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  1. Lustran seed plates

    Lincoln Ag has them new. That's where I buy plates at for my 900.
  2. 4494 powershift

    Oh now Pete , we have ran them for over 30 years never opened up a powershift.
  3. 4494 powershift

    Sounds like a electrical issue. The circuit board or the shift solenoids is where I would start looking. You really need a factory CASE service manual. They have them on Ebay. Pricey but money well spent.
  4. 4494 powershift

    Brian go to "Yesterdays Tractors" website and ask this question in the "Case David Brown" forum. Very knowledgable Case people there.
  5. I have a 900 plate planter I plant soybeans with. I no till into rye covercrop with no attachments. Really good soybean planter.
  6. Got the 806 done

    I still use a 806 every year to plant and cultivate. The best IH ever built.
  7. 1566 whats it worth

    It has duals and dual PTO, no cab and no TA
  8. 1566 whats it worth

    A friend of mine called me today and asked me if I would be interested in a 1566 he had bought. In appearance the tractor is below average the sheetmetal is all there and straight. The tires have little tread but are solid. The engine oil and tranny fluid are full and there is no sign of water on either dipstick. The tractor needs a clutch. Going back tomorrow with a battery and see if I can get it started. He is asking $2,000 for the tractor, what is it worth running and what is it worth if I cant get it started.. TIA keith
  9. 900 plate planter

    Thanks George I will measure the thickness of the bottom plate.
  10. 900 plate planter

    That's the way we always knew if the bottom was worn out. It would throw out seed around the bottom of the hopper. The plate feels like it has too much slack when I spin the plate.
  11. 900 plate planter

    can anyone tell me how you can tell if the hopper bottom is worn out and needs to be replaced. The seed plate has a little up and down movement between the hopper bottom and the bottom plate. I haven't ran a 900 plate planter in 20 years having to relearn everything I forgot. I picked up a nice 900 at a farm sale for $400 and I am going to plant soybeans with it. TIA Keith
  12. 2394 pto

    If you use anything besides HY-Tran you will have trouble.
  13. 2394 pto

    Use only HyTran fluid in the tranny. I like to change it every two years if the tractor is used a lot. Use only CaseIH transmission filters. I like to change them every 200 hours or one time per year whichever comes first. The PTO housing is big and heavy best to use a cherrypicker to remove it. The clutches are easy to replace. Check PTO brake disk make sure it hasn't come apart. A genuine CASE service manual is your friend. They are for sale on EBAY