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  1. Clutch booster---TRACTOR RELATED!

    I uncrated and installed quite a few of those in the 70's. I think the going price back then was $125.00. You got the booster and brackets and the two clutch rods. The return oil went into a hollow bolt that replaced the bolt in the side cover. I wish I had a semi load of them now at that price.
  2. Noise reducing headphones options/opinions?

    I won a set of the 3M radio headphones. I used them on the lawn mower one day and they were so quiet, I couldn't hear the mower at all. Things was happening and I knew it from the vibration. If the rod started knocking it would have been a junk engine as I couldn't hear it. Great for sound cancelling but it is nice to be able to hear some of the noise as that is one of the senses that helps you say, STOP, when things don't sound right. Would be nice to hear everything but at about 50db.
  3. Noise reducing headphones options/opinions?

    That was the issue in the 70's. Too many tractors with straight pipes. 44 magnums, and standing next to a screaming 1456 on the dyno. Too much noise and no protection. No one wore hearing protection and I can attest to the effects. I have tinnitus and have had since about 16 yoa. Protect those little ears so she don't have the issues I do. Even concerts are way too loud. I had foam plugs in recently that done nothing. I finally had to leave as it was painful. It can be hard for kids, peer pressure, to protect their hearing. Hopefully she listens to old Dad in the future and keeps her hearing intact. Some hearing stores say they can get rid of tinnitus. Not to hijack the site, but has anyone had any positive results with ending the ringing?
  4. Gun Rights vs. Women's Rights

  5. Chinese oil lines.

    Chinese anything? I think the auto parts stores are buying the rejects from China. Wife's Sub needed a heater core so got one out of Autozone. Pulled the old one and leaking bad. The Chinese replacement heater core lines were so far off it would not fit into the case. Since this is a major job, took it back and got the deer in the headlights look, a sorry, and my money back. Went to O'Reilly. They had one and it fit much better but not perfect. Why do we stand for this 2nd rate crap? I agree with Oleman. My labor means something to me and it costs, ME!
  6. Dream job...?

    I just want to be Heff's replacement!
  7. 300 ut hydraulics

    Here goes. I'm sure someone will chime in if I need correcting. The hydraulic pump you have is a gear pump. The symptoms is it does not work, does not have the pressure you need, it works when it wants to, etc.. One gear is driven by the engine which drives the second gear. The oil flows though and is pumped by the two gears pulling the oil from the reservoir, thru the filter, and pushing it into the pressure line. When pressure is built in the pressure line, it also builds pressure against the brass side plates that look like the number 8 and are on both sides of the drive and driven gears. There are seals and o-rings that look like the 8 that seal the pressure in that pushes the brass side plates against the gears. The higher the hydraulic pressure the more pressure is applied to the side plates that builds the pressure higher and keeps the plates from allowing oil to leak by. One used to be able to get a seal kit for these pumps. It took some time to put them in and could fix a number of the issues with these pumps. It was the figure 8 seals that normally give out and some kits had the new brass side plates. These kits probably have been discontinued. This uses what is called an open center hydraulic system. If no oil is called for by the operator, for power steering, brakes, hydraulics, or what ever, the oil is pumped basically in a circle with virtually no pressure. This takes the least amount of horsepower. When a valve calls for oil, the oil is then sent to, say the hydraulic cylinder to lift the plow. The pressure builds and lifts the plow. When the cylinder hits the end of it's travel then the pressure starts to really build. The pressure relief valve is in the system to stop pressure from getting out of control and things from exploding. That valve bleeds off pressure, back to the no pressure side, and keeps the pressure at a preset safe amount. The operator lets off the lever to raise the plow and the oil again circulates with no pressure. The valve holds the pressure in the cylinder and prevents the plow from falling. This is hydraulics 101. The hydraulic pump on your 300 utility could be the original pump. Unless you have the history of the tractor, no one knows. It is due also for new Hy-Tran with the pump change and the hydraulic screen cleaned. Hope this helps.
  8. Krone RF-200 gear oil

    What were those tillers preparing a seed bed for? Sounds like they were used a lot. Just wondering what for? A bit of history, please, DD? DD
  9. Krone RF-200 gear oil

    Where can you get a 1/2 link for the 12R drive chain? It is bigger than 120 and close to 140 but not even close to anything in America. It appears the chain was made for Howard only. Howard appears to have been manufactured in England, and got to the states through Canada. MikeM has his Howard torn apart. The bottom bearing was broken. He found one on Ebay. The seal was rather easy to cross reference. Sounds like this is a heck of a tiller and will go right into sod and git r done.
  10. Sept/Oct 1975

    Nothing like a little history to bring back some fond memories. Thanks
  11. Killing mold

    Concrobium Mold Control 0.95% Sodium Carbonate 99.05% Other Ingredients A lot of ????????? in that 100% If it works, then don't care!
  12. tricycle front axle

    A guy had the wedge to go under the bolster on an M and asked which way it went in. He had it in thin edge to the rear and front end wobbled very bad. A guy on here said he seen a new wedge with the sticker on it that said thin edge to front. That took 90% of the wobble out so having the front wheels pushed forward was the answer here. Think of this the same as your Harley with the extended front wheel. It works.
  13. Off color tractor fuel issue

    Got enough fuel in the tank to get the fire started? Sorry, the devil made me do it!
  14. Question for overseas folks on your metric sockets

    I too thought standardization was the reason for metric. Ford metric bolts won't fit GM. It is a difference in the pitch, but why? I like the holding power and they seem to work better, but WHY? Because the tool companies sold a bunch of tools. It all revolves around the money. But, WHY? Randy, what did you start here?
  15. Opinions on cut out relays

    I have the 3 brush. I polished the points on the cutout and have yet to try it. Would like to know the diode fix if the cutout gives problems.