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  1. This came from the CBS Imaginary News. You are surprised, how?
  2. Propane is heavier than air and works great.
  3. "and need to be replaced periodically" That is determined by the shyster attorney?
  4. Now you guys are talking. Don't say why host RPRU? Say why the heck not!
  5. CB, You are spot on. That ground is a trouble spot and could be the problem here. Make sure all other body grounds at attached at the back of the passenger side head also.
  6. If that engine was warmed up well, the temp gauge is way low. The sender by the thermostat tells the computer the temp. Can't remember if there is a gauge sender also in the head. Put a new 195 degree Super Stat in it as it is crucial the engine is up to operating temp and the computer knows it. What was the vacuum gauge reading?
  7. I will exhibit and pay. Because it's about seeing the equipment, meeting the people and getting away for awhile. It would still be a deal for me at twice the price.
  8. When I get one of those unrecognizable numbers, I answer it. I act like I'm mentally retarded, have Downes, belles palsey and seven other mental inflictions (No smart a$$ comments). Seems like they never call back when they think I can't pour pee out of a boot and have no money. Have some fun at their expense!
  9. Howard Raymond and I looked this over rather close. Figured with open station, you need a saddle with a long cinch. Hold my beer and watch this?
  10. After looking over all the great restorations at RPRU 2017, I vote for this 1961 340 Grove Diesel from Bayliss Farms, IA to receive the 1st Annual "Tony Award". This was the best restoration I seen. It's only fitting the 1st award is to a grove tractor. Your thoughts?
  11. I watched the presentation and was very entertaining. That was the days when B.S., brains and balls got things done. And things got done by an old Marine. I want to watch this again as came in a bit late and want to see it all. It was being recorded. Thanks for the link.
  12. Did the damper slip?
  13. They want liability insurance coverage in case you damage someone or something. It is just good practice to have it. Costs me $30/year thru American Family for golf cart liability. There were so many trying to get registered Thursday morning that a rent a cop was giving out numbers. When your number was called, you got to prove your insurance and pay. Took about 45 minutes to get mine. No questions then on horn or anything else. They did put the sticker on your cart. Iowa has about 350 acres of fairgrounds. That is a lot of area and most everything is close. But a block here, and a block there, that adds up to miles. Very glad I have mine. Overall, a great show. Thanks Iowa!
  14. It appears the vacuum is not opening the regulator to send it fuel. Running way lean and the choke brings enough in for it to run. A tear in a diaphragm is probably the cause. Get the make/model off the regulator and see if propane company can get you an overhaul kit? If not, you can go to Teeco, which is a big propane parts company, to get a rebuild kit. Follow the IH overhaul procedure if you can find it. There are valves to replace that need low air pressure applied and water put around the valves to look for leaks in the new valves. Leaks will flood the engine with propane if not sealed correct.. The regulator is very simple but there are a few needed adjustments.
  15. Coolant temp sensor is a vital piece and you changed it. Temp sensor makes it run better. The thermostat also has to be the 195 degree to get it into the computer controlled loop. Makes it run better. I have to agree with the plugged cat. Remove cat and run a test pipe as the cat is behind the 02 sensor. Has 02 sensor been replaced? Sounds like vacuum leak but get the scan tool on it first. Remember basic diagnostics. Had a 1991 4.8 that would not start and when it did, ran kinda like you are talking. Compression was at 60 lbs across the board. A rebuilt engine and it ran great. These gremlins can be tough until you find it. Then you go, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh!