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  1. led lighyt question

    The only problem that I have with LED lights is that they do NOT produce enough light and get covered up with snow and ice. Never had that problem with incandescent lights.
  2. Big money in tomatoes?

    What else can be grown hydroponically?
  3. Today's Quiz What is it??

    Centerfire shell hanging from a twig, stuck in a piece of toungue and groove, sitting on a glass topped coffee table. Whoops! Sorry, I guess that I spilled the beans on you.......
  4. 7240 High EGT's

    Six months? To quote another member "That sounds like Gubmint Math!" But all joking aside, that is a lousy thing to have happen after an overhaul. Glass half full, at least it is still under warranty!!
  5. Trackhoe bucket repair

    Looks good. Always nice when you can position the work to be comfortable instead of crawling around in the mud and not being able to sit up OR lay down!
  6. 6 row mounted picker on 1486

    It LOOKS like someone added some type of quick hitch to it, but I have not seen one of these before......
  7. 20' 5400 drill

    17 GPM pump will only help with the speed of the lift. The pressure relief valve, 1.125" wrench to remove, will control the lifting power. Swapping in an 86 series pressure relief valve will be a step in the right direction. Maybe someone else will chime in with the best relief valve to use.
  8. Bale unroller repair

    The stove is in violation of RPF-BR549-2(a), Failure to post sufficient pictures. Please post sufficient photos of said stove AND heat exchanger or be subjected to snowblower duty on an open station tractor with no creeper gear, tall tires, and a failing clutch!!
  9. 1586 Pictures

    Wear THOSE tires out? Drive it like you stole it!!!!
  10. 6 row mounted picker on 1486

    A 66 series would be A LOT easier to change over than an 86 series I would have to imagine.
  11. 6 row mounted picker on 1486

    It seems like a Hydro would be suited for this. A bit simpler than converting a gear drive. Then again there are the New Holland/Ford/Versatile bi-directionals.
  12. 1586 Pictures

    From where to where? The 1586 looks sharp.
  13. Speaking of Elwoods

    Matt, You are in BLATANT violation of forum rules. As per RPF-BR549 you are obligated to post pictures of your recent purchase. The fact that it is a 1586 AND you have not yet posted pictures only serves to compound your infraction. Please submit pictures forthwith or you will be required to plow 60 acres of frozen ground with a untrained mule! Now pictures of the 1586 to redeem yourself!
  14. International 4700 windshield

    Dang! I was hoping that you were looking for one. I just happen to have one in stock.....
  15. I Wish Life Wasn't So Rough

    Negative Sethro. That one was DEFINITELY not from Tupper. I cannot go into further detail or this post might get "poofed" like MTO's "Jenny post"!