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    Farming, music, rodeos, and all around good times. We farm with a 2013 Farmall 105U, 1996 Case IH 3230, 2 1990 7120 Magnums (1 fwa, 1 2wd ) 1, 1981 IH 786, 1,1963 Farmall 460 gas, and 1 1948 Farmall H. Also have a 2001 2366 combine with the corresponding heads. a 2005 2377 combine. A Case IH 6500 conser til chisel plow and even a 56 forage blower. Also own a 1988 9370 IH Eagle semi tractor to pull hopper bottom.Everything else is a conglomeration of stuff to make the farm go round. Am a IH guy born in the Case IH era.

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  1. 8.3 vs 9 L coolant filter valves

    The valve on our 2366 is stuck too, and like you we end up just doing it quick. So far we've been lucky on our 2 7120s and the 2377 that they still work.
  2. Medium Duty + Goosneck or Day Cab + Lowboy?

    The recreation distinction burns me to.
  3. First bto auction

    It all depends on what market you're selling corn too. What type of debt load you have. Land rents aren't as high in my area either so that helps. Just because it doesn't pencil for you doesn't mean that it doesn't for someone else. We haul to a ethanol plant in the town we are located in. Current cash bids for fall delivery are $3.32 cash for October and $3.28 for November. I have no clue what they are paying up at Woodbury right now. Beans are a hit and miss thing in my neck of the woods. This year our bean crop is going to be a disappointment. A few guys have ran a few beans down here. It looks like 32bpa to 38bpa is going to hit the majority of the beans around here. We didn't get any late rains for the beans so they are going to stink. We have had some yield checks on our corn and it looks like a average of 150 bpa to 180bpa. Better than the 115 average we had last year. A neighbor and I were talking in line to dump at the elevator. Last year we had great beans and crap corn. He said to me. "We can't ever have good beans and good corn in the same year" so we spread our risk by planting both. We've never had both fall on its face. Even in 2012. For us we also have a ways to haul our beans. We don't have any bean storage so they all have to go to town. For us it's 35 miles one way. When Albion stopped taking wheat and beans after becoming a Ethanol plant it pretty much forced us to get a semi so I could haul beans there. I will admit soybeans for me are a crop that I love to hate. Michigan October's can be wet and cloudy and cool. A real PITA to get beans dry. For us 2013, 2014, and last year were prime examples of that. You start getting docked for wet, light beans they aren't as lucrative. I admit between the inconsistent yields and the pain we've had harvesting over the years beans are a necessary evil but one that I don't have a particular fondness of. By the way since I remember you are from Ionia county and haven't dealt with marestail in beans yet when you do you are in for a real treat.
  4. First bto auction

    Heard last night that CHS is trying to get people to harvest the crops. They are willing to pay $19 acre. Not too lucrative since the state average is at the moment $27 the acre. Not too many takers at the moment. The Bank has to make their's any way they can.
  5. First bto auction

    X2 on that. I see what they did to parts of the old Starr Farm and the old Luttenton farm I couldn't agree more. One of my personal favorites is on the former Starr Farm. On this one particular piece of ground there was a pretty steep hill. They installed a pivot on it. One problem, the pivot couldn't climb up the hill.
  6. First bto auction

    Jass1660 is right on that account. Yeah it stinks that they lost their jobs, but in a lot of cases the world is a safer place without some of them on heavy machinery. The tractor fire in Ionia last year is a case in point. 3 years ago this past July, Dad and I were talking to a guy that worked for them at my Grandpa's funeral visitation. He had farmed himself for years before he decided to get out and retire. He rented his farm to Boersons and worked for them in Spring planting and fall harvest. He told stories of the absolute stupidity that went on with some of the help. He said to work there you had to pass 2 test. The breath test and the pulse test. They checked to see if they had a pulse and had you breath on a mirror to see if you left fog on the mirror. If you past both test you had a job.
  7. The Girls all got a bath before fall.

    Great looking Tractors
  8. First bto auction

    I have thought the same thing. This isn't screwing over some lowly retired farmer or some or farmers widow. This is screwing over Wall Street guys. They are a lot higher on the food chain then your average Joe and they don't like being screwed over. I would be really interested in where the land leases go after this. I have a hard time believing that they will be as high as they were before the crop prices went down.
  9. 436 in a tractor

    I know the 1466, 1566, 1486, 1586, 5088, used the turbocharged 436 in them just like your combine. The 986, 3688, Hydro 186 used the naturally aspirated version but the same engine otherwise. With some work the other tractors that were in the large frame 66, 86 and 30 series tractors it would probably fit in them too. I forgot 3388 and 6388 too
  10. First bto auction

  11. First bto auction

    T That is just a picture Farm Bureau had on file to put on the front page.Just a generic harvest picture they had on file. The equipment they had was way newer than that. Yeah, he went insane on rents. He was paying over $100 over what the going average is in this state. He also got hit with a $17 million dollar fine from the Feds for destroying wetlands. He was in a lawsuit for wrongful death when a set of duals came off of a semi truck hauling %28 on I-94. They bounced into the other lane and hit a car killing 2 people. I don't know if that was ever settled or not. Also the extrcaricular activities ate a lot of money. Tractor pulling and high priced show cattle. (Apparently if you are a BTO you must have a pulling tractor or 2) I know of a instance at the National Farm Machinery show a couple of years ago that they had 2 pulling tractors there. Only one qualified but yet at the finals they both were there. Explain that to me. There was also a lot of stupid stuff that cost them money. A year ago there was a 4wd John Deere tractor and lime spreader that caught fire on M-66 in Ionia. I know the FULL Story behind that incident from a number of sources and it was operator error on the level of stupid. There are other stories like that ive heard from inside sources.
  12. First bto auction

    Well life is going to get interesting before this gets done. The buyer of Stamp Farms a few years ago has as of the last I heard 14 lawsuits against them for money that is owed to these entities. Boerson Farms at this point freely admits that they dont have the money to harvest the 58000 acres of soybeans and the 25000 acres of corn. Boersons somehow through this is trying to avoid bankruptcy by having the court appointment of a receiver and receivership hearings. CHS capital is owed $145 million dollars alone and have seized 14000 acres. They figure the value of the crop is worth roughly $50 million dollars. All I can say out of this is a lot of people are going to get stiffed. I do know that after this past spring Deere, CNH, all repossessed all the equipment that hasn't been paid for. I live near one of there base of operations and one day all the equipment sitting there left on the back of semis. Will be interesting who ends up harvesting the crop.
  13. Anyone else working on theirs?

    We've been working on our combine and heads on and off the last few weeks as time has allowed. We rebuilt our corn head the first part of the month. New knives on the stalk rolls, gathering chains and sprockets, and new drive chains. Yesterday we had the grain head we bought in August out in a vacant wheat field getting the Automatic Header control and Field Tracker adjusted in so it'll work. We went from a 20 foot head to a 25 foot head that is 7 years newer. Probably a couple of weeks off for beans for us.
  14. Chopping corn 2017

    The last week the neighbor and us have been filling upright silos. His 2 silos and ours. The way it works is he supplies the chopper and wagons, We supply the help at his place and after he is done with filling our silo we fuel his equipment up. other than that no money changes hands. Next week we start doing his silage pile at another farm where the corn is greener than where we just finished up. The first 2 pictures are of me running silage up our 56 blower which is on the 105u. The next picture is of the 105u on the blower with the 786 on the silage wagon after I unloaded it. Since we were only going a short distance the 460 was the other hauling tractor as the others are just too awkward to pull up to the blower. The last 2 pictures are of the neighbor's JD 5440 self propelled chopper chopping. The very last photo is the last load coming up.