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  1. I want to meet this guy!

    This is an actual Craigslist listing where this guy wants to trade his golf cart for a four wheeler. And it has not been taken down by Craigslist! He has a colorful way of describing this cart and what he wants to do......................................... 2005 Ezgo golf cart 2005 Ezgo golf cart trade for 4 wheeler Trade for a 4 wheeler..willing to pay a little on top for the right wheeler.. This cart has never seen a golf course or driven on grass in its life! ... This was not a "play around" cart or "let the kids use it" cart.... It was strictly adult driven for Drinking & Driving purposes only... Traveling 2 blocks at a time, mainly because my fat @ss was to lazy or drunk to walk that far....., Strictly weekend use.., on paved roads.... This cart has the magical ability to get you home safe & sound at 2am 100% of the time every time... unless you leave the lights on and the battery dies, or you lose the key, or you pass out behind the wheel, or you go to the wrong house, ect..... It features not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 beer holders that can accommodate 12 and 24oz beer cans, or a standard issue 24oz yeti cocktail thermos Tumbler mug or the knock off Ozark one for you cheap ass b*itch*es.... Two storage compartments conveniently located on both the driver and passenger sides that are good for holding extra beerz, koozies, booze bottles, mixers, swiss army knife, flip flops, butter knife, gum, high karate cologne, hat and gloves in the fall.. and much more.. This puss puller has 4 seats that chicks love to sit on, although there are no seat belts don't worry those lovely hunnies in back seat have side handles to hold onto as you cruisin home at a top speed of about 9 MPH... No issues either if the women in the back are "plus size", this carts shocks can handle 1,500 lbs , so unless your girls are 350 plus you got no worries! or just take one or two home instead of the full hurd.. So, to break it down, this muff wagon is a lady killer and has pulled more tail then a handy cap kid at a petting zoo... It can be yours!!! trade me for a 4 wheeler... I don't want to trade for your junk wheeler. I don't want to fix up a wheeler. I don't want help selling my cart. If you are one of those scammer mother Flockers who want to send extra money for shipping, then I'm suppose to send the extra money back to you, and the shipping company will contact me..... or how every it works don't bother, I will find your cluck cluck @ss and shove my boot in it, then drag you behind my car to the boarder and save Trump some time deporting you and toss you over the fence myself... anyway, feel free to email me about any question you have about the cart or possible trades! have a good day.
  2. Super MD on Dino

    That is Rollin Coal! Nothin like the dyno to bring out the best in the beast?
  3. Can I Nominate a Minnesota Senator?

    Just more draining of the swamp. When they have all been replaced, it will be a day to really celebrate!
  4. Funeral for my neighbor

    That is neat. A manure spreader would be fitting for me.
  5. Finally got the 826 to Warm Up

    Any engine needs to be at operating temperature to run right. The new electronic engines have to be at operating temp to get the computer to work right. Usually between 180 and 195 degrees. Diesels are almost impossible to warm up without a working thermostat, as you have just found out. Either buy OEM or Superstat's. The cheap ones are generally junk. Thermostats are generally neglected and should be #1 on any tune-up list. Change the one in the 806 too.
  6. SHopping for electric Razor

    The Norelcos have reduced the speed on their motors by about 1/2 from the 70's. The triple heads plug up and act like a bearing, lifting the cutters off the combs. Poor design. I would like a review on that Wahl. I been looking at that one too.
  7. The latest sexual harassment lawsuit

    What vile things can the left wing, wacko, correct police call a guy that castrates livestock? Gloria Allred has the papers all drawn up. She just needs a steer to represent.
  8. combines in your life

    My Dad and uncle each bought a 21A Massey Harris in 1939. They had to promise to go on the wheat harvest before they could get the machines. The combines on top of 48 Chevy trucks and driving to Texas to start the harvest on about Memorial Day. They done this three years. Dad ran the Massey at home thru 1976. The Massey was a tough combine that was almost trouble free. The first combine I ran. Ate a lot of dirt and chaff going the wrong way. A dirty job at times but I loved combining. The last one I ran was a 760 Massey. Straight head, air conditioning and radio on. That was the life. Just keep the grain away from me and I was happy. Plus a beer at about dark. Those were the days.
  9. C153 head bolt torque questions

    Those heads are to be retorqued and reset the valves after retorque. Do it now and then again in about another 20 hours of work or a few months of light use. You will be amazed at how much they do loosen up.
  10. Interesting call from CNH today

    I seen the word borrow and for a longer period of time. It would be an honor and it appears you may do it. I would see if you can get transportation, both ways, for the tractor. That would be no more than right. I would also want access every few months to protect my investment. It should still be started and exercised at least twice a year. Will probably need a new set of batteries after. A few things to think about. Get everything in writing as people leave and then nobody knows anything. That way you can also prove you own it.
  11. Home made muffler eliminator

    I made one out of stainless pipe just like Ruby Red did. The local blacksmith cut the donuts out of stainless on his computerized plasma table. It looks very close to an original Stanley muffler and sounds great. Now on my H. I also put the baffles inside a straight chrome stack and that sounds great too. You can have the looks without all the noise.
  12. Any of you guys heating boiler experts?

    I had a natural gas boiler in my house with four zones. It had an automatic fill valve that kept the proper amount of water and pressure on the system. The auto fill did not work for awhile and it seemed always low on water, so i put a new one on. Unsure how much water disappeared but it was a fair amount. The humidity seemed about right so I did not complain. All pipes in house so all I would use was some water pump lube once in awhile when the system was open. Never needed anti-freeze. The boiler is nice even heat. I really liked it but no ducts for AC. The only down side. Talk to someone who knows more than me.
  13. 856 clutch wont disengage

    The throw out bearing may have locked up and giving the squeal. That wears the adjusters/levers off the pressure plate and then you can't release the clutch. You may get to split it and do a clutch job.
  14. Farmall H heads& pistons

    Set it on and roll it over like Charlieu says. If you want to know how much clearance there is, put a piece of the kids Playdough on the piston and gently roll it over. That will show how much clearance there is for more piece of mind.
  15. Glad I`m a poor nobody

    I'm the same way. Can't afford to pay attention! The old girlfriends have been trying to forget about me. This Alabama Senate thing going on is quite a circus. Why is the Judge being tried, executed and the election being tainted by the the press? Last I knew we lived in a country where he would be able to stand before his accuser and have a trial by 12 of the good people of Alabama determine his fate. The press is again trying to make us live by their way of thinking. I hear Charley Rose admitted some of it. That means guilty in my eyes. How much is not the question. Same with the Minnesota Pervert. The house/senate paid women staffers over 15 million of our dollars to shut them up over sexual abuse by our elected officials. They were paid off! What law was passed to fund that account? Fox broke the story. The house/senate is nothing but a good ol boy's club that does what they want, when they want, at our expense. It is time to drain that swamp.