tag. This is after between not quite 1 month and not quite 3 months of use. In fact the state told the city not to scrape the snow off the street until they can figure out what to do with the bricks coming loose. Now I'm not against historical preservation but I think a infusion of common sense is needed. Is spending over $4 million dollars on bricks on a state highway that sees a lot of heavy truck traffic and has already proven that brick doesn't hold up to that type of traffic the smartest thing to do? There is a considerable amount of people around the area that think this project was dumbest waste of money spent for the area in quite of while. The calls for blacktop are pretty loud right now. Not that the state or the historical societies will listen. I'm sorry for the long rant but after dealing with the detours all fall hauling corn and the huge amount of taxpayer money wasted for absolutely no gain except to appease a few people it has me a little hot under the collar.
  5. A waste of Michigan Tax dollars

    That has actually come along decent. I know there was a job fair about a month ago that was looking for people to fill the positions. I can't remember when the opening is.
  6. A waste of Michigan Tax dollars

    I can tell right now it wouldn't be brick. Other than those that are hardcore Historians, everyone else knows it's a fools errand. It hasn't held up all the other attempts, what makes them think trying the same thing over and over again is going to work. Couple that to the fact that the City of Albion is flat broke. A lot of the surface streets are falling apart so there is no money for something frivolous like this. This is all a State ran operation.
  7. A waste of Michigan Tax dollars

    I decided to add a few maps to show the layout of the roads and explain it better. Image 1 is the offending street highlighted in red. With Albion being where the North and South branches of the Kalamazoo river meet and form the main river there is only 5 north/south crossings of the river to get to the North side of town where most everything is including the ethanol plant we haul to. We're not going to count the 2 East/West crossings because you cross the offending brick to get to a north /south crossing plus there is absolutely no way in H--- Albion college will allow a bypass anywhere near the campus. Options 1 and 3 aren't heavy enough for truck and bridge 5 is in so bad of shape it's only 10 tons now. That leaves the original route and the detour right now. Eaton St. The 3rd image is the detour posted during the construction highlighted in blue. The street from Irwin Ave to Erie St is residential. With cars parked along the street it turns it into a 1 lane wait for the other to pass affair. There isn't really anyway to widen the street without taking what little lawns the houses have and running the road right up to the houses. North of Erie is only better because no parking on the street is allowed. The last 2 images are of the only viable bypass route highlighted in green. I'll call it River St but it changes names 3 more times. Eventually you take a left on to Neauburg Rd (Also known as 29 1/2 mile Rd) so you can eventually meet up with M-99. But another State made problem pops up. About 5 or 6 years ago the state bought the Railroad tracks from Norfolk Southern so they could do what they want since the Amtrack Wolverine train between Detroit and Chicago runs on it. There dreams are eventually to make it a higher speed rail line. Well 2 years ago the state and Amtrack did a bunch of work to the rail line and all the railroad crossings from Jackson to Battle Creek. Well when they redid the Neauburg Rd crossing they built it in such a way now anything with anything low slung like hopper bottom trailers, bullracks, lowboys, and anything along those lines can't clear the crossing without bottoming out and getting caught on the crossing. Great planning. Even if this hadn't been done one other problem crops up. For those of us that still need to head North and West into Albion see Figure one. See where M-99 meets up with the red line. That isn't a overshoot on my part. The brick extends another block north beyond the M-99 junction. If you need to head North on Superior St like I would to get to The Andersons, you turn all those heavy trucks right on all those bricks and still drive a block on it. Recipe for a long lasting street right. If they need a brick street so bad would it not be a better idea to use one of the side streets without the amount of heavy traffic on it?
  8. Winter Tractor Show

    Where exactly is this show at?
  9. Machinery Jockeys

    When you said Montrose Mi that all but gave it away for me since there isn't much else around there. Anyone that gets the Michigan Farm Trader can see his ads so it wasn't to hard to figure out. The boy seemed greedy huh. Ive seen that before. New Holland dealer near me had the son get greedy. Between him and the sales manager they managed to sink the dealer and even do some jail time before all was said and done.
  10. Memphis Belle

    X2 I was there with the girlfriend almost exactly 2 years ago. It was cool. I got tons of pictures when I was there.
  11. Machinery Jockeys

    Elmer Gross the jockey?
  12. 7110 salvage yard or fix

    The spiders in the differential on a 7110 are just bushings while the 20's on up had actual bearings.
  13. Friday evening a friend of ours was killed in a skid steer accident. From what I've read and heard from other sources he was using his skid steer to load his outside wood boiler when somehow while he was doing this he ended up getting pinned between the loader frame and the safety cage. When someone found him he was still pinned in the skid steer with the skid steer going around in circles. First responders got him unpined but attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he was declared dead at the scene. A sad situation all around. I know that this cold has left everyone short tempered and in a hurry but a step back to be extra careful might be the thing to do.
  14. 2017 crop year pictures

