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  1. 1066

    If I remember right, all the tach terminal alternators had swing arm brushes for combines and dirty conditions. They were a bit of an upgrade from the standard brushes,
  2. Had a 1066 doing the same thing. The C shaped actuator rod was hitting the deck. Turned in around front to back and worked fine. Look real close at what is hitting, and where?
  3. So much for stock? Pull the pan and see what you have. Let us know the results.
  4. No paint on the inside. I understand stopping rust but the factory did not do it. It will probably make a bigger mess than it is worth.
  5. Didn't realize a birth certificate doubles as a CDL in China. The kid is good!
  6. God have mercy on us all, for we have lost our will to be free unless we take our country back! What would happen if people like us went to the monument and said, "NO, it stays!" North or South, East or West, we are Americans and history stands, right or wrong. It deserves to be fought for!
  7. GPS coordinates? Ask MIKEM? The rural addressing for him is a good 10 miles off and that uses GPS. All the carriers were lost for his address. If some had not known him, he still would be waiting for his packages. I use USPS all the time. They recently lost a certified letter, return receipt requested, containing checks from Watertown to Pierre, This has been months ago and still has not been found, I remember a time when a name, town and state were enough to deliver a letter. With all the modern machinery, they now need a full address and zip+4 to get a letter to you in twice the time. Sometimes they do very well but there are some bad eggs in the system that need to be canned and prosecuted. If the government can't run something as simple as the post office, they are then not qualified to run anything bigger than a one hole outhouse. I'm afraid I may be doomed. I can no longer get my resignation to the boss by USPS in the required two week time period. Things are not right but most people don't care. That will soon bite us in the butt?
  8. The test of the used oil will hopefully tell the tale and needs to be done. If the sand like material is black and will crush, then it could be carbon. If super hard to crush and crushes to powder inside, it is sand. Two different kinds of oil in two different engines with quality filters? I could maybe see this in the fresh overhaul that had been blasted but not in the other tractor too. One could try a Wix filter and Mobil Delvac as a trial to see if this happens with this combo, or another. I wouldn't tear anything down until the oil sample results come back.
  9. With empty filters and not run in that long, it may need to be started to prime. Sometimes it takes more speed if the pump don't have a great deal of oil in it. I assume you have cranked it, pulled the filters and nothing in them. You could dribble oil into the oil filter base that should run down to the oil pump and help prime it. I would go to a manual gauge and fire it up. Within a few seconds the pump should fill the filters and build pressure. If not, shut it down. The system has a lot of air in it now that needs to be worked out.
  10. Sounds a lot like a lack of fuel. There is a screen above the sediment bowl that can plug up. Then check to have good flow through the line to carburetor. Where the line screws to the carburetor also should have a screen behind that fitting. Unscrew and it should come out and check for being plugged. If good flow to carb, it could need a carb cleaning and a kit. The turn likely had nothing to do with it dying. But it could have moved a piece of junk in the carb to shut off the fuel. Hard to tell. Just got to start at the tank and work towards the carburetor. Good luck on the project and let us know what you find?
  11. I think the 856 was one of the best tractors IH ever built. It was not over powered and held up super well. A handy tractor that went to the field day after day and came home running well. It was the smaller 1456 that was more reliable due to less HP. I love the open station look with fenders. You have a great treasure there. Enjoy it!
  12. Sounds like Alex knows these and their issues. Working it hard causes heat and this could have very well happened. Well worth a check!
  13. Black smoke is too much fuel or not enough air. Pumps don't over fuel so X3 on the air filters.
  14. 7' New Idea semi mount mower then a 9' IH 1100 trailer mower pulled by an H and later, a Super H. IH dump rake and New Holland pto side delivery rake. F10 Farmhand on a 460 diesel with the hay basket and no hydraulic push off and no stack frame. No cabs, radios or air conditioning. Many a high 90's to 100 degree days. Memories? Green alfalfa does not make a good substitute for toilet paper.
  15. The dark concentrated valve grinding oil works great. I used the Sioux brand but that is what I had. Put about a 1/4 cup in a pickup radiator and run it for a a week. It will look new inside. Finding this oil anymore is tough. The old water pump lubricant is probably about the same stuff.