    That self propelled chopper. Is that a New Idea Uni Harvester?
  15. That's it. I couldn't figure out how to post the link. Thank you. Yeah it is awful finding a loved one like that. It sticks with you the rest of your life. That's what Dad says anyway. When he was 17 (January 1972) he was grinding feed for the pigs. They had the pigs running in a lot behind where his Grandparents lived. His Grandpa was burning brush in the fencerow by his house. Somehow he caught on fire. He had bad hips so he couldn't get down and roll himself out. Dad came around the field to unload feed in a pig feeder when he looked up to see his Grandpa staggering up the driveway with all the clothes below his stomach burned off. He was in shock obviously. Dad rushed to give aid while yelling for his Grandma to call the ambulance and to get his Dad. He ended up with 3rd degree burns on over 60% of his body. He ended up at the burn ward at the University of Michigan hospital where he slipped into a coma and died 14 days later. Ive always heard that the burn ward was the worst place in the hospital.
  16. 66 and 86 Tractors - What Are You Getting Into???

    I'd take a left hand shifting decent 86 series tractor with its cab over a 66 series any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I've ran a 986 and a 1466 and we still have a 786. I developed a extreme dislike of 66 series after running that 1466. I swear my ears still ring from running it and it's been gone since 2007.
  17. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    First bus was a 84 Chevy C-65 with the gas engine and a automatic transmission. A few years later they changed us to a 87 International with a diesel. The hood reminded me of a S 1900 model but I haven't seen it in over 20 years so my memory is a little faded on it. The last one was a 95 International. Can't think of the model right now even though I can picture it. Was riding that bus my freshman year of high school when the bus driver pulled out in front of a Dodge Ram pickup and was broadsided by it. They did fix it up and I rode it through my sophomore year and then got my license and could legally drive myself around. I think the bodies were Wayne but I can't be sure anymore. I just know they weren't Blue Bird.
  18. H hauling wood in the snow

    With all the talk on here about the cold and snow I decided to take a picture of what seems to be a full time job right now between 4 outdoor wood boilers. Hauling seasoned wood up from storage to have next to the stoves. This is a picture of my 1948 H after backing the wood cart at my house up to the stove. I thought it was a nice picture to share.
  19. JD dealer fire

    That's ironic in a bad way. New Years eve 2003 on a really cold night the John Deere dealer we use burned down. If I remember right it was a electrical fire.
  20. H hauling wood in the snow

    In the cold we are having right now it's about 6 days. My house is a old farmhouse that takes some heat to keep it warm. My seasoned wood supply isn't far away to get. With 4,boilers we have a large supply of wood that is seasoning. We spend a large amount of our winter when not working in the shop or taking care of the cattle cutting wood. We cut that junk trees out of our many fencerows in hope of someday we can bury a few. The last few years we haven't touched any standing trees because of the amount that we ended up down with a couple of projects. On the home farm one of the roads that we own a half mile on had a major power line project run along the roadside. All the trees along one side of the road had to go. We sold anything that could be made into lumber and what didn't got cut for wood. We never go into our woods to cut with the amount in our fencerows Meanwhile the same lumber buyer was interested in some trees in the fencerows at my farm. With the right amount of money 50 trees got cut. The size of some of these trees left a large amount of tree tops that we are still cutting out of the fencerows. I don't know if we will get them all done this winter or we will have a few next winter to finish up. Stupid thing is I actually enjoy cutting wood
  21. Is their a shortcut to replace park gear

    Chipped or damaged teeth.
  22. H hauling wood in the snow

    Homemade job. It originally was a Snowco Feed-o-matice auger feed cart. It was too small to be useful anymore so it was sitting unused in the corner of the main machine shed. We stripped the PTO, floor auger and the vertical auger out of it. We created a door in the back that folds down so I can get the wood out. At another farm we use a junked out IH 550 manure spreader to haul wood.
  23. 2017 pics

    We had a neighbor that had a John Deere burn about 17 years ago whole bailing straw. Burned the bailer to a crisp. The heat broke the back window and started melting the cab roof on the 4450 that was pulling it before he got it unhooked. Another incident in 2012 near me was a guy was bailing straw. The bailer caught fire which set the bone dry wheat field ablaze ( drought of 2012, it was 105 degrees and windy when it happened ) No fire extinguisher was going to stop that. By the time the fire department showed up the fire had burned 20 acres, the round bailer and the farm's almost new MX 245 Magnum and new grain cart that was hooked to it. Melted the tractor down to nothing except for the right front set of duals.
  24. 2017 pics

    What model New Holland do you have now and what model was the one that burned? I assume that it was bearing that went out that started the fire. Any damage to the tractor pulling it?
  25. flu fires always in the back of my mind

    My family is the same way. My parents had a minor chimney fire when I was still in high school. Dad a couple of years later installed the first outdoor wood boiler on the farm. We now have 4 of them.